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God, I hate this place. But at least I'm not on the streets turning tricks for cash anymore.
— Mark

Mark is a magic Gingerbread Man who was once a part of the Queen of Fables army when she tried to destroy Gotham thirty years ago. When the Justice League showed up to stop her, he was badly injured during the fight.

After she was eventually defeated and trapped in a textbook, Mark was left to wander the streets and was eventually forced into a life of prostitution.

At some point, he was eventually reunited with the Queen of Fables and started working with her at her tax business at "Taxes 4 Free". He was later by her side when she returned to her body and teamed up with Joker during "Devil's Snare before she was brutally murdered by Harley Quinn.


  • Despite having lines in "So You Need a Crew?" no one is credited for the voice of Mark.
  • As of "Devil's Snare", it's currently unknown where Mark is as he disappeared after Harley killed the Queen of Fables and wasn't seen for the rest of the episode.

Mark and Fables in Devil's Snare.png