List of Minor Characters

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This page lists minor characters featured on Harley Quinn whose appearances were too minor to warrant the creation of their own page.

Character Episode Voiced by Description
Banker 1.png
"Til Death Do Us Part" Matt Oberg A corrupt banker who embezzled millions from the poor, whilst at a party on a boat. He got drunk and cockily asked Harley Quinn if she really expected them to be intimidated by her without the Joker. Harley responds by brutally bashing one of his kneecaps in with her mallet. She then proceeds to try and tell them to give her the money but is constantly interrupted by his screams of pain until he ends up going into shock. It's likely that he died not long after.
Banker 2.png
Phil LaMarr A corrupt banker who embezzled millions from the poor. Whilst attending a party on a boat, Harley Quinn and the Joker crash the event. A fight breaks out and the Banker ends up with his flesh melting off and his eyes popping out after the Joker threw a chemical grenade at him.
Jim Rash Stan was one of Joker's goons whom he turned to after a reporter claimed the Riddler was Gotham's funniest villain, asking him to name someone funnier than him. When he said Harley, Joker angrily shot him in the chest although Stan explained he had only meant that Harley was standing behind him.
"A High Bar" Nicole Sullivan TBA
Maryl Hathaway TBA
"Being Harley Quinn" Suzy Nakamura A realtor showed Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy around at various potential lairs for Harley's Crew, although she got annoyed when Harley turned them all down. She told Harley that a villain's lair was a reflection of themself and asked her who she was but the realtor's insistent questions and Harley's inability to answer caused her brain to freeze.
"A Seat at the Table" Uncredited Steve was Lex Luthor's assistant, although Lex forgot his name and instead referred to him as "Esteban". He was tasked with showing the rest of Harley's Crew to their quarters at the Hall of Doom and revealed he had no idea why Lex used that name for him and that he actually came from Tulsa.
Uncredited Todd was a an employee at a smoothie shop whom Joker paid to call Bane "Bang" every time he ordered there. This annoyed Bane so much that he decided to blow Todd up, however, he later realized Todd did not work that day.
Male assassin
Male assassin.png
"Bensonhurst" Rory Scovel An assassin hired by Nick and Sharon Quinzel to kill Harley Quinn, attempted to shoot her with a sniper rifle but instead accidentally shot Grandma Quinzel in the head, killing her. The sniper then entered the house, only to find Harley and Sharon covered in "blood" and seemingly dead. However, Harley was actually alive and quickly shoved the assassin's own knife into his gut, demanding he told her who he was working for. Before he can answer, however, Nick kills him, saying that it was because he killed grandma.
Female assassin
Female assassin.png
N/A After the first assassin's failed attempt, another assassin broke into the Quinzels' home during dinner and made her presence known by shooting Grandpa Quinzel. She tried to shoot Harley but ended up getting stabbed in the eye with a fork. Undeterred, the assassin pulled it out and tried to stab Harley but ended up getting thrown onto the table and stabbed by her. Later, after it was revealed that Nick and Sharon had hired her to kill their daughter, Harley used her body as a shield to block her father's bullets when he starts shooting at her.
The mob
The mob.png
Uncredited Three men belonging to the mob lended money to Nick Quinzel which he couldn't pay up. After being attacked by an assassin, Nick convinced his daughter Harley Quinn that the mob must be behind it and they went to confront them. A fight broke out and Harley killed them.
"Harley Quinn Highway" Uncredited The couple were sitting on a bench in Gotham Park when Daniel told Denise he had left "Cheryl" and that they could be together forever. They were about to kiss when Scarecrow's toxins were released, turning the near-by tree into a mutant tree who grabbed Denise and swallowed her whole whilst Daniel watched and got covered in her blood.
"Devil's Snare" Vanessa Marshall A reporter from "GNN" interviewed Commissioner Gordon as mutant trees were attacking Gotham and questioned wether he would be using the tanks the city had voted which he said they wouldn't on Batman's orders. Back at the studio after Joker had conquered the city, she reported on the dire situation before the station was switched to "JNN" as Joker took over and she was given a purple blazer and started praising the Joker before cutting to a story about face scars being "awesome". She bears a stricking resemblance to Superman TAS's Angela Chen.

Character Episode Voiced by Description
"New Gotham" Jim Rash A cop was working for Commissioner Gordon at Gotham City Police Department as villains had destroyed the city. He was inspired by Gordon's speech about getting the city back. However, he retreated after Two-Face arrived and shot in the groin.
Male nurse
Male nurse.png
A nurse who helped pull a man from the rumbles of the Joker's Tower after it collapsed in "The Final Joke" and tended to him for months. However, he was shocked when he pulled the bandages covering his face away and discovered it was Bruce Wayne.
Cool guard.png
"Catwoman" Alan Tudyk They were the two guards at Mister Freeze's Fortress who taunted Harley Quinn when she was unable to get through the thick ice. Kevin scolded Fred when he almost let slip that Firefly's Flamethrower was the only thing hot enough to burn through it, in the process accidentally revealing it himself. When Harley proclaimed she would just kick Firefly's ass to get it Kevin mentioned Doctor Trap. Fred asked who he was and he told him he had raided all the villain's lairs when the city fell and kept all their stuff at the Gotham Natural History Museum, including the flamethrower, thereby accidentally revealing all the information Harley needed.

Credited as "Cool guard" and "uncool guard" respectively.
Uncool guard.png
Matt Oberg
"Thawing Hearts" Alfred Molina Stew was the manager at the Old Gotham Corn Factory who showed Condiment King and Becca as well as Poison Ivy and Kite Man around the venue when both couples were looking to book it for their wedding on the same day. He got on well with Condiment King and were unimpressed when Kite Man and Ivy struggled to tell him why they felt connected to the factory and left in the middle of the tour so he ended up giving the venue to Condiment King and Becca.
"Batman's Back Man" James Adomian TBA
Phil LaMarr TBA
Goth chick
Goth chick.png
Briana Cuoco She ran up to Tawny Young as she was reporting on Batman's return to Gotham and exclaimed that she was going to live for ever before running of and being run over by a gold cart, seemingly killing her.
"All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues" Jim Rash Luigi was the chef at Arkham Asylum in the past although he was blown up by the Joker in his escape attempt.
"There's No Place to Go But Down" James Adomian As Gotham had fallen into chaos, Ratcatcher was using the sewers to move weapons across the city. Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon came down there to stop him, however, their cover was blown when Gordon accidentally dropped his flask causing Ratcatcher to get away and sending all his rats after Gordon.
Jennifer's husband
Jennifer's husband.png
"Bachelorette" Will Sasso Jennifer's husband appeared at the end of the episode along with whom can be assumed to be the youngest of their four children to pick Jennifer up from the airport.
Amazonian receptionist.png
Uncredited An amazonian woman sat in the reception of the Themyscira spa resort when Poison Ivy wanted to leave the island. However, she informed Ivy that she could not as the invisible plane was out picking up some investors and there were no other means to get off the island.

The voice actor of the character was not credited despite lines of dialogue.
Hope Taya
Hope Taya.png
"Bachelorette" (cameo)
"Something Borrowed, Something Green" (cameo)
N/A Hope and Mercy were two of the amazons being mind-controlled alongside Queen Hippolyta by Eris in her attempt at taking over Themyscira. After being freed by the Cobb Squad they returned to normal and later attended Poison Ivy and Kite Man's wedding with Hippolyta and the other amazons.

See also: Amazons of Themyscira.

Mercy Graves
Mercy Graves.png
Wedding planner.png
"A Fight Worth Fighting For"
"Something Borrowed, Something Green" (cameo)
Vanessa Marshall Debbie was Poison Ivy and Kite Man's wedding planner. She was so dedicated to her job that even after she was kidnapped by a Parademon and flown away, she called Kite Man and continued her pitch for their wedding. She was later freed and attended the actual wedding.
Arkham Guard.png
"Something Borrowed, Something Green" Christopher Meloni An Arkham Asylum guard went o his rounds and were surprised to see Harley Quinn in one of the cells as she was not supposed to be there. Seeing her distress, he offered to talk about it over a fruit cup but she turned him down. Although she later changed her mind, just wanting the fruit cup but the guard but he insisted the she could only get it as exchange for a conversation and left.
Mr. Covington
Mr. Covington.png
Andy Daly Mr. Covington was the venue rep at the Old Gotham Corn Factory who greeted Kite Man and Poison Ivy when they arrived. Harley Quinn later mistook him for Commissioner Gordon going undercover to ruin the wedding and attacked him, beating him to the ground.
Jim Rash Tad was a photographer at Ivy and Kite Man's wedding. After finding Harley at the venue he dragged her into a room took photos of all the bridesmaids. He was later shocked and fainted when Harley beat up Mr. Covington.

Character Issue Description
Nightfall and Livewire.jpg
"Journey to Love" (mentioned)
"Journey to Love Part 4" (pictured)
"Journey to Love Part 5" (vision)
Nightfall was mentioned to be among the guests at Poison Ivy and Kite Man's wedding that were arrested by the GCPD. Knowing this, Harley and Ivy later sneaks in to her house to crash there while she's locked up but they are caught by Livewire who forces them to leave.
Pearls and Diamonds
Pearls and Diamonds.jpg
"Journey to Love Part 2" Pearls and Diamonds are two of Catwoman's cats whom she protects from Harley's hyenas Bud and Lou when they arrive at her place.
"Journey to Love Part 3" Hush crashes Harley and Ivy's date by aggressively coming on to Harley. Ivy proceeds to wipe the floor with him, Harley joining the fun little after. The two women then torture him at Blüdhaven Thrill Park.
Carmine Falcone
Carmine Falcone.jpg
Falcone is the owner of the restaurant Harley and Ivy have their date at. When Hush crashes the party, Calmine offers to pay for their meals, the honeymoon suite at the hotel, and buy out Blüdhaven Thrill Park for their date
"Journey to Love Part 3"
"Journey to Love Part 6"
"Journey to Love Part 4" Janice is Metro 7 Detroit correspondent. She reports on Mephitic and his fight against the heroes.
"Journey to Love Part 4"
"Journey to Love Part 5"
Cyborg is a superhero who fought alongside Vixen and Zatanna Zatara in the fight against Mephitic.
"Journey to Love Part 4"
"Journey to Love Part 6"
Elle is the girlfriend of Vixen.
"Journey to Love Part 5"
"Journey to Love Part 6"
Peaches was a stripper at a strip club visited by Harley Quinn. She later ran into Harley's girlfriend, Poison Ivy after Harley was kidnapped and gave her a ride to help her save Harley.

Character Episode Voiced by Description
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