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Tabitha is a member of the Hammerhead Clan and the wife of King Shark through an arranged marriage.



She was arranged to marry Nanaue, AKA King Shark, to keep the peace in the Shark Kingdom and save the Oceanic Trade Federation from crumbling, preventing a war between the clans. However, Nanaue didn't want to get married and left the ocean before it could happen.

Season 2

Tabitha was first mentioned in "Thawing Hearts" when King shark mentioned being betrothed to her while the crew were discussing dates to bring to Poison Ivy's wedding. However, he first met Tabitha in "Bachelorette" when he returned to the Shark Kingdom and was shocked to learn Tabitha had no interest of marrying him either. He initially stood up to his dad, Shark God, telling him he would not go through with the wedding. However, he soon returned and he and Tabitha agreed to stay married publicly but would be allowed to have secret relationships.

Tabitha was King Shark's date to Poison Ivy and Kite Man's wedding in "Something Borrowed, Something Green" and attacked officers by King Shark's side after the ceremony was hijacked by the GCPD.


  • Despite living underwater she is a chain smoker.