Nicholas "Nick" Quinzel is a minor antagonist of the Harley Quinn animated series. He is Harley Quinn's deadbeat father and the husband of Sharon Quinzel who is a greedy gambler and con artist.


Nicholas Quinzel married Sharon at an unknown age. He fathered Harley Quinn and a boy named Barry. He was a gambler who constantly got into trouble with the mob and got beaten up for money. At some point, he trained his daughter in Gymnasium but forced his daughter to deliberately fail at the National Gymnasium Championship, which could propel Harley career to Olympic competition in the end so he could win a bet he made and gain enough cash to pay off his debts. This caused his daughter to hate him and beat him up in front of the audience.

At an unknown point in time, he was arrested for nearly killing an Irishman due to his racism. His son Barry also died. He was later released and got back with Sharon, though Harley would not learn this for years. He became a pariah for the fact that his daughter was a supervillain. Because of this, he decided to hire assassins to kill Harley so he could collect the bounty that was put out for her and use it to pay off his debts.


Nicholas is a selfish, greedy gambler who cares more about money than his family's dreams (especially Harley Quinn). He was willing to kill his own daughter to collect the bounty for her as well as tricking Harley to dispose all his mob debtors. He is also shown to be racist and sexist, as he hates Irishmen to the point of attacking and nearly killing one and believes there will never be a female president. Furthermore, he felt no remorse for any of his actions. He also didn't seem to care much for his parents or in-laws, as he only showed shock rather than sadness at the murder of Harley's grandparents and quickly got over it. He is also a coward, as he begged his daughter not to kill him while stating that family don't kill each other despite the fact that he just tried to kill her. He also seems to be quite unintelligent, as when Harley's grandparents were killed in front of them by being shot through the head and torso respectively, he thought they were just brought on by their brain cancer and blood pressure instead of them being shot.

He and his wife also extremely hypocritical as they mock Harley descend to villainy while never take into the account that they largely to blame for her mental illness and poor choice in life.

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