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Aw, such sweet girls.
— Mrs. Cobblepot

Mrs. Cobblepot is the sister of Oswald Cobblepot (better known as the Penguin), and is the mother of Joshua Cobblepot.

Like the rest of her family, she appears to be involved in a life of organized crime, or at the very least, is aware of their activities and accepts their decisions as she was perfectly happy with her son getting involved with the Legion of Doom.


Mrs. Cobblepot appears to exhibit extreme signs of being a Stepford Smiler always acting bright and friendly to everyone she meets, speaking in polite happy tones, and acting like everyone's mother. She appeared to have no problem with playing host to ruthless criminals at her son's Bar mitzva, implying that she might be a lot tougher then she looks.

Unlike her brother and son who both hold a large grudge against Ivy and Harley for ruining her son's Bar mitzva, she appeared to actually enjoy all the chaos they caused and still gave them each a gift bag before they left.

Episode Appearances


  • Both Harley and Ivy enjoy mimicking her friendly tone whenever they speak to her, presumably as a form of mockery, although they might also genuinely like her.
  • In the comics Oswald Cobblepot never had a sister but in the television show Gotham he has a step-sister named Sasha Van Dahl.