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I thought you had at least one friend but mother knew better. We should have hired those dwarfs to pretend to be kids to pretend to like you.
— Mr. Isley to his daughter

Mr. Isley is the abusive father of Poison Ivy and a minor character on Harley Quinn.


Mr. Isley has pale white shin, red short hair and mustache, and dark eyes. He wears a green suit with yellow buttons over a white button-up shirt and wears a red tie.


Mr. Isley first appeared as one of her fears inside her mind during "Harley Quinn Highway". There, he was seen mocking a young version of his daughter for not having any friends at her birthday party, stating that he had thought she had at least one friend but "mother knew better". In "All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues", Ivy revealed that he hit her as a child after she caught him in an intimate moment with his maid which is what made her give up on humanity.


Mr. Isley appears to be a very cruel and abusive person who ridicules and beats his own daughter and is unfaithful to his wife.