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The Shark God is the father of King Shark and the king of the Shark Kingdom. 


As seen in "Lovers' Quarrel" Shark God had two sons, the oldest being Nanaue who would later take the name of King Shark. Nanaue would bully his little brother, which his father tried to stop. However, after his little brother hurt himself on a rock and started bleeding, Nanaue, who even back then couldn't control his blood lust, devoured him, much to his father's horror.

Shark God was first seen in the episode "Bachelorette" when King Shark returned to his home for the arranged marriage to Tabitha. He was initially happy upon his son's return but shocked when he said neither he nor Tabitha wanted to get married. King Shark finally stood up to his father, saying he would marry when he was in love. Shark God told him that no son of his should marry for love, and if he leave Shark Kingdom, he could never return. King Shark said his goodbye but would later return a few minutes later and go through with the marriage as he could not say no to his father.