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Wendy Brown is a minor character in Harley Quinn and the mother of Kite Man.


Wendy is a white woman with blue eyes and shoulder-long blonde hair. She is seen wearing a pink cardigan over a beige top, a beige skirt ending just over her knees, and play high heels. She has purple eye-shadow and wears a pearl necklace.


She first appears in "Inner (Para) Demons" alongside her husband, Darryl Brown when they meet Kite Man's fiancée, Poison Ivy for the first time. They berate Kite Man for not booking a table at Senor Mexico's but are delighted when Ivy uses her powers to toss a couple out of their seats, opening up a table for them. Throughout the dinner, Ivy becomes disconcerted by how poorly Wendy and Darryl treat Kite Man. When Kite Man briefly departs to wash his hands, his parents mention to Ivy how happy they are that she has powers because of the prospect that their grandchildren will have superpowers like they do (they can control ice and fly, respectively). It becomes clear their general mistreatment of Kite Man comes from a sense of disappointment toward him for being born powerless, and they have no respect for Kite Man finding himself through his kites. At the end of the meal, they continue to shower Ivy with praises while still demeaning Kite Man, at which point Ivy finally snaps, coming to his defense, telling them to "fuck off".

Despite their tense last interaction, Wendy and Darryl attend Kite Man and Ivy's at the Old Gotham Corn Factory in "Something Borrowed, Something Green". During the ceremony, Kite Man mentioned in his vows how his and Ivy's life together would include spending Sunday dinners at his parents' house as soon as they allow them back into their lives, confirming they cut him and Ivy out after the failed dinner. Wendy is seen participating in the chaos that ensues after the GCPD crash the wedding and flies around the room, dropping a vase of flowers on one of the undercover cops.


  • Flight: Wendy has the ability to fly.