Harley's best friend and fellow Arkham Asylum escapee is Dr. Pamela Isley (aka Poison Ivy), the deuteragonist of Harley Quinn. She normally prefers plants to people, but she has a soft spot for Harley and tries to reign in some of her more manic excesses.


Ivy is a slender woman with green skin, green eyes and green lips — all of her outfits also heavily favor green. She has long red hair and styles part of her hair on the left side, almost covering her eye. She usually wears a green jacket and a white shirt underneath it, with green tights and black high heels. In her pajamas, she wears a "tree hugger" shirt with green sleeves on it and green pajama pants. In Arkham, she wore an orange prison suit just like Harley. In episode eight, L.O.D.R.S.V.P., Ivy wears a green bikini and a scuba diver's goggles.



Pamela Isley was born to incredibly wealthy parents, but was not born as a usual human. Even as a child she was a meta-human with green skin, which made her stand out and hampered her ability to make friends. This was exacerbated by her own parents mocking her over it and emotionally and physically abusing her. Her abuse eventually made her gave up on humanity.

Eventually Pamela went on to gain her doctorate in botany-related sciences, briefly dating a man named Dan there, and shortly after assumed the identity of Poison Ivy, a self-styled "eco-terrorist" fighting for the environment using her power to control plant life. She was frequently propositioned to join the Legion of Doom for her successes, but she rejected their invitations 148 times.

She eventually ended up in the Arkham Asylum for her crimes, where psychiatrist Doctor Harleen Quinzel helped Ivy to resolve her psychological issues. Harleen diagnosed Ivy as a "classic misanthrope with abandonment issues who befriends plants to avoid human intimacy", and was so successful with her that she managed to get Ivy to the point where she could be around people without vomiting — although she still loathed it. For her help, Ivy became good friends with Harleen until she left to become Harley Quinn, the Joker's sidekick and girlfriend.

Season 1

"Til Death Do Us Part"

Ivy kidnaps Harley

Ivy kidnapping Harley, having knocked her out with a pheromone toxin

Ivy is introduced in the Arkham Asylum after Harley had been inside for six months. She tried to gently convince Harley that the Joker is not coming to rescue her over the course of three months following that, but Harley stubbornly insisted on waiting for him, even with literally all of Harley's peers agreeing with Ivy. Ivy insisted that Harley could find someone better, but Harley remained unconvinced for another three months until Ivy broke out of Arkham and kidnapped Harley in the process.

Bringing Harley back to her apartment, Ivy set about restoring her dying plants and learned that Frank the Plant ate the boy she paid to water them, along with his parents. When Harley awoke she insisted on leaving to return to the Joker as soon as possible, but Ivy restrained her with several vines and forced her to listen. She reminded Harley that she was a "genius psychiatrist" and convinced her to diagnose herself, and after talking to a hallucination of Doctor Quinzel, Harley diagnosed herself as a "classic abusive codependency". Realizing the problem, Harley finally agreed with Ivy's suggestions to break off her relationship with the Joker.

Not to be outdone, the Joker began to manipulate Harley almost immediately, angering Ivy. Ivy tried to keep Harley from falling for it, but in only a few seconds the Joker had Harley kissing him again and they were back together, stunning Ivy. In response, Ivy called in her debt with the Riddler, having him claim to have a riddle "so funny it makes people's explode" so that the Joker would send Harley to kill him. When both Harley and Batman arrived, the Riddler captured them both and forced the Joker to choose which to live and which to fall into acid. Surprisingly, the Joker chose to save Batman, and Harley was dropped into a pool of "acid".

Harley, I love you in... sigh... in a very odd, hard-to-articulate way. And if you just stopped sabotaging yourself... the world would be yours.— Poison Ivy to Harley

The acid was actually margarita mix that Ivy scrounged together, but it proved Ivy's point that the Joker did not care about Harley. Ivy pulled her out of the "acid" and explained that she set it all up, before taking Harley back to her apartment. Shortly afterward, a goon from the Joker arrived at the apartment and literally exploded, serving as the Joker's apology to Harley. Harley then went off to break up with the Joker, with Ivy standing by to assist if needed, but Harley ended up needing no help so Ivy simply offered to get her some Thai food.

"A High Bar"

While watching Howie Mandel with Harley and Frank the Plant, Ivy saw the Joker take over the show, insult Harley, and then activate a bomb on Howie. Harley then smashed another of Ivy's TVs with a bat, much to her consternation. Harley insisted on showing off her independence despite Ivy's protestations, and together with Frank they convinced Ivy to come along, just before Harley smashed Ivy's phone after seeing confirmation of Howie's death on its screen.
Ivy flying with Kite Man

Ivy flying with Kite Man over Gotham City Park

Seeing that the party Harley crashed was actually a bar mitzvah for Joshua Cobblepot, Ivy suggested leaving, only for Harley to abandon her to get propositioned by Kite Man. Eventually Harley came back, but still insisted on staying to rob the Gotham Mint before abandoning Ivy once again. She then found herself surrounded by several kids, Kite Man having stolen Ivy's distilled pheromones and gave it to them. Given that her distilled pheromones cause people to fall in love with her and then die, Ivy and Kite Man had to head back to her apartment to get an antidote. However, Kite Man was under the impression that they would have sex and so disrobed, forcing Ivy to bluntly tell him to get his clothes back on so they could fly back to the bar mitzvah. Kite Man apologized en route, and Ivy admitted that when they were simply soaring through the air, it was actually rather nice.

She arrived just as the Joker threatened to kill Harley if she did not admit she was "nothing" without him, and when she refused all of the Legion of Doom members converged on them all. Ivy countered Scarecrow while Kite Man reluctantly fought Bane and Harley attacked Two-Face. Kite Man quickly went down, and Ivy defended Harley from gunfire while Harley disarmed Scarecrow. Ivy then tossed Harley Two-Face's gun, which she used to shoot Scarecrow's toxin tank and blast him away. However, The Penguin then entered the fray and disarmed Harley, with all of the Legion members surrounding Ivy and Harley.

Ivy defends Harley

Ivy defends Harley from the Joker

Harley used a lull in the fight to convince the Legion members to defect from the Joker, so he drew his own gun to kill her, but Ivy stood in his way. Ivy continued to block his path as he became surrounded in hostile plants, the tension rising until the Joker suddenly got a phone call from his contractor. Angered by delays, the Joker just said to "put a pin in this" and departed, allowing Ivy and Harley to leave unhindered. Back at Ivy's apartment she tried to convince Harley that she didn't need to prove herself to anyone, but Harley now insisted on joining the Legion of Doom herself. Frank interrupted them to remind them of the poisoned boys from earlier, so Ivy drank the antidote and kissed each briefly on the lips to cure them.

"So You Need a Crew?"


"Your independence is quite inspiring"

Harley arrived back at Ivy's house certain that she needed a crew, and Ivy attempted to dissuade her from getting one by pointing out that Doctor Psycho could take on Wonder Woman singlehandedly. When he ended up calling Wonder Woman "the c-word", Harley retorted that a crew would have let him know to use "the b-word" instead, and left Ivy's apartment to pursue a crew. Coming back, Harley told Ivy about being rejected by Underworld Talent Incorporated and passed up for Kite Man at a bar, but Ivy was only interested in whether Kite Man mentioned her name.

Ivy and Harley then went to see Maxie Zeus' inspirational speech, with Ivy complaining about and heckling him the entire time despite Harley's enthusiasm, until she eventually got fed up and left. Harley then came back to Ivy's house again and asked Ivy herself to join her crew after Maxie Zeus insisted no one would work for a woman. At Frank's insistence, Ivy claimed that she wouldn't team up due to a "glass ceiling" for female supervillains, citing Queen of Fables getting imprisoned inside the United States Tax Code by the Justice League when she became too powerful. She sent Harley off to get the full story from Queen of Fables, and when Harley returned, Ivy claimed that she wasn't trying to dissuade Harley, only trying to ensure that Harley knew what she was "up against" because Ivy loved Harley.

Harley used Ivy's advice and decided to seek out people who no one else believed in to comprise her crew, namely Doctor Psycho, who once again used "the c-word" and became "the least employable person on earth", in Ivy's words. After gathering her crew and successfully robbing Maxie Zeus, Ivy was excited for Harley and proud that she managed to get a highway named after herself.

"Finding Mr. Right"

Ivy is seen cleaning up her apartment with the assistance of plants, only for Harley to arrive with a bale of cash and drop it on her Noguchi coffee table and destroy it (which she promptly paid for). Harley then watched TV and became enraged when her heist was ignored, and promptly destroyed that as well - Ivy's ninth TV in two weeks. She insisted that having no notoriety was actually a good thing so that they wouldn't face pressure from the authorities or Justice League, but Harley insisted on getting a "nemesis" to increase they popularity. Harley then passed off her plan to become infamous as Ivy's idea, much to Ivy's consternation.

Ivy soon became aggravated with Harley's crew messing up her apartment and using her hairbrush. Sy Borgman, her landlord, then barged in and threatened to evict her if she didn't stop them from messing up the apartment, but Ivy simply closed the door on his face because it seemed like he was "gonna get racist". She proceeded to berate Harley's crew until King Shark arrived at the apartment, frightening her and prompting her to draw plants around herself in defense until Clayface vouched for him. Eventually Harley decided to try and get Batman as her nemesis, to Ivy's supreme skepticism. When Harley ended up getting stuck with Robin as a nemesis, Ivy took it in good humor up until she insisted on kidnapping Lois Lane in order to get Superman as her nemesis, again aggravating Ivy.

Ivy supposedly pregnant

"Oh my god, Ivy! You're pregnant? Oh! This is gonna be so bad for your career, but so good for your Instagram."

Harley arrived back at Ivy's apartment to see it covered in pregnancy celebration decorations, presuming Ivy to be pregnant. In actuality it was a prank/assassination attempt by the Joker, mocking Harley taking on Robin as her nemesis via a card that promptly exploded, covering the entire apartment in ash. Ivy then opposed Harley's idea to kill Robin, but luckily Harley came up with an alternative idea to get Robin to admit his lie. However, when Ivy saw Harley being fought by Batman for endangering Robin, Ivy quickly came to Harley's defense to prevent her being taken back to the Arkham asylum.

Ivy to the rescue

"Let her go!"

Ivy entered the studio on a throne of moving vines and proceeded to restrain Batman with them. Harley was relieved, but Ivy was annoyed, and although she refused to slander Harley on live TV she was willing to tell the audience not to wash out their recyclables before disposing of them. This distracted her enough for Batman to escape her vines and throw a shuriken at her, which Harley blocked. Harley and Ivy then both proceeded to fight Batman together until the Joker arrived, at which point a three way battle ensued until Batman was able to launch Ivy aside with several explosives. The Joker then used his own explosive to drop studio equipment on Batman, at which point he kidnapped Robin and fled, forcing Batman to chase after him and abandon Harley and Ivy. Everyone then returned to Ivy's apartment, where Harley's crew began cleaning it up and Ivy herself assured Harley that she would get a nemesis. However, Sy Borgman arrived right after with a formal eviction notice due to King Shark's presence as a "pet".

"Being Harley Quinn"

In response to the eviction, Ivy and Harley sought out new lairs for themselves, only for Harley to reject them all due to not knowing what exactly she wanted. Ivy suggested questioning Harley to find out, but it caused Harley to panic and freeze in place, requiring Doctor Psycho's assistance to fix her. However, Ivy insisted on everyone going with him into Harley's mind to prevent him from "creep(ing) around Harley's head". Everyone then entered Harley's mind, and Ivy found Harley herself there. Harley eventually found her origin story memory and tried to interact with it, causing a brain lockdown which trapped them all inside, freaking Ivy out with concern for her plants.
Suicide Squad

Ivy passed out with the rest of Harley's Crew

Harley Gremlins then began arriving, prompting Ivy and everyone else to flee into an elevator where Ivy commented on the fact that Harley was always "this fucked up". They ended up at Harley's optic nerve where they witnessed Golda and Sy Borgman planning to burn their bodies, so Psycho took everyone to Harley's subconscious to escape using an alternative exit. When they ended up cornered by Harley Gremlins, a hallucination of Frankie Muniz arrived to save them, which Ivy found creepy due to Harley's desire to deceive him into impregnating her.

Doctor Psycho then told them to avoid Repressed Memory Island, but Harley and Ivy both insisted on going. Doctor Psycho claimed it was because she was Ivy's only friend, to which she retorted that it was "by design, because she's the only human being I think is worth a shit". She then convinced everyone to follow Harley to the island, where Harley had a revelation about her origin story and promptly rewrote her own memories. With her sanity restored, she was able to take everyone out of her mind the normal way just in time to stop Sy Borgman and Golda from killing them all. Ivy confronted Sy until Harley declared that the mall they were in would be a perfectly suitable lair, and struck a deal with Sy to have him join their crew.

"You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon"

Ivy lounged in their new lair at the Gotham Mall until Harley's Crew arrived with King Tut's desiccated corpse, which Ivy had originally planned to see that weekend. At Harley's continued rage over not being noticed for Legion of Doom consideration, Ivy tried once again to persuade Harley that the Legion of Doom wasn't worth it, but accepted her petty reasons of wanting to throw her success back into the Joker's face. Ivy offered her assistance in stealing from WayneTech to get attention, lifting Harley and Doctor Psycho to the 26th floor of the building with large vines (which threw Doctor Psycho roughly into the building for being a "misogynist troll that should be living in a well").
Ivy catches Doctor Psycho

Ivy catches Doctor Psycho

After Doctor Psycho flew out of the building on WayneTech's invisible bike and crashed it, Ivy caught him as he plummeted to the ground, saving him. She held him in her arms briefly before tossing him roughly into a truck with her vines again and headed back to the Gotham Mall. Despite everyone's concerns, including Ivy's point that Harley didn't even know what she stole, Harley was ecstatic and eagerly watched The Cowled Critic's review of the heist. Ivy became enraged when The Cowled Critic took a picture of her holding Doctor Psycho to claim they were dating, saying "I knew I should have let you fall to your death".

Harley decided to break into the Gotham police station to get Clayface's arm back, but Ivy and Doctor Psycho both decided to stay behind and hunt down The Cowled Critic to get revenge. Ivy claimed she was doing it for Harley because she couldn't just let some "anonymous asshole talk shit about my best friend", but also followed up that she was also doing it to clear her own name, "for us". Ivy was able to zero in on his house through "the grapevine", where his ex-wife Giganta was living with her boyfriend Brad. Giganta referred to Ivy as "that jolly green whore" and claimed not to have made the review, at which point Doctor Psycho's sun Herman Cizko entered the room.


Ivy witnessing Doctor Psycho and Herman Cizko's reconciliation

It turns out Herman was The Cowled Critic, so Doctor Psycho mended their broken relationship with mutual hate that that Ivy thought was "so fucked up, but weirdly really moving", so she went to "go find Brad". The slander dealt with, Ivy brought Doctor Psycho to help Harley defeat the last of the police after having recovered Clayface's arm. Afterward The Cowled Critic retracted his review and his lie about Ivy being Doctor Psycho's girlfriend and recommended Harley for the Legion of Doom, provided that she stop leaving crew members behind. This prompted them to remember about King Shark being imprisoned in the Arkham Asylum, so Ivy helped everyone to free him.

"The Line"

Ivy watched Queen of Fables get released from the United States Tax Code, but was unbothered when she was sentenced to Arkham, saying that the Queen of Fables was perhaps the only person who genuinely deserved to be there, only to realize that Harley had left and didn't pay attention. Harley then brought Queen of Fables back to the lair, and Ivy arrived just in time to see her savagely murder Humpty Dumpty and begin making an omelette out of him. Ivy tried to convince Harley that she wasn't nearly as extreme as Queen of Fables was, saying that "you're like broadcast bad, she's cable bad". However, Harley said she couldn't listen to her while she was "dressed like a '40s housewife who's fucking her husband's boss", and not willing to reveal why, Ivy simply left.
Ivy with Kite Man

Ivy going out to eat with Kite Man

She ended up in a lower class apartment building to meet Kite Man, using her attire to assure her anonymity. She appreciated the roses he gave her but insisted on going to a movie rather than going out to dinner publicly. Afterward Ivy returned to the mall to see Harley's horrified crew, shocked by Queen of Fables' brutality. Ivy expected this and used it to goad Harley into ditching Queen of Fables, who left on bad terms. After that, Ivy finally went out to have dinner with Kite Man, but they didn't acknowledge his reservation and they ended up waiting 45 minutes. With other supervillains able to get a table immediately by simply dropping their name, Kite Man asked Poison Ivy to do the same, only for her to vehemently refuse. Kite Man then caught on to the fact that she was ensuring her anonymity and was ashamed to be seen with him. He then made a dramatic scene and revealed her name, immediately getting them their table, but he stormed out anyway.

His girlfriend

"I'm Ivy. I'm...I'm his girlfriend."

Ivy came back to his apartment to apologize, saying that she pretends to be a "badass who doesn't care what people think", when she really does. Kite Man was surprisingly understanding, saying that having a superpower like controlling all plant-life or having a kite gives one "so much you gotta live up to". Ivy was bemused that he thought having a kite was a power, and complimented his "insane" level of confidence and not caring what anyone else thinks, but Kite Man said "I care what you think", which pleased Ivy. He also said he cared about "dat ass", and she begrudgingly admitted that she did like him "against all logic and reason", having even had sex with him before. When Kite Man's roommate then arrived, Ivy admitted that she was his girlfriend. Finally, she returned back to the Gotham Mall to see Harley accidentally destroy the Weather Machine she spent so much energy getting.


Harley and her crew performed a heist to steal Atlantean jewels deep underwater, and Ivy stayed nearby so she could come in when needed to deal with Aquaman. After entangling him in kelp, everyone was able to flee successfully. The media took this as confirmation that Ivy was in Harley's crew, which annoyed Ivy until Harley arrived with her long-sought invitation to the Legion of Doom. Ivy congratulated Harley but intended not to go with her, until Harley guilt tripped Ivy into coming along.
Ivy threatens Lex Luthor

Ivy threatens Lex Luthor

While Harley and her crew were enamored with the Legion of Doom, Ivy was contemptuous of it, comparing it's vast wealth to what her college boyfriend had. Ivy took every opportunity to mock the place, presuming that "LOD" stood for "Legion of Dildos", which is actually a real sex shop with whom the Legion of Doom is in a protracted legal battle over naming rights. After Harley left for a gift shop, Ivy tracked down Lex Luthor and demanded to know why he suddenly took an interest in Harley after ignoring her for so long. Although he had to be threatened into speaking, he eventually revealed that he simply wanted Ivy to join the Legion of Doom, and was only considering Harley in order to pressure Ivy to join.

At the dinner that night, Ivy tried to persuade Harley away from joining the Legion of Doom, saying "this isn't you". Annoyed, Harley left to go mingle and Ivy ended up meeting Kite Man again, having taken a catering job at the Legion of Doom. Harley then arrived to ask why Ivy was even talking to Kite Man, at which point Ivy became defensive and claimed that he "outclasses any of these idiots", comparing the Legion of Doom to a "boys club" or "frat". Before Harley could respond, Aquaman burst into the party to reclaim the Atlantean jewels that Harley and Ivy stole.

Ivy nearly killed

Ivy is nearly killed by Aquaman

Kite Man tried to defend Ivy, saying "I'll protect us babe", but got caught in a cross-wind and blown out of the building before he could even reach Aquaman. Ivy had to dodge the fact that he called her "babe" publicly, and shortly afterward Aquaman blasted Black Manta right into Ivy, knocking her aside. Harley then rushed to Ivy's defense and was quickly defeated, and Aquaman nearly Ivy with his trident, but Harley managed to taunt him into throwing it at her instead. She dodged, and it hit the tank behind her, flooding the area with fish and forcing Aquaman to save them rather than pursue Ivy.

Harley was exultant at saving the Legion of Doom from a member of the Justice League, but Ivy tried to talk Harley down from her excitement to prepare for a rejection, to no avail. Lex Luthor then pulled Ivy aside to get her final answer, and although Ivy was conflicted and tried to convince Luthor to invite Harley anyway, Ivy ultimately decided not to join - even if it meant Harley could not get in. Guilt-ridden, Ivy tried once again to talk Harley down, even offering to make their own Legion of Doom between the two of them. However, when Harley refused to listen, Ivy revealed that they genuinely did not want her and that they only invited Harley to get through to Ivy, doing her best to prepare her for rejection.


Ivy's argument with Harley Quinn in the Gotham Mall

Harley became sad, but then to everyone's shock, they ended up inviting Harley despite Ivy declining Luthor's offer. This made Ivy appear as though she simply didn't believe in Harley, and Harley felt betrayed. Afterward they all went back to the Gotham Mall, where Harley and Ivy got into a heated argument. Harley accused Ivy of "trying to sabotage me instead of confronting the fact that, without me, you don't have a single friend in this world". Ivy stormed out, but became depressed over the misunderstanding. The next day she hoped Harley would text her and bridge the gap in their friendship, but Harley decided against it.

"A Seat At The Table"

Ivy and Harley later went out to dinner to patch up their relationship, but Ivy remained distant and concerned over how easily Harley "abandoned" her. However, Harley assured her that she would never abandon Ivy, and offered to help her destroy a PlanetWide Pavers factory that had recently been set up by Lex Corp. They scheduled to go over a plan that Friday, but Ivy found herself alone with Frank while she went over schematics. Frank insisted that with no plant around the factory Ivy would be helpless, and although Ivy assured him that Harley would help her, Frank kept badgering Ivy to take him along and even insulted her outfit.

Ivy begins to doubt Harley

Ivy texted Harley to figure out where she was, but Harley claimed to be bogged down in Legion of Doom business. Frank then arrived with the help of Chaz, "my pot guy. Carries my pot around wherever I need to go." Ivy said he just sells marijuana and made to leave, at which point Frank discerned that Harley "stood yo ass up". Backpedaling, Ivy assured him that Harley just needed to reschedule, but Frank was certain that Harley had "changed". Although Ivy disagreed with his analogy about a pear tree that survived 9/11, she nonetheless began to have doubts.

No! Not this time, Harley. I have done everything in my power to keep you away from that ass clown because I truly believe that you deserve better. But you know what? I am done believing in someone who just doesn't believe in herself.— Ivy to Harley

Later, Ivy got news about King Shark having his fin blown off in a botched assassination attempt by Bane. She rushed to the hospital with a plant to give him, and quickly became alarmed at King Shark's heartbeat until he explained that it was normal for sharks. She then asked about Harley until Clayface pointed at the TV, where Harley was seen with the Joker "tonguing each other down". At that moment Harley finally arrived reiterating her lie that she was wrapped up with Legion business, but Ivy stared angrily at Harley and complained about being ditched for the Joker, saying that she thought Harley was "better than that".

Ivy captured

Ivy captured

Harley's crew then began to turn on her, so Harley tried to appeal to Ivy directly, but Ivy rebuffed her. Despite her apologies and begging Ivy not to leave, Ivy abandoned Harley with the rest of her crew, saying "I need people I can count on". Ivy insisted on destroying the PlanetWide Pavers factory alone, and although she managed to get inside without issue, all of her plants were rapidly killed with targeted gas streams. The alarms immediately began blaring, and Ivy was forced to flee, but could not escape through the locked doors. The gas eventually overwhelmed her.


Harley continually tried to text Ivy, but she was in captivity and unable to respond to any of them. Ivy awoke strapped to a table and guarded by Gus, a "low-level goon" part-timing to pay for art supplies for his main job as a kindergarten teacher. Ivy offered to double what he was making and to buy art supplies for him herself if he simply released her, but he refused, fearful of dropping to "three stars on Goon Review" and compromising his future employment prospects. Ivy tried threatening him, but he was unconcerned because they would be "harvesting you in two days, so..." He then left to take a call from a parent, and happened to blow on a dandelion flower whose pappus managed to fly through the factory ventilation system to land on Ivy. She then animated the plant and sent it to Frank to get help.

WE'RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE. FUCK OFF— Gus texting Harley on Ivy's phone

The barrage of texts continued while she was in Bensonhurst visiting her parents, which Gus took notice of. He read some of them to her, and Ivy agreed with Harley and Gus that she's "not a kitten heel person". She also insisted that Gus let her use the phone to send a good-bye message to Harley, but Gus refused on the suspicion that Ivy would send out a distress call. Ivy tried to persuade Gus that they had "built a rapport", so Gus decided to help her by texting Harley back to break off their friendship, sending an insulting text message to Harley. He then proceeded to tell Ivy about his life story until Scarecrow showed up and sedated Ivy.

"Harley Quinn Highway"


Ivy's surgery

Ivy awoke while she was being wheeled in for surgery, and when they undid her restraints she immediately killed both of her guards with a knife and strangulation respectively. She killed two more guards with a gun and then began to flee the facility, defeating three more guards en route. She managed to reach the exit and use a stolen security card to open the door, only to find herself face to face with Scarecrow, who easily recaptured her in her weakened state. He then took her for surgery, where he harvested a large quantity of her pheromones, synthesized them, and used the mutated pheromones in small quantities to make a large number of bombs which were then loaded onto several trucks. While this process was wrapping up, Scarecrow administered a specially designed fear toxin on Ivy, one that used her own pheromones to be able to affect her, and she went insane with fear.

Waking up

The first thing Ivy saw after waking up

Harley, Doctor Psycho, and the rest of her crew managed to enter Ivy's mind and correct the imbalance caused by the fear toxin, and in the process they learned that Harley was Ivy's greatest fear. Ivy awoke to a scene of absolute carnage and gore after Sy Borgman butchered a series of guards who came to attack them, but she dismissed that and Harley's questions in favor of trying to stop Scarecrow from escaping with her augmented pheromones. Ivy also learned from Doctor Psycho that the Legion of Doom itself was behind the whole thing, and although she was pleased to see them recycling, she continued on in pursuit of Scarecrow inside Sy Borgman (who had transformed into a car). When they got close, Ivy jumped off of Sy and onto one of the trucks, using a strand of plants to kill the drivers and take over the vehicle. Harley then joined Ivy atop the truck and began to badger Ivy for an answer about why Harley was Ivy's biggest fear.

Fine! You want to know what my biggest fear is? Finally allowing myself to count on someone and then having them ditch me.
But I was still plannin' on helping you.
You were my one friend, and I asked you for one favor, but instead you ditched me for the Joker, who treats ya like shit. I thought you could change, but I was wrong. You still live your entire life based on what he might think.
— Ivy and Harley atop different trucks on the Harley Quinn Highway

After finally telling Harley that her fear was of being abandoned by her, Ivy ended up separated from Harley when Harley's truck slowed down on a loop. That truck fell and exploded, and one of the final two trucks pushed Ivy's off the road, forcing her to jump onto it. She then used a leaf stuck under the windshield wiper to slit the throats of the two drivers, but then a turn came up and sent her and the penultimate truck flying into space. At that moment Sy drove off the track and intercepted Ivy mid-air, with Harley pulling Ivy to safety inside Sy.

Ivy noted that they couldn't catch the last truck in time, so they grabbed a rocket launcher and stopped the car so that Harley could fire it. However, she took the moment to admit her faults to Ivy and to promise to change her ways, at which point she shot the rocket at her own statue, knocking the head onto the track and crashing the final truck. Harley asked if they could be best friends again, but before Ivy could respond, Scarecrow drove the last truck off the track, plummeting into the Gotham Reservoir, transforming hundreds of trees into plant monsters.

"Devil's Snare"

Lasso of Truth

Ivy holds onto the Lasso of Truth before a portal to the Phantom Zone

Ivy tried and failed to control the plant monsters running amuck throughout Gotham City Park, due to their mutations, so she had to flee with Harley. Eventually Ivy and Harley's crew became surrounded and were nearly killed, but were saved just in time by the arrival of the Justice League. Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and the Green Lantern made short work of the mutated trees but presumed Ivy and Harley's crew to be at fault, given that Ivy controls plants. Superman prepared to banish them to the Phantom Zone, but Ivy managed to grab onto Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth and wrap it around herself. This forced the Justice League to believe her claims of innocence, but it also forced Ivy to reveal that she watches NASCAR, takes long showers, dislikes paper straws, and was very excited for Jazz Fest.

Queen of Fables then arrived, trapped the Justice League in her storybook, and tossed a bean at Ivy and everyone else's feet. A beanstalk promptly sprung from the ground and launched everyone into the clouds, although Ivy was unable to control the beanstalk plant either, being a magical construct from a fairy tale. A giant soon arrived to kill them, and although Sy Borgman pragmatically suggested climbing down the beanstalk like Jack, but Ivy rejected it over his side joke about French kissing Rapunzel. Instead she used Sy's phone to call for help from Kite Man, although Harley it thought strange that she would have his number memorized. Luckily for Ivy the giant arrived and forced them to dodge, but Harley once again insisted on answers in the middle of a fight, so Ivy tried to distract her by asking "how big do you think that giant's dick is".

Harley didn't buy it, and insisted on an answer while she scaled the giant to attack it. Relenting, Ivy admitted to be dating Kite Man, which shocked Harley enough that the giant was able to knock her away. Doctor Psycho caught Harley, who was shocked that Ivy would date Kite Man, and Ivy admitted that she did love Kite Man "a little". Harley wondered why Ivy never told her, but Ivy claimed that she simply never asked, and that "if it's not about you, you're not interested". Ivy said she didn't even try to hide it, and repeatedly came home "reeking of kite, leaves in my hair. Didn't you ever think that was weird?"

Kite Man arrives

Ivy's reaction to Kite Man's arrival

At this point the giant finally managed to capture everyone in his hands, but Kite Man soon arrived and tossed a sriracha hot sauce packet into its only eye, with everyone to cheering him on and Ivy filling up with pride. The giant then fell over in pain and dropped everyone into open air, so Kite Man caught Ivy in his arms and caught everyone else either on top of his kite or with an extended ladder from the back of it. This weighed down his kite and forced him rapidly downward, so Clayface launched himself to the ground where he reformed into a ramp to catch everyone else, allowing Kite Man to land gently with Ivy. Everyone who landed on the ramp then watched in disgust as Ivy and Kite Man kissed passionately.

Harley then stole a tank and Ivy piled in with everyone else, preparing to shoot the Legion of Doom office, but it exploded of its own accord and the Joker's tower emerged from the rubble. When the Joker insulted Harley's "cheap dye job" and Harley became offended, Ivy pointed out that she'd "seen you neck deep in six different bottles of that bullshit you buy at the drug store". The Joker also took over the media in Gotham, and Ivy commented on them being "only the second most evil news network", but everyone ignored her due to the plant monsters guarding the Joker's tower. Ivy then noticed a hose with water infected from her pheromones, and decided to go drink it in order to become powerful enough to fight off the planet monsters.

Kite Man accompanied her hand in hand, but before she could drink the water he dropped down to one knee and proposed to her (although he did not even have a ring). Put on the spot, she simply said to "circle back on this" after the apocalypse was dealt with, and drank the water. Immediately she began to grow to the size of a giantess and then proceeded to reluctantly do battle with the plant monsters, promising to replant many of them. After killing nearly all of them she returned to Harley and her crew, only for one last monster to kidnap Harley and run off.

Ivy dead

Ivy's corpse

Ivy went after and killed it, catching Harley in her hand as she fell. Harley expressed her gratitude for Ivy killing trees for them, and said that she simply wasn't used to having people "who are actually good to me in my life", which Ivy sympathized with, saying "most people are trash". While Ivy and Harley laughed together, suddenly a flagpole shot from the Joker's tower speared through Ivy's chest, mortally wounding her. She put Harley on the ground and then collapsed, shrinking back down to her normal human size and dying. A bed of flowers sprouted beneath her corpse.

"The Final Joke"

Ivy's tombstone, a rounded rock in the middle of Gotham City Park

Here lies Dr Pamela Isley
Dear Friend

Harley, Frank, Kite Man, and Harley's crew held a funeral for Ivy. Clayface spoke a eulogy for her from Star Trek, Kite Man claimed Ivy was his fiancée, Frank made sure her PhD status was marked on her tombstone, Sy Borgman dug the grave, and Doctor Psycho placed her inside it and filled it in. Later, when most of Harley's crew was captured, she returned to Ivy's grave to mourn her and to place dyed black roses there. However, she was shocked to discover that Kite Man and Frank were living behind the grave, and learned from them that the Joker would be executing her crew that night. She then asked for privacy and cried over Ivy's grave before leaving, but just as she departed, one of the roses bloomed.

Ivy resurrected

Ivy, alive and well, confronts the Joker

Being part plant and having been healed by the "renewing power of nature", Ivy rose from her grave and went after Harley. She positioned herself at the vat of chemicals where the Joker intended to throw Harley to wipe her memory, and enshrouded the vat in her vines. Seeing this, Harley jumped in deliberately and was caught by Ivy's plants, at which point both of them rose above the catwalk to confront the Joker. She then killed both of the Joker's bodyguards and caught him in her vines so that Harley could gloat to him, and then dropped him into his own vat.

Harley was ecstatic and thought that her tears brought Ivy back to life, but Ivy said "we don't live in a Disney movie", and that it was primarily the power of nature that brought her back. She did allow that the tears may have helped, to cheer Harley up. At that moment however, the Joker activated a self destruct button which began to destroy his tower - and most of Gotham City along with it. A falling pipe nearly killed Ivy and Harley both, but Batman arrived to push them out of the way, getting crushed in their stead. Ivy then drew some plants about themselves and used them to escape the collapsing tower, running to a relatively safe skyscraper as the rest of the city collapsed into ruin around them. Looking out over the chaos, Ivy congratulated Harley, since both the Justice League and the Legion of Doom are largely destroyed, incapacitated, or scattered, the Joker himself is "dead", and Gotham is in chaos - all of her goals realized.

Season 2

"New Gotham"

After three weeks partying after the destruction of Gotham, Ivy began to urge Harley to assume command of the city. When goons from The Penguin arrived to take over the mall, Ivy used it to prove her point that others would take over the city if she did not, and Harley was forced to admit the truth of it when goons from Two-Face arrived shortly after that.

Harls, this was your chance to control the city, but now instead of like five big assholes trying to run Gotham, we've got a thousand little assholes to deal with.— Ivy

Following Harley's liberation of the goons, Ivy once again complained because it simply restored disorder to the city, and worse, produced even more villains for them to deal with when they could have taken over. When Harley received an invitation from the newly formed Injustice League, Ivy mocked Harley and said "I told you so". Later, Harley is kidnapped by the Injustice League and Poison Ivy is forced to work together with the rest of Harley's crew to save her, failing repeatedly over the course of two months.

Eventually they allow Clayface to come up with the plan, so Ivy infiltrates one of The Penguin's parties dressed in her anonymous outfit, blending in until Sy Borgman can distract everyone with smoke, at which point she helps everyone leave with Harley's block of ice. They end up fleeing with alacrity when The Penguin notices their escape, and although Ivy urges caution with Harley's block of ice, they nonetheless end up smashing a goon with it, breaking Harley's face free. Ivy talks briefly with Harley before they have to flee again.

New New Gotham

Ivy and Harley look out over new New Gotham

Ivy uses her vines to fight through goons and keep them moving, but when Doctor Psycho launches Harley's block of ice at several goons blocking their way, The Penguin seals the door and separates her from Harley. Eventually they managed to break through the door, only to find Harley covered in blood as she finished off The Penguin, whereupon Harley asked Ivy if they could get coffee. At Noonan's Bar, Ivy tried to gently explain the situation to Harley, only for Clayface to blurt out that she'd been in ice for two solid months. Ivy then shows Harley the now-carved-up city of new New Gotham, and comments in agreement to Harley's new plan to finally take over the city.


I can be around people now. You know, I mean I hate it, but I can do it without vomiting.— Poison Ivy
Ivy has an sarcastic, bitter, misanthropic personality, although she is quite affectionate and understanding when it comes to the very few people she considers her friends. Her primary love is for nature, and focuses her criminal goals around obstructing any efforts to harm the environment or plant life. Indeed, most of her friends were plants that she brought to life, until she became friends with Harley Quinn (then Harleen Quinzel). Her strongest relationships are with Frank the Plant, Kite Man her boyfriend, and most importantly Harley herself. Due to her difficulty forming relationships, Ivy has severe abandonment issues.

Frank the Plant is a venus flytrap she brought to life to be her friend, but he turned out to be a sarcastic needler who often gets on Ivy's nerves. As for Kite Man, although she was initially held him in contempt, flying together on his kite over Gotham City slowly began began to warm her to him. Slowly they began a relationship, and although she initially tried to hide it out of shame, she eventually admitted to being his girlfriend and formed a much more powerful relationship with him.

Ivy's relationship with Harley began when Harley helped her deal with her misanthropy, and when she saw Harley being abused by the Joker, Ivy took it upon herself to help Harley out of a bad situation. She slowly managed to get Harley to realize how toxic her relationship with the Joker was, and protected her at any cost, but Harley relapsed several times. This hurt Ivy deeply, and eventually caused a rift in their friendship when Harley abandoned Ivy to go with the Joker. This resulted in Harley becoming Ivy's greatest fear, the fear of allowing herself to trust someone only to be abandoned. However, Harley reformed herself and eventually won back Ivy's friendship.

Powers and Abilities

Ivy is a supervillain with plant-based abilities. When she uses her powers, recurring theme music is heard.


  • Toxin Immunity: Poisons and toxins have no effect on Ivy.
  • Chlorokinesis: Ivy is able to manipulate and animate plants. However, she cannot control plants from fairy tales, or certain mutated plants.
  • Pheromones: Ivy's pheromones lets her render people unconscious or fall in love with her before transforming into trees and dying. Ivy can extract these pheromones into potions that she can dispense.
  • Regeneration: As a human-plant hybrid, Poison Ivy is able to completely heal herself from even the most fatal of wounds and injuries, provided that she's been buried in fresh soil. After she was impaled through the chest with a harpoon, she was able to make a full recovery within a week.


  • Gifted Intelligence: Ivy is exceptionally gifted academically, allowing her to have multiple Ph.D.'s for Botany, Chemistry, and Toxicology.
    • Master Biochemist: Harley has desribed Ivy as being a "genius biochemist," hence she was the only person who was able to synthesize a serum to save Mr. Freeze wife, Nora.
  • Expert Combatant: Ivy is an accomplished fighter, having learned several techniques form Harley during their time together. As such, Ivy was able to easily take down several goons while escaping from Riddler.


  • Mental Illness: Ivy is an extreme misanthrope who originally could not stand to be around humans without vomiting, but managed to learn to avoid doing so with Doctor Quinzel's help.


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