Nora Fries is a character of the T.V. series, Harley Quinn. She is the wife of the late Mr. Freeze and later girlfriend of Maxie Zeus.



Nora ran a mom-and-pop cryogenics lab when she met Victor Fries who was the CEO of a multinational corporation tasked with crushing all competitors, including her lab. However, they met online and fell in love before he realized that she was the same person he was competing with. They married, but soon Nora fell ill with a rare blood disease that threatened to kill her. With no other option, Victor Fries froze her in a block of ice to halt the progress of the disease, and then set out to find a cure.

Season 2

"Thawing Hearts"

After capturing and freezing Harley and her crew, Mr. Freeze explains that he is planning to use Harley as a human subject to test his cure. Harley then informs him that her friend Ivy could find a cure for him.

After seeing Nora frozen in ice and observing Freeze's strange behavior, Harley assumes that he froze Nora after she tries to leave him and that made up her disease as an excuse to justify it. Harley then defrosts her body and breaks Freeze's gun, only to learn that Nora was dying and Freeze was telling the truth.

Ivy finds a solution to cure Nora, at the cost of Freeze's life, who sacrificed himself to give her the cure via blood transfusion. Just before he dies he reaches out to his wife, but weakens and fades just before he can touch her. Crying for her husband, she screams at Harley and her crew to leave.


Harley invites her to Ivy's bachelorette party at Themyscira, in which she assumes was only a pity invite because she killed her husband, or he "killed himself" as Harley considers it.

I've never been to an all female island before, seems like it'll be great for crying!— Nora Fries

At Themyscira she is seen making out with Maxie Zeus (much to Catwoman's horror) at Hedonikka. After the party she has sex with Zeus again in a car before taking him home.

"The Runaway Bridesmaid"

She attends Kite Man and Ivy's wedding as a bridesmaid. She is last seen kissing Maxie Zeus during the brawl between the villains and the GCPD.


Nora is shown to be a Caucasian woman with white pale skin, long white hair, light blue eyes and wearing blue lipstick. Her attire is shown to be a blue headband, a long blue dress and blue low heels (although later on she is seen barefoot).


  • Like her 1992 incarnation, Nora was diagnosed with a terminal illness and Mr. Freeze attempt to find a cure for her.
  • According to Mr. Freeze, Nora own a cryogenics lab, inherited from her parents and they met online.


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