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Sinestro is a supervillain and a minor character on the T.V. series Harley Quinn. He is the nemesis of Green Lantern and a member of the Legion of Doom.


He appeared in the flashback to Queen of Fables' origin in "So You Need a Crew?" as one of the prominent male villains of the time, outshining Fables. In the present, he stood behind Lex Luthor when he announced Doctor Psycho had been kicked out of the Legion of Doom on TV.

He attended the party at the Hall of Doom in "L.O.D.R.S.V.P." when the Legion was deciding between letting Harley Quinn or KGBeast become a member. In "A Seat at the Table", he was present when Harley was officially welcomed in to the Legion and later attended the Legion's weekly meeting where they pitch their evil ideas.

Media Appearances

Season 1

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