Call me almighty Zeus. God of the sky and thunder. Supreme ruler of Olympus, and all of Earth below.— Maxie Zeus

Maxie Zeus is a Gotham City crime boss notable for his belief that he is Zeus, King of the Gods of Ancient Greece. He's also notable in that most of the inmates of Arkham Asylum think he's too crazy to be worth dealing with, which is something considering the source. He's also a member of the Legion of Doom.


In public, Maxie Zeus appears to be quite charismatic, over-the-top and melodramatic, which allows him to be worshipped by a lot of low-level criminals.

In private, however, Maxie Zeus is sexist, perverted and arrogant. He is also somewhat of a megalomaniac. However, he is not entirely idiotic, since he managed to see through Clayface's disguise and decided to toy with him by pretending to be fooled.


Season 1

Maxie first appeared in the episode "So You Need a Crew?" when Harley went to his seminar in desperate need of finding a crew. He told the audience that what a great supervillain needs is a crew but Harley asked him on advice on how to get one. She found him backstage to ask a couple of questions but was disgusted when he turned on sexy music and exposed his penis. She went to leave but he creamed after her how he knows she had been laughed out of UTI, telling her how she would never get a crew as no one would ever want to work for a woman. 

Later when Harley managed to get Doctor Psycho and Clayface to join her crew, she wanted to get revenge on Maxie and snuck into his house to steal his gold. She asked Clayface to transform into a mailman but came up with an entire story, pretending to be his long lost son. Maxie bought this and happily embraced him, and so Clayface spent time telling him his life story. However, Maxie soon caught on that his story was remarkably similar to that of Forrest Gump and then pointed out how Clayface didn't share his mother's blue eyes, at which point Clayface blinked and suddenly had blue eyes.

Continuing to unravel the lie, Maxie mentioned his mother's family proclivity for hunch back, so Clayface morphed to acquire one, along with a lisp too when Maxie said she had one. With Clayface changing to meet Maxie's every expectation, he was able to puzzle out that Clayface was a fraud, at which point he began to savagely attack him until he lost control and reverted back to his clay form. He repeatedly demanded to know who he was working with, until eventually Harley herself spoke up and declared that he worked for her. Bemused, he decided to kill Clayface anyway, but Doctor Psycho saved him at the last moment with his telekinesis. Maxie made fun of her crew, at which point, Clayface, Doctor Psycho and Harley beat Maxie into submission before they all left with their take.

The following day, Tawny Young showed up to report on the incident. She asked who did this to him and he replied that Harley's Crew "ain't nothing to fuck with".

Season 2

He was seen again in "Bachelorette" when Harley took Poison Ivy to Themyscira for her bachelorette party. They went to an nearby island called Hedonikka filled with male strippers, one of them being Maxie. He hooked up with Nora Fries and even followed her home to Gotham.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strnegth: Maxie Zeus was able to easily lift a large marble pillar.
  • Superhuman Durability: Maxie Zeus was able to withstand a beating from marble statues.


  • Business Management: Maxie Zeus runs a business providing seminars to other villians.
  • Skilled Thief: He and his crew were able to rob the Olympics.

Episode appearances


  • According to Poison Ivy, he does large amounts of cocaine.
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