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This page lists minor characters featured on Harley Quinn whose appearances were too minor to warrant the creation of their own page.

Season 1

Character Episode Voiced by Description
Banker 1.png
"Til Death Do Us Part" Matt Oberg A corrupt banker who embezzled millions from the poor, whilst at a party on a boat. He got drunk and cockily asked Harley Quinn if she really expected them to be intimidated by her without the Joker. Harley responds by brutally bashing one of his kneecaps in with her mallet. She then proceeds to try and tell them to give her the money but is constantly interrupted by his screams of pain until he ends up going into shock. It's likely that he died not long after.
Banker 2.png
Phil LaMarr A corrupt banker who embezzled millions from the poor. Whilst attending a party on a boat, Harley Quinn and the Joker crash the event. A fight breaks out and the Banker ends up with his flesh melting off and his eyes popping out after the Joker threw a chemical grenade at him.
Jim Rash Stan was one of Joker's goons whom he turned to after a reporter claimed the Riddler was Gotham's funniest villain, asking him to name someone funnier than him. When he said Harley, Joker angrily shot him in the chest although Stan explained he had only meant that Harley was standing behind him.
"Being Harley Quinn" Suzy Nakamura A realtor showed Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy around at various potential lairs for Harley's Crew, although she got annoyed when Harley turned them all down. She told Harley that a villain's lair was a reflection of themself and asked her who she was but the realtor's insistent questions and Harley's inability to answer caused her brain to freeze.
"A Seat at the Table" Uncredited Steve was Lex Luthor's assistant, although Lex forgot his name and instead referred to him as "Esteban". He was tasked with showing the rest of Harley's Crew to their quarters at the Hall of Doom and revealed he had no idea why Lex used that name for him and that he actually came from Tulsa.
"A Seat at the Table" Uncredited Todd was a an employee at a smoothie shop whom Joker paid to call Bane "Bang" every time he ordered there. This annoyed Bane so much that he decided to blow Todd up, however, he later realized Todd did not work that day.

Season 2

Character Episode Voiced by Description
"Thawing Hearts" Alfred Molina TBA
"Batman's Back Man" James Adomian TBA
Phil LaMarr TBA
"All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues" Jim Rash Luigi was the chef at Arkham Asylum in the past although he was blown up by the Joker in his escape attempt.
Jennifer's husband
Jennifer's husband.png
"Bachelorette" Will Sasso Jennifer's husband appeared at the end of the episode along with whom can be assumed to be the youngest of their four children to pick Jennifer up from the airport.
Wedding planner.png
"A Fight Worth Fighting For"
"Something Borrowed, Something Green" (cameo)
Vanessa Marshall Debbie was Poison Ivy and Kite Man's wedding planner. She was so dedicated to her job that even after she was kidnapped by a Parademon and flown away, she called Kite Man and continued her pitch for their wedding. She was later freed and attended the actual wedding.
Mr. Covington
"Something Borrowed, Something Green" Andy Daly TBA
Jim Rash TBA

The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour

Character Issue Description
Nightfall and Livewire.jpg
"Journey to Love" (mentioned)
"Journey to Love Part 4" (pictured)
Nightfall was mentioned to be among the guests at Poison Ivy and Kite Man's wedding that were arrested by the GCPD. Knowing this, Harley and Ivy later sneaks in to her house to crash there while she's locked up but they are caught by Livewire who forces them to leave.
Pearls and Diamonds
Pearls and Diamonds.jpg
"Journey to Love Part 2" Pearls and Diamonds are two of Catwoman's cats whom she protects from Harley's hyenas Bud and Lou when they arrive at her place.
"Journey to Love Part 3" Hush crashes Harley and Ivy's date by aggressively coming on to Harley. Ivy proceeds to wipe the floor with him, Harley joining the fun little after. The two women then torture him at Blüdhaven Thrill Park.
Carmine Falcone
Carmine Falcone.jpg
Falcone is the owner of the restaurant Harley and Ivy have their date at. When Hush crashes the party, Calmine offers to pay for their meals, the honeymoon suite at the hotel, and buy out Blüdhaven Thrill Park for their date
"Journey to Love Part 4" Janice is Metro 7 Detroit correspondent. She reports on Mephitic and his fight against the heroes.
Cyborg is a superhero who fought alongside Vixen and Zatanna Zatara in the fight against Mephitic.

Season 3

Character Episode Voiced by Description