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Themyscira is an island nation where Wonder Woman originally originates from. The island is ruled by Wonder Woman's mother, Queen Hippolyta and is populated by the amazons.

Harley Quinn took Poison Ivy, along with Catwoman, Nora Fries, and Jennifer, there for Ivy's bachelorette party in the episode "Bachelorette". She had found out the island had been taken over by Eris who had enslaved the Queen Hippolyta and turned Themyscira into a corporate spa resort, planning to sell it to Lex Luthor. She brought they gang there without telling them this, letting them relax and enjoy the spa the first day before revealing her plan to save the the island and its natural resources as the perfect surprise for Poison Ivy. After the newly formed Cobb Squad defeated Eris and freed Hippolyta from her mind-control, the Queen threw a party in their honor.


  • Themyscira is populated solely by women and any man who dares enter the island will be killed on arrival.
  • Themyscira is located just a short ferry ride away from the small island Hedonikka which seemingly only, or at least mostly, consists of a male strip-club.