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New New Gotham, or simply Gotham, is a city that was formerly known as Gotham City and later as a New Gotham. It is the main location in which Harley Quinn takes place. A city infested with both crime and corruption, it is currently ruled over by the Joker as Gotham's number 1 supervillain. Recently, however, his grip has been slipping as his former girlfriend and partner-in-crime Harley Quinn has begun to try and steal his top spot.

Gotham was destroyed by the Joker with explosives, creating an 8.6 earthquake. With both the Justice League and the Legion of Doom seemingly destroyed and Batman has gone missing, the city has been left in complete chaos.

The city is now ruled by surviving supervillains of the Legion of Doom with the new name New Gotham. The POTUS has declared that Gotham City is now a no-go zone.


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  • Unlike many other versions of Gotham this one is less grounded in reality and more (fittingly) cartoonish with villains having their lairs out in the open and clearly themed after themselves, like Joker (who even called in a contractor) and Riddler. Even the Hall of Doom is a public location and the Legion of Doom hold official press conferences.