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Parademons coming from the Boom Tube.

Parademons are bio-engineered foot soldiers in Darkseid's army on Apokolips.

They first appeared in "Inner (Para) Demons" when Harley Quinn and her crew went to Apokolips to get an army from Darkseid. After Harley defeated Granny Goodness she was granted control of an army of parademons to take over New New Gotham. However, she soon realized the death and destruction wasn't what she really wanted and broke her deal. In "Dye Hard" Doctor Psycho instead took control of the parademons, stealing Harley's plan of using them to take over Gotham to get Darkseid's deal of controlling the world.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman strength: Parademons are strong enough to tear through a tank like rag dolls.
  • Acidic spit: Parademons can split highly corrosive acid that can melt living beings in seconds.
  • Flight: Paradomons' wings make them capable of flight.

Episode Appearances