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Parasite is an enemy of Superman and a member of the Legion of Doom who feeds on energy by hungrily absorbing it into his body, draining all living creatures into husks at his touch.


Season 1[]

In "So You Need a Crew?", he appeared briefly as part of the line-up of prominent supervillains during the 1980's when Poison Ivy recounted Queen of Fables' backstory.

In "L.O.D.R.S.V.P.", Parasite was present at the Legion of Doom's prospective member night when Harley Quinn was nominated to join, going up against KGBeast where he was seen mingling with Black Adam and Two-Face. He ran towards and attacked Aquaman when he crashed the party but was struck down by his trident. After Harley defeated Aquaman, Parasite applauded as Harley was announced as the new member of the Legion.

In "A Seat at the Table" he watched as Harley and her crew were officially welcomed into the Legion of Doom. He later attended the Legion's pitch meeting, where he, along with the rest of the members, voted to approve Joker's plan to build a giant tower with his face on it before Harley interjected and questioned his plan.

Season 3[]

In "The 83rd Annual Villy Awards" he attended the Villy Awards and can be seen in near the bar chatting to Metallo.

Episode Appearances[]

Season 1

Season 3