Kite Man is a major character of the T.V. series, Harley Quinn.


Kite Man is an average Caucasian man with a mostly green outfit. His primary outfit consists of bronze boots, matching gloves, light green pants, a matching shirt and a brown belt. He has a large, yellow, kite-shaped button on his chest which goes around his shoulders to his back and releases a kite out of its holder mechanism when pressed. He has a helmet-like piece of headwear which is the only piece of clothing he has not seen without on his person, consisting of a green cowl with yellow and orange visor covering his eyes for flight, small jutting out circles on the sides where his ears would fit into, and a yellow kite crest on his forehead similar the one he has on his chest.


Season 1

"A High Bar"

Kite Man first appeared when Harley and Ivy crashed Joshua Cobblepot's bar mitzvah. There he attempted to flirt with Ivy, but she found him annoying. Later, he stole one of Ivy's potions and used it on some kids to make them fall for her, not knowing that the side effect will also cause them to turn into trees and die. He then offered to fly her back to her apartment to get the antidote. However, while at the apartment Ivy discovered Kite Man in her room preparing to have sex, but he had misinterpreted the situation and she demanded he put his clothes back on.

Ivy flying with Kite Man

Ivy flying with Kite Man

Ashamed, Kite Man then flew Ivy back to the Gotham Mint, apologizing for his behavior. He clumsily attempted to compliment her, but eventually just decided to be quiet and let Ivy enjoy the view over the Gotham City Park, which she begrudgingly admitted that she enjoyed, much to his satisfaction. Kite Man then arrived at the Gotham Mint where a conflict was developing between Harley and the Legion of Doom members present, forcing him to reluctantly join the fight on Ivy and Harley's side. He tried to take a weaker opponent, but ended up fighting Bane, who easily overpowered him. Eventually Bane released him and the fight resolved, allowing him to head home.

"So You Need a Crew?"

Kite Man briefly entered Noonan's Bar looking for henchmen to assist him on a heist, and easily convinced the entire bar to accompany him after Harley repeatedly failed. Harley later complained about this to Poison Ivy, who was only interested in whether Kite Man mentioned her name or not.

"Finding Mr. Right"

Kite Man watched Ivy and Harley fight Batman on the Tawny Young show from Noonan's Bar.

"The Line"

Ivy met Kite Man at his apartment for a date, having been secretly going out with him for some time now, and Kite Man gave her a bouquet of roses. Although she liked it, she still insisted on wearing a secretive outfit to protect her anonymity, and most preferred going to movies where she was even less likely to be seen. Kite Man, however, wanted to go out to eat the next time so he could "see and be seen". He indulged Ivy this time, but when next the opportunity presented itself, Kite Man made a reservation at a high-end restaurant, only for the restaurant to not respect his reservation and place him in a 40-minute wait that he insisted on staying for despite Ivy's desire to see another movie instead.

His girlfriend

"I'm Ivy. I'm...I'm his girlfriend."

Other, more famous supervillains continued to cut in front of Kite Man in line, so he suggested that Ivy drop her name to get them a table. When he Ivy didn't want to, he presumed that she was being modest, and went to do so for her, but she nearly panicked and made him stop. Confused, Kite Man finally began to realize that she was ashamed to be seen with him, and so he had an effeminate, public breakdown, revealed her name anyway, and left in anger. Ivy later went to his apartment to apologize, where Kite Man was surprisingly understanding, saying that he genuinely cares about what she thinks (and also that he cares about, quote, "dat ass"). Despite his usual crude attitude, Ivy did admit that she "like like(s)" him in return, and finally called herself his girlfriend for the first time when she met his room mate Bill, filling Kite Man with pride.


Kite Man defends Ivy

Kite Man tries to defend Ivy

Kite Man is seen to have taken a job as a caterer for the Legion of Doom in order to cover the expenses he incurs being Ivy's girlfriend and taking her out to places, which he admitted to be well worth it. On the job, he offered Bane a tray of food when he dropped a piece on the ground in order to stop him from getting angry. Then, during Aquaman's attack at the party, Kite Man tried to fight him and defend Ivy, but unfortunately, he flew directly below a hole in the glass ceiling above, getting caught in a cross wind that blasted him into the night sky above.

"Devil's Snare"

While building a new kite, Ivy called Kite Man for help, as she was stuck in the giant's kingdom from Jack and the Beanstalk after Queen of Fables sent her into the sky. Overjoyed to be able to help, Kite Man flew to her aid and tossed a hot sauce packet in the giant's eye, resulting in cheers from Harley's crew as he arrived. Although the giant did fall over in pain and toss her crew out into open space, in his element Kite Man was able to easily catch them all, either in his arms, on the back of his kite, or by extending a ladder behind himself for people to grab onto.

Kite Man kissing Ivy

Kite Man kissing Ivy

Despite the weight of seven people and a wheel chair weighing him down, his self-designed kite was so well made that it only accelerated their descent rather than ripping them out of the sky outright. He controlled their fall enough that Clayface was able to launch himself to the ground and reform into a ramp, allowing for a rough but survivable landing for most of Harley's crew. With most of the weight gone, Kite Man was able to regain full control of his flight and bring himself and Ivy gently to the ground, where they began passionately kissing on the spot.

Later, Kite Man accompanied Ivy hand in hand while she went to distract the plant monsters guarding the Joker's tower, although he got winded by the time they reached the hose they were after. Ivy then prepared to drink its contaminated water in order to enlarge herself, but Kite Man took this opportunity to drop to one knee and propose to her, although he didn't have a ring at the time. Ivy put it off in favor of dealing with the imminent apocalypse, but Kite Man was still happy because it was not a "no". After she became a giantess and fought off the trees, the Joker shot her through the chest with a harpoon from his tower, mortally wounding her. Alarmed, Kite Man rushed to her side and arrived just as she died in Harley's arms, so he began sobbing at her death.

"The Final Joke"

Kite Man mourning

Kite Man says goodbye to Ivy

Kite Man mournfully attended Ivy's funeral, kissing her hand and telling her goodbye, although he lied to himself about her being his fiancée. Afterward, he couldn't bring himself to leave, so he set up camp behind Ivy's gravestone and took care of Frank the Plant for her. Harley visited the grave and found him there, and he told her about the Joker's plans to execute her crew. He gave her privacy when she wanted to say a few words over Ivy's grave, and remained there after she left. He was likely still there when Ivy resurrected and emerged from her grave, and he managed to survive the earthquake the wiped out most of Gotham City.

Season 2

"Riddle U"

Kite Man flies Harley and Ivy over towards Riddler University on his kite in order for them to blend in as College Students and figure out how Riddler has power and clean water. He made a joke about how he doesn't want Ivy to get jealous for helping two very attractive co-eds, with Harley finding it annoying while Ivy liked it.




Kite Man is quite perverted and unashamedly so, occasionally making "69" jokes and talking about "dat ass" while talking to Poison Ivy, and taking any opportunity to compliment her "bangin'" body. When they first met, he even went straight to her bedroom and disrobed in anticipation of having sex, although he sincerely apologized for misreading the situation. He is also unusually confident, referring to his kites as a "superpower" and not even hesitating to shoot "out of his league" by pursuing Poison Ivy. Insults and belittlements of his skill wash right off him, and he continues with a rarely broken cheerful and confident attitude about everything.

Despite his obsession with sex, immaturity, and other such faults, he keeps his attentions and praises focused solely on Ivy, and although he does indeed shrug off insults and worse from other people, he genuinely does care what Ivy thinks and particularly what she thinks of him. Her initial insults to him are some of the few that genuinely bother him, and his dogged determination to shower Ivy with compliments does make her feel beautiful and loved, appreciating his clumsy compliment about her smile and his gift of roses with a proper planter to keep them alive. As Ivy puts it, against "all reason and logic" she did genuinely like him in return until later events saw their relationship end.

Kite Man proposes

Kite Man proposes without any ring

Kite Man takes pride and joy in validation, such as when Ivy publicly admitted to be his girlfriend, when she didn't reject his proposal of marriage, and when Harley's crew appreciated him for saving them from Queen of Fables' mythological giant. He takes pride in his work, constantly building new kites, and although he often failed, he repeatedly attempted to come to Ivy's defense on the ground. On the flip side, he became deeply hurt when he learned that Ivy was ashamed to be seen with him, although he was understanding and forgiving when Ivy sincerely apologized. When Ivy died, he was so devastated that he stayed by her grave for days. Quintessentially, Kite Man is a shameless, immature, but honest man who nevertheless tries his best to stand up for those he loves.


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