I don't retract articles and I definitely not writing a puff piece about... What was your headline?— Lois Lane

Lois Lane is a minor character in the T.V. series, Harley Quinn.



You can't fuck with Lois Lane, people.Poison Ivy

Lois Lane is Superman's girlfriend and a well-known journalist in Daily Planet. She started the paywall of Daily Planet's online version with a $7.99 per month without crosswords, which Superman thinks it's ridiculous.

Season 1

She is first mentioned in "Finding Mr. Right" when she writes an article about Harley Quinn fighting Robin, claiming she's set evil women's movement back decades by fighting a child. Upset with the article Harley decides to kidnap Lois and tries to make her write an article with the headline "Harley Quinn, number one supervillain in the many multiverses, still hasn't committed to a nemesis, much less Robin the boy wonder or any nemesis that's boy or bird based". She refuses and Superman shows up which gets Harley excited at the prospect of having him as her nemesis. However, she walks away in anger after Superman leaves Robin to fight her.




  • Lois seems to be used to being kidnapped, she cared very little when Harley Quinn and her crew kidnapped and threatened her with death. It is likely a reference to her Earth-Two and Earth-One counterparts, those versions were often used in storyline only as damsels in distress.
  • She enjoys eating sushi with Superman.

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  • Journalism

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