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Yeah come on guys, we're a talented group. If we work together we can escape. Also if you don't chip in, I'll stab you
— Victor Zsasz

Victor Zsasz is s a New New Gotham serial killer. He has scars covering his entire body, in the shape of tally marks, one for every person he's killed.


Season 2

In "There's No Place to Go But Down", he was an inmate at The Pit where it seemed he had been truly rehabilitated as he stated during a group therapy session that before he would take joy in watching the light leave his victims' eyes, knowing their last thoughts was fear but now all he had to do was imagine himself in his bubble of calm and the urge to kill would go away. However, after Ivy motivated all the prisoners to riot to get out of The Pit he seemingly went back to his old self, threatening to stab anyone who didn't help with the escape and then running around stabbing people, repeating the phrase "You get a shiv".

In "Something Borrowed, Something Green" it was confirmed that Zsasz had managed to escape The Pit as he was a guest at Poison Ivy's failed wedding to Kite Man.