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"Something Borrowed, Something Green" (originally titled "The Runaway Bridesmaid") is the thirteenth and final episode of the second season of Harley Quinn, and the twenty-sixth episode of the series overall. It was released on June 26, 2020 on DC Universe.


Poison Ivy convinces Kite Man to go through with the wedding, but while they're preparing their special day, Commissioner Gordon is preparing to sabotage it.


With law and order relatively restored to Gotham City at last, the Mayor of Gotham makes a rare appearance to give keys to the city to all of the Justice League, along with complete randoms such as "Space Cabbie" and "Tommy Tomorrow" who didn't appear to have done anything. The last key was even awarded by the mayor to himself, who was not to be found during Gotham's brief spat with dictatorship and subsequent plunge into anarchy. This enrages Commissioner Gordon, but he has already lost media sympathy.

Order has also been restored to the criminal underworld, as Doctor Psycho and the Riddler are both in the Arkham Asylum now, and very content to be there; with Doctor Psycho tranquilly continuing his hobby of guided meditation and the Riddler admiring his own athleticism. Harley Quinn herself is in Arkham as well, willingly, to help get through a "personal crisis". Although she claims she will break out when she's done.

Chuck, I hate that I hurt you. You know, you deserve everything.
Poison Ivy to Kite Man

Above the clouds, Poison Ivy is riding on the back of Kite Man's kite (not in his arms like usual) trying to talk to and apologize to him for her infidelity with Harley. He calls for honesty, to just tell him if she doesn't really want to marry him, but she insists that she does, claiming to know him so well by saying that if he was a metal album, he would be Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction, even though GNR isn't actually metal. Still, Ivy is genuinely apologetic and has him land in the Old Gotham Corn Factory, which she has finally secured as a venue for them.

Still hesitant to trust and assuming it to be a cruel prank, considering that Condiment King took the only reservation, Ivy assures Kite Man that Condiment King yielded the reservation to her (in actuality she had Frank the Plant eat them). Kite Man is moved and overwhelmed by this, the thoughtfulness of getting him his dream venue, and decides to consider it for a bit. Ivy assures him that "it's waiting for you, if you want it", and respects his space.

Two-Face plays Gordon's heartstrings like a fiddle

Meanwhile, Gordon is escorting Two-Face to Arkham. Two-Face, however, can read Gordon and see his frustration over not being recognized by the mayor of Gotham. He entices Gordon with thoughts of becoming mayor himself rather, and although Gordon tries to resist the temptation, he considers it with Two-Face. Two-Face says that to fix his reputation, he has to do something heroic, like busting a wedding full of supervillains. Gordon believes that if he succeeds, he will become a hero as important as Batman himself, which Two-Face encourages.

Frank the Plant, Clayface, and King Shark visit Harley in prison to pressure her into coming to Ivy's wedding, per Ivy's wishes. Two-Face, true to his name, is hoping to capitalize on the seed he planted in Gordon to his own advantage. He approaches Harley Quinn in Arkham and tells her of a plot to ruin her best friend's wedding, one that he'll only reveal to her if she helps him break out of Arkham. She initially refuses, but he guilt trips her into agreeing. As they fight their way out of Arkham together, Two-Face continues a running dialogue of Gordon's plan to hit the wedding, dealing with her in good faith even as he backstabs Gordon and ruthlessly uses him to achieve his own freedom.

Cop 1
Ivy's going through with it, huh?
Cop 2
You mean Kite Man's going through with it? After all that woman's done to him.
— The fandom flame war personified

Gordon himself is rallying his police officers (who are disgusted by the vegan donuts he gave them), but they aren't very motivated to do a raid on a weekend and are more concerned about the "emotional underpinnings" of Kite Man and Ivy's relationship than actually stopping supervillains, something they regard as hero's business. However, Gordon inspires them with the idea of getting the credit for themselves for once. Even so, the raw power of the supervillains in attendance still gives the police pause until Gordon wins them over with "a damn good plan". Gordon impersonates the priest while all the cops impersonate caterers, intending to stay incognito until knock-out gas can be released on the entire venue while replacing all the plants with plastic flowers to make Ivy powerless.

Harley arrives at the wedding

Meanwhile, as the wedding and mingling ramps up, Clayface is panicking about how Tim Burton (Catwoman's date) will like his performance at the reception. They're interrupted by the arrival of Harley, come to seek out Gordon, but she's quickly whisked away by a busybody camera man who keeps her near the other bridesmaids. Said bridesmaids aren't exactly thrilled at Harley's presence, and Jennifer is particularly venomous over Harley not coming to the rehearsal. Harley fires back to wonder if Catwoman is even a bridesmaid, given her lack of the formal attire, and asks to borrow her outfit. In response Catwoman asks "which ten pounds do you plan on leaving behind?"

Lookin' good Gordo

Forced to capitulate, Harley is shoved into a tight bridesmaid dress like the others are wearing, but quickly ditches them to search for Gordon. She stumbles into Kite Man of all people, who has nothing but pure contempt for her, until the busybody comes back and swoops Harley away. Outside, she sees someone who she thinks is Gordon. The real Gordon, standing right next to him, begins to panic until Harley suddenly swerves and punches the wrong man - the venue representative. The busybody then faints, and Ivy herself arrives to pull Harley aside to chastise her. All the while, Gordon is planning on bringing Tawny Young to the venue.

With Harley and Ivy, Ivy is begging Harley not to ruin her wedding, given that she keeps finding random people that Harley punched unconscious. She just wants things to go smoothly for Kite Man given his shaken faith in her but is panicking herself and nervous about the future. She keeps overriding Harley, so Harley has to blurt out that Gordon is trying to sabotage the wedding, but Ivy doesn't believe here and is exponentially more skeptical when she hears Harley learned it from Two-Face of all people. She claims Harley is just looking for any reason to disrupt her life with Kite Man and asks her to leave.

Uneasy glances as Ivy cannot remember her vows

Harley walks out in shame with a flower, but when she smells it she realizes it's plastic, and is immediately tipped off to a problem. Kite Man is giving his vows as Harley goes back in, where she is immediately confronted by Jennifer. Ivy goes to say her own vows, but was tripped up by Kite Man's idea of having four children and is utterly unable to remember hers, leading to significant glances among the audience as she looks at a card. Meanwhile, Jennifer punches Harley in the breast because she thinks she'll never get to be a maid of honor again due to her advancing age, and wants this last to be perfect.

Jennifer then punches Harley in the face, which gets the attention of everyone else present. While she stares up at the ceiling, Harley notices a caterer at the ceremony for some reason and immediately attacks him, revealing a police uniform. Gordon then asks for the I Dos, which Ivy and Kite Man instantly agree to, only for all of the police present to reveal themselves and spring the trap. Ivy tries to get them out but cannot control any of the flowers, all of them being plastic, and so Gordon and the police can don their gas masks and gas the room without a hitch.


The gas explodes in Ivy's face and knocks her out first (and is effective despite her immunity to poison), forcing Kite Man to take his bride up in his arms. Everyone else swiftly collapses except Catwoman and Tim Burton, who Catwoman takes with her on her escape. Clayface tries to sing for Burton before leaving but soon collapses due to the gas, leaving only Harley left standing. She held her breath and quickly stole a mask from a policewoman. Eventually, Kite Man himself succumbs to the gas and collapses, at which point Gordon handcuffs them together, seemingly victorious.

Harley pulls it out of the fire, hitting Gordon in a flying kick that sends him sprawling and disarms him. She takes up his rocket launcher and blasts the roof off of the corn factory, allowing the gas to rise up and out, reviving the supervillains in attendance. Seeing his doom, Gordon immediately retreats in terror as the attendees unleash absolute chaos on the police officers, driving them back with great slaughter (King Shark and his wife literally rip several of them apart in a gory mess) while Tawny Young leaves the area is an utter disappointment.

Clayface sings for Tim Burton

With Catwoman and the rest of the villains occupied in the brand new war zone that sprang forth from the ashes of Kite Man's wedding, Tim Burton is left briefly unattended - allowing Clayface to sing his heart out for him. Clayface sings beautifully and moves Tim Burton to tears until Catwoman arrives to collect him and escort him safely out of the chaos. The battle continues to rage while Clayface goes on singing; Cheetah takes down a cop like her namesake implies she would; Wendy Brown flies about the area and drops heavy objects on people; Darryl Brown blasts people with ice; Maxie Zeus unleashes lightning on the police with one hand while carrying Nora Fries with another; Felix Faust sends receptionists into Hell portals; and finally, Killer Croc rushes the riot police outside with support from Killer Frost, Livewire, Human-Flame, and Bane.

Harley carries the unconscious Kite Man and Ivy out of the burning musical maelstrom that has engulfed the corn factory, dropping them behind cover so that she can pick the locks on their handcuffs as they wake. She boisterously tells them that she just wants them to be happy, and although Kite Man says it's too late due to everything going down in literal and figurative flames, Harley reveals that she was ordained online and would be more than willing to marry them right then in there in the middle of the utter pandemonium.

Kite Man
Harley & Ivy
Kite Man
I should have known the third time I proposed. Every step in our relationship I've had to do over, and over, and OVER. And I'm not. After all this-
[Kite Man gestures vaguely at World War I happening all around them]
Kite Man
-I'm not redoing my wedding.
Don't you… Don't you wanna marry me?
Kite Man
Of course I do! But you don't! I saw your face during the vows and I knew your heart wasn't in it. I may be simple, but I am not a fool.
— Kite Man betrays Poison Ivy

Kite Man breaks up with Ivy

For the first time since "A High Bar", Kite Man's faith to Ivy has finally failed. After the betrayal in "Lovers' Quarrel", after the mutilation he went through in "Trapped", and after repeatedly failing to stand up for Ivy or win her affection, at last his dogged determination and unceasing optimism has cracked. He can clearly see that Ivy does not truly love him, and he doesn't want to fight for every inch of love anymore. He calls off the wedding, and flies up and away, away from the battle-torn ruins of his beloved corn factory and into the safety of the upper air, his element.

Left grounded in the mire they had wrought, Harley and Ivy are quickly stormed by a mob of riot police who have steadily been regaining ground through sheer numbers. They dive into a car and flee through the byzantine parking lot, with Gordon himself in hot pursuit and is rapidly joined by more support from the GCPD. While they flee, Harley suggests that Kite Man would come around, but Ivy has come to acknowledge the truth of his words and claims that even if he did, she won't. She admits that people change and says that principally about Harley herself, that Harley has become the person she always wanted her to be.

"I love you, too, Harls."

Harley overflows with joy and professes her love for Ivy once again, and this time Ivy returns it. They come in to kiss, but their attention on each other distracted Harley from the road and causes them to crash right into the remains of the corn factory through Clayface (who has been singing this entire time and continues to sing without interruption despite being run over) and then out the back end of the corn factory. As they sail through the air, they share a kiss together before landing roughly on the road out. They drive away, followed by ten police cars, into the sunset.

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  • When first released on DC Universe this episode was listed as "The Runaway Bridesmaid" although the title card revealed "Something Borrowed, Something Green" as the actual title which is also the one used on HBO Max and the DVD release.
    • The original title was a spoof on the 1999 movie Runaway Bride.
    • Funnily enough, this old saying, "Something borrowed, something blue," was also used as the title of the 23rd and 24th episodes of Frasier, bringing to climax the 7-season-long romance between Niles and Daphne. It's safe to assume the title is a reference considering the many, many years of comics which led up to the airing of this episode for Harley and Ivy.
  • One of the guests at Ivy and Kite Man's wedding is film director Tim Burton; in real life, Burton was the director of 1989's Batman and 1992's Batman Returns. Furthermore, in the sequel Burton provided the voice for Selina's boyfriend.
  • When Kite Man picks up Poison Ivy's limp body, it references the famous scene of Superman picking up the dead body of Supergirl in Crisis on Infinite Earths.
  • The song Clayface sings is at the end is "Cielo e mar" from the opera La Gioconda, which involves a love triangle where one member withdraws to let the other two be happy together, something paralleling both Harley's and Kite Man's actions in this episode.
  • The car that Harley and Ivy are driving in the final scene is a reference to the car they used to flee the police in their first team-up ever in the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Harley and Ivy" which in turn was a reference to the movie Thelma & Louise.