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"The Final Joke" is the thirteenth and final episode of the first season of Harley Quinn. It is the thirteenth episode of the series overall. It was released on February 21, 2020 on DC Universe.


In the season finale, Harley has her final showdown with the Joker, when [spoilers] [spoil] [spoilers]. Will they [spoiler]? Maybe. But you can bet they [spoiler]!


The crew gathers in Gotham Central Park to bury Poison Ivy. Harley and Kite Man are too distraught to speak, while Clayface gives a touching eulogy that was lessened by the fact that he copied it from Star Trek. After the burial is finished, an angry Harley is now determined to kill Joker once and for all, but is warned by Doctor Psycho that they will need a plan first. Harley then meets Batman and Commissioner Gordon at the Bat Signal, and convinces a reluctant Batman to help them infiltrate Joker's lair. Her plan is to have Clayface transform into Batman to distract the Joker, while the real Batman sneaks up behind the Joker and ambushes him.

The crew then approaches Joker's tower, with Clayface disguised as a tied-up Batman, while the real Batman drops into the tower from outer space. Believing Clayface to be a birthday present, Joker insists on Harley singing him "Happy Birthday", to which she reluctantly agrees. However, Clayface is unable to hold back his acting habits and begins to sing along, giving the ruse away to Joker. Harley launches a rocket at his tower and knocks the Joker aside, but this distracts the real Batman long enough for the Joker to escape into an air-tight chamber. Gas immediately floods the room, knocking Batman out, after which point the Joker takes the rest of Harley's crew as hostages while a bounty is put on Harley's head.

The Joker torturing Doctor Psycho with feminism

Joker spends the next week torturing his captives (removing King Shark's teeth with pliers for a necklace; forcing Dr. Psycho to watch non-stop footage of feminist rallies; spinning Clayface around like a clay jar in an art class; pushing Sy down a tall flight of stairs; turning Batman into the equivalent of a cuckoo clock bird) while ruling Gotham with an iron fist (regularly telling jokes on TV and sending vans to kill anyone who doesn't laugh). Eventually, though, he grows bored with the torture. Hoping to help reawaken his passion, Scarecrow removes Batman's mask and reveals his secret identity as Bruce Wayne. An enraged Joker points out that was the least fun aspect of their relationship and uses his acid to kill Scarecrow while scolding Bruce about a delayed electric car from Wayne Enterprises he already put a down payment on.

Uncertain of what to do and deeply missing her best friend, Harley returns to Ivy's grave, where she finds Kite Man and Frank having taken up residence at the spot. Kite Man informs Harley of Joker's plan to kill her crew just prior to an 80's themed party, so Harley decides to confront Joker by herself. As she walks away, one of the roses on Ivy's grave blossoms and sheds a tear.

Harley Quinn back in her old outfit

Harley returns to Joker's tower with a bomb strapped to her chest, threatening to kill herself if he does not release her crew. Upon arriving at his penthouse, Joker tries to convince her to put on her old, full-body costume. Refusing, she threatens to detonate the bomb and take him with her unless he lets the crew go. However, Joker reveals the crew is trapped in the penthouse with Batman and that triggering the bomb would kill them as well. Harley finds herself reluctantly putting the costume on once more, and Joker releases her crew, who are touched that she would risk her life to save them.

Joker launches into a speech about how Harley needs him as much as he needs her. Naturally, Harley doesn't buy it but pretends to to get close enough to Joker to stab him. Unfortunately, he tries the exact same thing at the exact same moment, and the two get into a fight with identical stab wounds. Though able to hold her own for a little bit and landing several more wounds on the Joker, Harley is ultimately overwhelmed and defeated. While daring the Joker to just kill her already, Joker makes it clear he never intended to kill her.

Harley jumps toward Ivy's waiting vines

Harley is taken to a room with a vat of chemicals that Joker explains will erase her memories and abilities as Harley Quinn once she is thrown in. As she looks down at the vat, she notices vines starting to grow on the side and quickly gets an idea; she convinces Joker to allow her to jump in as one last act of Harley Quinn. After she jumps, Joker starts to walk away victorious, until realizing there was no splash. Harley is lifted up by the vines, being controlled by a resurrected Ivy. Joker's henchmen are quickly disposed of before Joker himself is grabbed and hung over the chemicals. Harley scolds him for his treatment of her over time and how she now has friends that treat her with the respect she deserves and tells Ivy to drop him into the chemicals. The two girls run to hug one another as Harley talks about Ivy being resurrected by her tears of sadness. Although Ivy insists it was merely the renewing power of nature, she admits the tears played a part in it to cheer Harley up.

After failing to escape the vat, Joker triggers a bomb that starts to destroy the tower and most of Gotham (by soon triggering an 8.6 earthquake). Batman is able to escape and rush to the chemical room just in time to push Harley and Ivy out of the way of a collapsing roof, but is apparently crushed himself. The two briefly contemplate whether or not he survived before getting out of the tower themselves. Then, as Gotham descends into chaos, Harley and Ivy reunite with the crew on a nearby rooftop. Doctor Psycho and King Shark praise Harley, while Ivy points out she was able to get rid of Joker, the Justice League, and the Legion of Doom, as well as sending Gotham into anarchy, to which Harley responds "it's so beautiful!" as they watch the city burn.

The Joker's hand changes color

In the remains of Joker's tower, Joker's hand bursts out of the rubble with a laugh. Before long, however, the acid begins to take effect, and his skin tone starts to change from pale white to a normal flesh tone. His laugh then suddenly loses its raspiness and transitions to normality, implying Joker has turned back into a regular person.

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  • Clayface borrows his eulogy speech at Poison Ivy's funeral from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
  • The Joker's greeting card is a reference to the episode "Surf's Up! Joker's Under!" from the 1966 television series Batman.
  • When Scarecrow unmasked Batman, it was possibly referencing him doing the same in Batman: Arkham Knight.
  • Joker is shown reading Infinite Jest although Harley notes that his copy looks pretty intact, hinting that he probably just pretends to read it.
  • Harley mockingly asks Joker if he wants her to put on Legally Blonde which is a call-back to the first episode.
  • Just like in Heroes in Crisis, Ivy's connection to nature allows her to survive a seemingly mortal wound.
  • When Ivy confronts the Joker, a vine is wrapped around her stomach, but in the next frame, the vine disappears.
  • Gotham is caught in an artificial earthquake, which is what happened in Batman: Cataclysm and resulted in the Batman: No Man's Land storyline.
    • No Man's Land was also the crossover event that introduced the character of Harley Quinn to the comic continuity in Batman: Harley Quinn.
    • The fact that the Joker is responsible for the creation of No Man's Land in Harley Quinn appears to be an allusion to the Gotham episode "A Dark Knight: No Man's Land", in which the show's version of the Joker also used explosives to cause the No Man's Land event.
  • The Joker's hand reaching out is a nod to the 1989 film Batman, but inverted here, as now his hand turns normal instead of discolored and deformed.
  • The reward on the wanted posters first reads as 10.000.000 and later changes to 1.000.000 before turning back to 10.000.000 dollars again.