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The Mayor of Gotham is a minor character in the T.V. series Harley Quinn. He stayed largely uninvolved during the many catastrophes taking place in Gotham City so much so that the public were barely aware that their city had a mayor.


The Mayor was first mentioned by Harley Quinn in "Til Death Do Us Part" when she mentioned her plans of kidnapping him and put him in a missile to shoot at the moon unless he agreed to name a highway after her.

The Mayor himself first appeared in "The Line" when Harley and her crew video called him, threatening to use their stolen wether machine to raise the temperature of Gotham one degree every minute until he agreed to give them a billion dollars and produce a Fuller House reboot per Clayface's request. He instead called them a scourge which excited the crew at being updated from "nuisance" and skipping over "menace".

There's one last person I need to thank today. If it weren't for him, our city would still be riddled with supervillians. This mustachioed servant of the people may not have powers but, man, he sure is super. That's right citizens. I hereby honor myself!
— The Mayor

In "Something Borrowed, Something Green" the Mayor honored the heroes who saved Gotham from Doctor Psycho and his Parademon army by giving them a key to the city. A public appearance from the Mayor like this was so rare that the reporting by Tawny Young even included the line "Breaking News: Gotham Has a Mayor". Despite not contributing to the battle in any way, the Mayor ended by honoring himself with a key.


  • The voice of the Mayor is uncredited in "The Line" despite having lines of dialogue.