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Nightwing is a superhero and close ally of Batman. He was also the first person to use the identity of Robin which is currently held by Damian Wayne.


The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour

"Journey to Love Part 3"

Nightwing was exercising at his gym in Blüdhaven when he received a call from Batman, informing him that villain Harley Quinn had been spotted in his city and was holding hostages at a local rest stop. He also told him that Commissioner Gordon was on her tail and dead set to bring her down regardless of the consequences, asking him to help Batgirl talk him down. Nightwing confronted Harley and Poison Ivy at the rest stop but after they explained they had only stopped for some food, he let them go.

However, they were soon interrupted by Gordon who arrived atop of a car and pointed a gun at Harley and Ivy. Nightwing stepped between them and told him to stop this and go back home before he did something he would regret. Gordon was unwilling to listen and threatened to shoot Nightwing in order to get to Harley but they were soon joined by Batgirl (secretly Gordon's daughter, Barbara) who told him he would have to shoot her as well if he continued which allowed Harley and Ivy to get away.