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I was raised by an elite group of assassins from birth. And you're a clown. And an old one at that. What are you thirty?
— Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne (aka Robin) is a character in Harley Quinn. He is the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul and the fifth Robin.

He is also a member of the Teen Titans.


Damian is a 12-year-old boy with light skin and black hair. He is typically seen wearing his classic "Robin" costume, including a black mask covering his eyes, green gloves and a black and yellow cape.



Raised by The League of Shadows, Damian joins his father Batman into crime-fighting. He is a member of the Teen Titans and upon finding out that all of them already have a nemesis, Robin set out to get one of his own.

Season 1[]

"Finding Mr. Right"[]

Robin "battles" Harley Quinn

While Harley Quinn was aiming to make Batman her arch-nemesis, she ended up finding Robin instead. Harley refused to fight him since he was a kid, and walked away. The next day on the Tawny Young show, Damian makes up a story about how he fought and beat Harley who then asked him to be her nemesis, much to her fury. Harley tries to kidnap Lois Lane to attract Superman, who does come, but he lets Robin handle the situation once he comes in. However, once Superman leaves Harley has no interest in fighting Robin and walks away from the whole thing.

Eventually, Harley plans to make Robin confess that they aren't arch-nemeses. He gets hung by a rope over a tank of water, where King Shark would try scaring him into confessing that they aren't really enemies. Robin talks to Harley about how as the "sweet potato pie" of Gotham, everyone believes everything he says, but the newscasters were secretly recording and airing this confession. Damian is angry at this trick, but soon gives up. However, his nosebleed, a problem he had shown throughout the episode, soon drips blood into King Shark's tank, driving him into a violent rampage.

Feeling like she has no other option, Harley jumps to save Robin from the tank, but King Shark breaks the glass and soon goes after Robin, who calls out for his father, Batman, to save him. Once he finally gets there, Batman sprays King Shark with the shark repellant, knocking him out. Batman starts battling Harley for endangering Robin, which gets the attention of the Joker, who doesn't want to share Batman with Harley. He eventually gets his attention by kidnapping Robin. After saving him, they return to the Batcave to have a talk and Batman opens up about not having a nemesis until his late 20s.

Season 2[]

"New Gotham"[]

Damian as Batman.png

With Batman missing, Robin steals his outfit and attempts to "take up the mantle" of Batman, only for Jim Gordon to mock and dissuade him. Nevertheless, he did manage to let Gordon know of Batman's disappearance, and confirmed that Batman was not responding to his texts (although he refused to share the contact info with Gordon).

Season 3[]

"There's No Ivy In Team"[]

"Give me that!"

Robin was in the Batcave, playing video games, when Nightwing returned. Nightwing was surprised to see him in the Robin costume, as well as the fact that he was no longer 4 years old to which Robin replied: "That's how time works, Dickwad". When the Bat Family were later alerted that Firefly was attacking the Gotham Corn Factory, Nightwing called shotgun for the Batmobile, but Robin was already sitting there, flipping him off. At the scene of the fire, after Nightwing blew their cover, Robin helped Alfred and Batman, throw water buckets at the flames. When the building exploded as Batgirl and Nightwing were unable to catch Firefly, Robin was covered in the sea of popcorn. As he filled his mouth with it he asked if they were still getting pizza but batman just told him to stop and he spit the popcorn out.

You forgot 'giant dickhead', dickhead.
— Robin

Later, Batgirl took the entire team to an escape room to foster camaraderie but they soon discovered it was a deathtrap set up by the Riddler as the rooms shifted, putting Robin, Batman and Alfred in the same room as Clayface and King Shark (who were also their with their crew to work on their team) with only a few minutes to solve the puzzle or they would die. As they searched for clues, Robin wondered if they were gonna die at which point Shark King offered to "save [him] the trouble" of dying a painful death by eating him so Robin took a few steps back. Later, Robin got bored as Batman began talking at length about the death of his parents and took up his hand-held game console. Batman eventually solved the puzzle and they returned to the Batcave where Robin and Batman played cards. After calling Nightwing a "dickhead", the Batfamily headed out to stop Firefly again.

Episode Appearances[]


  • This version of Damian seems to not be as prepared for crime-fighting as the main continuity version since he was calling for help immediately after he realized he was in danger. He also seems not to care that much about secret identity since he called Batman in front of TV cameras "Father" and "Dad", although it's possible that he accidentally said that since he was in a panic and too worried for his father to think straight.
  • His favorite sandwich has the Robin symbol written in either mustard or ketchup, but it's unknown what the sandwich has.
  • His appearance resembles that of Dick Grayson in the Teen Titans cartoon series.