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Wayne Tower is a building located in the heart of Gotham City. It is owned by the multinational company Wayne Enterprises which is run by billionaire Bruce Wayne who secretly uses the business to fund his night-time activities as the vigilante Batman.

Wayne Enterprises has many sub-devisions, including WayneTech whose headquarters is located at the 26th floor of Wayne Tower. The top floor of Wayne Tower is a bar, which was one of the few still open after Parademons roamed the city and where the Joker found employment after he was turned "normal".

It survived the earthquake created by Joker's Tower collapsing in "The Final Joke" although was damaged with the "W" sign falling off and the building suffering many cracks in the facade.



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  • A meta-human battle falls outside of Bruce Wayne's insurance coverage.
  • The bar at the top of Wayne Tower was the only in Gotham that remained open after the Parademon infestation on account of it being protected by bullet-proof glass.