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The second season of Harley Quinn consists of thirteen episodes. It debuted with "New Gotham" on April 3, 2020 on DC Universe, and concluded with "Something Borrowed, Something Green" on June 26, 2020.

On August 21, 2020 the official soundtrack for the season was released.


Harley Quinn has taken down the Joker and Gotham City is finally hers for the taking…whatever's left of it that is. Gotham has become a desolate wasteland, left in ruins, following the huge earthquake caused by the collapse of Joker's tower. Harley's celebration in this newly created chaos is cut short when Penguin, Bane, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler and Two Face join forces to restore order in the criminal underworld. Calling themselves the Injustice League, this group now stands in the way of Harley and her crew from taking sole control of Gotham as the top villains of the city.


  1. New Gotham
  2. Riddler U
  3. Catwoman
  4. Thawing Hearts
  5. Batman's Back Man
  6. All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues
  7. There's No Place to Go But Down
  8. Inner (Para) Demons
  9. Bachelorette
  10. Dye Hard
  11. A Fight Worth Fighting For
  12. Lovers' Quarrel
  13. Something Borrowed, Something Green

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