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While I was born in darkness, here at Peña Duro North we're bringing people into the light.

Peña Duro North Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility (better known as The Pit) is a prison run by Bane.

As opposed to Arkham Asylum that brands itself as a facility for the criminally insane, Bane expressed that the Pit is for the criminally capable, and a safe space where positive energies flow. He uses everything from therapeutic sessions and inspirational posters to rehabilitate the prisoners and channel their aggression into peaceful acts.


Bane was given the pit by Two-Face in "Batman's Back Man" after they entered a partnership.

In "There's No Place to Go But Down" Bane (working as a judge) sentenced Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy to life in prison for the murder of Oswald Cobblepot after which they were taken to The Pit. Upon arrival, as Bane shows them to their quarters Bane reiterates the importance of them making their beds invites them to the talent show. Although they insist they won't participate after they hear that George Lopez will be choppering down for a ten-minute comedy set they conduct a plan to start a riot at the talent show so that they can escape in the helicopter in the confusion. However, as Harley plans her set to incite a riot, Bane arrives and notices that her bed wasn't made, and so bans her from the talent show and sends her to solitary confinement, guarded by Cheryl.

With Harley unable to follow through with her part of the plan, Ivy takes her place but utterly fails to get a rise out of the crowd. Meanwhile, Harley manages to fight Cheryl and free herself just as George Lopez's helicopter leaves The Pit. No longer needing to put on an act, Ivy honestly vents her frustrations to the crowd and opens up to them, which moves the crowd and makes them turn against Bane and The Pit, inciting a riot. The riot amassed a large mound of destroyed infrastructure at the center of The Pit, slowly creating a ramp in the direction of the surface which Harley and Ivy climb. Ivy gets high enough to see a vine in the side of The Pit and uses it to pull herself and Harley toward the surface, and despite Bane's best attempts to drag them back down, they eventually manage to escape and trap Bane at the bottom of the pit below them.

In "Lovers' Quarrel" we see that Bane survived the fall down in The Pit and he's watching as Doctor Psycho broadcasts Ivy's memory of her and Harley sleeping together onto the sky from the bottom of The Pit. 

In "Something Borrowed, Something Green" we see that Bane, as well as inmates like Victor Zsasz and Killer Croc, has managed to escape The Pit as they're all guests at Ivy's wedding to Kite Man


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  • The Pit is a nod to the prison of Peña Duro which in most interpretations was the prison where Bane was born and lived the majority of his young life, becoming the most feared man in the facility until he became addicted to Venom and escaped. However, instead of the dark and violent place that created monsters like Bane, this version is depicted as a much more positive place with much more success in its rehabilitation.