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King Shark, born Nanaue, is one of the main characters of Harley Quinn and a member of Harley Quinn's crew.

It is revealed in "Bachelorette" that he is a Prince of the Shark Men Kingdom.


King Shark is a very tall, very large humanoid shark. He usually wears hoodies and has glasses for when he is using a computer. His weight is 2,730 lb. (down from 2,750 lb.),[1] and is very physically imposing, even if his demeanor puts that off. After being captured by Joker in "The Final Joke", King Shark's teeth were pulled out by Joker and made into a necklace. However, his teeth have since grown back.



Young King Shark bullies his little brother

A tech-savvy shark demigod, Nanaue grew up in the ocean and was the son of Shark God, the king of the Shark Kingdom, making Nanaue heir to the throne.[2] He had a little brother whom he picked on which one day went too far when his brother hit his knee on a rock, causing him to start bleeding. The blood caused Nanaue to go berserk and devour his brother, much to his father's horror.[3]

Once he got older he got betrothed to marry Tabitha after the Hammerheads wouldn't sign the trade deal, as a way to keep peace between the families. This was an important engagement as the Federation would crumble, causing a war in which thousands could die, and likely cause the extinction of both proud shark bloodlines. However, King Shark didn't want an arranged marriage and choose to leave the ocean for a life on land.[2] On land he learned his way with technology, becoming a tech genius and at some point befriended Clayface.[4]

Season 1

"Finding Mr. Right"

King Shark introduced

King Shark is introduced at Poison Ivy's apartment after Clayface called him to help Harley Quinn find a nemesis. When he entered the room he initially frightened several people, prompting Ivy to draw plants around herself in defense, and Harley even bashed his head with a bat. The bat broke, however, and barely even harmed King Shark, before Clayface was able to intercede and introduce him as a "computer whiz". He hacked into the nemesis website Harley was using to get her featured, and immediately got her a match with Tommy Tomorrow. Harley wanted a powerful nemesis, however, which King Shark couldn't help with due to no "a-listers" being on that website.

Just a double check here, I'm not going to do any biting, right? Cause I do not do well around blood.
— King Shark

King Shark stuck around Ivy's apartment to continue helping, keeping an eye on the media response (such as from Lois Lane) to Harley's escapades. He also live-streamed Harley's attempt to fight Superman, which resulted in failure. He also objected to Harley's desire to kill Robin, as it would make her a "child killer". Harley then came up with another idea to have King Shark swim in a tank to scare Robin into admitting his lie on live TV. Although King Shark initially objected, Clayface's offer to transform into "the violent type of shark" with an "unpredictable nature" bothered King Shark, so he decided to go along with it after all - provided that he not be around any blood.

King Shark in a frenzy

He then began swimming around a tank below Robin, occasionally jumping out to deliberately fail to bite him. Eventually, Robin was outed as a liar, causing him to have a nosebleed that fell into the water below, which King Shark immediately smelled. This drove him into a frenzy, and he immediately, uncontrollably tried to eat Robin in earnest, forcing Harley to save Robin. Seeing this, King Shark smashed out of the tank and proceeded to rush after Robin in a rage, and was only stopped by the arrival of Batman, who subdued him with shark repellent.

Doctor Psycho and Clayface took care of him after getting knocked out by the shark repellent. He eventually woke up and started clapping for Batman along with the rest of the audience, but Clayface had him sit down. He then watched the rest of the fight between the Joker, Batman, Harley, and Poison Ivy with Doctor Psycho and Clayface. Afterward, Harley invited him into her crew, and he accepted because he liked being on a schedule. He also helped clean up Ivy's apartment, but Sy Borgman arrived and evicted her due to a "no pets" rule, referring to King Shark, which he thought was racist.

"Being Harley Quinn"

Girl, we need to get you friends.
— King Shark to Poison Ivy

King Shark found a package of Suicide Squad t-shirts and presumed them to be their uniform, and so he put it on everyone in sight. When Harley had a brain freeze, he tried to give her CPR, but to no avail. Doctor Psycho then had everyone enter Harley's mind, including King Shark. They met Harley herself in her own mind, which perplexed King Shark. He eventually saw a younger version of Harley who was crying, so he tried to comfort her, but it turned out to be a Harley Gremlin who promptly tried to kill him, forcing Harley herself to intervene. They fled to an elevator, but one of the Harley Gremlins' heads managed to get inside, which bit King Shark and caused him to accidentally hit the button leading to the optic nerve.

Repressed memory island

At the optic nerve they discovered that King Shark's Suicide Squad shirts and passed out bodies made Sy Borgman think they were a suicide cult, so he intended to cremate their bodies (King Shark also didn't understand their references to Jewish lightning). When the Harley Gremlins caught up to them in Harley's subconscious, King Shark continued to prove useful by killing yet more Gremlins with his teeth. They eventually ended up cornered and were only saved by Clayface's deus ex machina (which King Shark didn't understand either) in the form of Frankie Muniz. Harley then decided to go to Repressed Memory Island, and although the rest of Harley's crew needed convincing, King Shark immediately agreed to go. After Clayface drew away the Harley Gremlins, King Shark swam everyone across to the island, which pleased him immensely.

After Harley dealt with her memory problems, they met Clayface again, whose leg became hard after being put in a furnace, as King Shark pointed out. They all rushed out of Harley's mind then to regain their own bodies.

"You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon"

King Shark helped Harley to steal King Tut's body, but afterward, Harley angrily smashed his computer, so he suggested stealing new computers. This gave Harley the idea to steal WayneTech's invisible motorcycle, which King Shark appreciated for the opportunity to hack several security doors open (biting a man's head off in the process). When they later became embroiled in a situation where The Arm might testify against them, Harley was only concerned about not getting into the Legion of Doom, but King Shark pointed out that they might all get put into prison for the rest of their lives.

King Shark thrown into the Blackgate Penitentiary

Harley decided on a plan to break into the Gotham City Police Department in order to recover Clayface's arm, so she planned to use King Shark as a distraction to allow their entry. This backfired, however, because the police reacted immediately by tranquilizing, beating, and instantly arresting King Shark. He was thrown into the Blackgate Penitentiary and remained there for some time, quickly becoming a dominant force in the prison. He was given toilet wine, had a guard, and inspired fear in other inmates anytime they used the term "fishy", threatening to kill them all with his bare hands. Eventually, Harley arrived to free him.

"The Line"

Harley planned to steal Kord Industries' famous Weather Machine, which King Shark found quite daunting. In response, Harley brought Queen of Fables on board, and delighted King Shark by summoning Humpty Dumpty. She then horrified him by savagely murdering Humpty Dumpty and making him into an omelet. Afterward, King Shark accompanied Harley to steal a personal force field from S.T.A.R. Labs and took particular interest in Cinderella's mouse that Queen of Fables summoned. The heist went off without a hitch, but when he returned from the facility with the rest of the crew, he ended up being horrified by the mass carnage from Queen of Fables slaughtering an entire family reunion. Worse, Queen of Fables had the three little pigs eat the bodies, which caused King Shark to faint.

King Shark vomiting

King Shark continued to vomit in horror of his memory and of Queen of Fables herself, and when she left he went with Harley to steal the Weather Machine itself. He commented on the mouse consuming copious amounts of cigarette smoke just after he was killed by lasers. After that he returned to the Gotham Mall, excited that they were gaining notoriety, until Jason Praxis arrived to assault them all. King Shark didn't play a significant role in the fight, but after Jason was killed and Queen of Fables was sent on her way, King Shark worked to try and crack the passcode to control the Weather Machine. After too many failed login attempts, it self-destructed.


Just a normal shark doing normal shark things. Don't worry about me.
— King Shark

"A real diver? Is it my birthday?"

King Shark stayed outside the Atlantis Museum of Art waiting for Harley Quinn to make a getaway with Atlantean jewels. When she did, he swam with her and was able to pull Harley and Clayface swiftly to the surface. When he was confronted by Aquaman on the surface, Aquaman insisted that his mother (who couldn't even tell King Shark's gender) would be ashamed of his actions, to which King Shark only said "you're not my dad". Harley was then invited to the Legion of Doom's headquarters for consideration, and King Shark came along, becoming enamored with the massive aquarium throughout the office. He returned that night for dinner and yelled at the fish in the aquarium over the aquatic world turning its back on him.

He later congratulated Harley on routing Aquaman when he show up to attack the dinner and congratulated her again when she became a member of the Legion of Doom. Everyone then returned to the Gotham Mall, where Shark Man watched Harley and Poison Ivy's fight with interest. When it ended, the ground beneath their feet crumbled and King Shark fell into the basement with everyone else, where Doctor Psycho and Sy Borgman were restraining a giant tentacle monster. King Shark suggested that Sy simply talk to it, and Doctor Psycho agreed to translate. He then watched as Sy freed the monster and it immediately began eating the citizenry. The day after that, King Shark entered the Legion of Doom as Harley's henchman.

"A Seat at the Table"

After Harley was inducted into the Legion of Doom and the Joker began to compliment Harley, King Shark pointed it out as a scam, complaining about how his own ex Sandra ignored him when he was 2,750 lbs and only called him back when he became 2,730. He later noticed that Harley's office only had one chair, at which point he was taken with the rest of Harley's crew to the downstairs offices for goons, where Bane signed him and the rest of Harley's crew out for an assassination mission. He complained about this to Harley with the rest of the crew, and then retired to his downstairs office where he complained about the vending machines with his crewmates. Unfortunately for him, Bane arrived before Harley could get them off the hook as she promised, and although King Shark called her it went straight to voice mail, so he was forced to go along with Bane's scheme.

King Shark's fin blown off

King Shark was sent in to plant a bomb at Smoothie Juice but ended up taking too long because he couldn't find Bane's target, Todd. Impatient, Bane activated the bomb early, which blasted King Shark out of the store with his dorsal fin blown off. He only managed to grate out that Todd didn't work Wednesdays before passing out. He was then taken to a hospital where he had his fin re-attached and was given doses of morphine, where he reassured a concerned Poison Ivy that his heartbeat was actually at a normal level for a shark and not indicative of cardiac arrest. King Shark soon learned that he wasn't taken away from Bane because Harley was off on a date with the Joker, which angered King Shark and prompted him to compare Harley to "the fish who cried orca". He then declared that he would leave the crew as soon as his catheter was removed.


King Shark celebrating

King Shark, Clayface, and Doctor Psycho all went out to Blüdhaven Thrill Park on their first day of unemployment to celebrate, with King Shark posting his ecstatic reaction on Instagram.

"Harley Quinn Highway"

Harley later came to King Shark while he was helping Denise with a computer problem, attempting to apologize to him, but King Shark declared he was "passive-aggressively not responding". She did manage to get him and everyone else to the Gotham Mall to make a final decision, but King Shark was entirely unmoved and refused to go back with Harley. It took Frank the Plant pointing out that Poison Ivy had been kidnapped and needed help to convince King Shark to help Harley, "for Ivy". Sy Borgman volunteered to drive, but his reckless driving nearly made King Shark vomit. He became disgusted by Clayface who did throw up, only to reabsorb the vomit back into himself.

At the PlanetWide Pavers facility where Ivy was held captive, King Shark quickly dispatched a guard to steal his uniform (which promptly ripped when he wore it due to his size). Within the facility, he asked Clayface what it was like working for the Riddler, but they found Ivy before he could get an answer. They prepared to enter her mind to combat Scarecrow's fear toxin, but King Shark pointed out that their bodies would be left unprotected again, so Sy Borgman volunteered to defend them. Everyone except Sy then entered Ivy's mind, where they saw young tries being ground up into bloody gore by a wood chipper, shocking King Shark. They then went to Ivy's past as a child and attempted to defeat a memory of her father, which turned into a massive mouth that ate Ivy and nearly ate Harley, but King Shark arrived just in time to bite a chunk out his massive tongue. The mouth then spat King Shark and Harley away in a spray of blood and pain.

Surrounded by gore

King Shark and the rest of the crew then fought Death himself, until Harley used Clayface as a bat (which King Shark thought clever) to bludgeon Dead to death. King Shark congratulated her, but then discovered that Death was actually Harley herself, at which point King Shark was ejected from Ivy's mind as it abruptly corrected itself. He awoke surrounded by gore from when Sy Borgman slaughtered a slew of guards who arrived to attack their bodies as they slept. They then departed after Scarecrow inside of Sy after he transformed into a car, with King Shark being astounded at the Harley Quinn Highway but still delightedly using the car's machine guns to attack the fleeing trucks, shouting "I love guns!" Unfortunately, however, the trucks were bulletproof, so King Shark simply accompanied Harley's crew as it set about destroying the last of the trucks and witnessed the rise of an army of plant monsters.

"Devil's Snare"

Harley and Ivy sprinted out of a copse of trees while being pursued by ravenous plant monsters, which King Shark presumed to be a tree army that Ivy got for them. He stopped with everyone else when Clayface seemed to have been killed, but he was actually just acting again, leaving them all surrounded by monsters. King Shark managed to save Doctor Psycho from being crushed, but they would have been overwhelmed if not for the timely arrival of the Justice League. They made short work of the monsters, but tried to toss King Shark and everyone else into the Phantom Zone, requiring Ivy to wrap herself in the Lasso of Truth to convince them of their innocence. Superman then closed the portal to the Phantom Zone, freeing King Shark, but he was soon sent into the clouds when Queen of Fables tossed a beanstalk at their feet.

King Shark enjoying the ride

Now on a cloud, King Shark became terrified as he had never been "this far above sea level before". The giant from Jack and the Beanstalk then arrived and forced everyone to continue fleeing, although when Doctor Psycho asked who knew about Ivy's relationship with Kite Man, King Shark raised his hand. At that moment, the giant caught them all, but Kite Man then arrived to toss a sriracha hot sauce packet in his one eye (much to King Shark's delight), causing him to fall over and toss King Shark and company out into open space. Kite Man then extended a ladder behind himself that King Shark was able to grab onto, and King Shark remarked that the "kite thing" was "quite majestic". When they neared the ground, Clayface launched himself downward to reform into a ramp, which King Shark fell onto and collapsed into a heap, mostly unharmed. He then watched in disgust as Kite Man and Ivy kissed passionately.

"A lot of people ask me who would win between a wolf and a shark. It's a shark."

Harley then commandeered a tank from Commissioner Gordon and everyone piled in, although King Shark was fairly squished inside the enclosed space. The Legion of Doom's headquarters exploded seemingly of its own accord, however, so everyone got out to witness the Joker's new tower rise from where it stood. When their tank was destroyed by yet another tank that literally fell out of the sky, King Shark proclaimed that they were "completely and utterly screwed". Ivy then went off to distract the plant monsters while Harley, King Shark, and the rest of the crew stormed Joker's tower. They came face to face with Queen of Fables again and were forced to flee the Big Bad Wolf that she summoned. Although it easily overcame Doctor Psycho and Clayface and nearly killed Harley, King Shark defeated it and hollowed out its innards by eating them. This allowed Harley to use its pelt as a disguise to sneak up on Queen of Fables, at which point she promptly knocked her head off her shoulders, killing her.

King Shark and Clayface mourn Ivy's death

Ivy then arrived, now a giantess, and was soon killed by the Joker. King Shark watched in horror as she died.

"The Final Joke"

King Shark attended Ivy's funeral and afterward wondered if Harley's plan for revenge involved "indiscriminate smashing of other people's property", becoming disappointed when this was not the case. Harley then came up with a plan to present Clayface to the Joker while he was disguised as Batman, allowing the real Batman to ambush the Joker while he was distracted with Harley. King Shark accompanied her with the rest of the crew as they executed the plan, with Clayface hiding behind King Shark until it was time to reveal him. The plan went awry when Clayface began to sing, however, alerting the Joker to the ruse and forcing Harley to fire a rocket at his tower. This actually helped the Joker and allowed him to thwart Batman and resume command of the tower's defense systems, which shot out and kidnapped everyone except for Harley Quinn, capturing King Shark.

King Shark tortured by the Joker

It didn't take long for the Joker to begin torturing Harley's crew, and he began with King Shark. He used pliers to rip out several of King Shark's teeth to make a shark tooth necklace for himself. When the Joker's bounty failed to bring him, Harley Quinn, he decided he would execute her crew and announced it to all of Gotham so that she would see it and come to save them. This worked, but Harley came with a bomb strapped to her chest, threatening to suicide if the Joker didn't release her crew, so he allowed her into his tower. He demanded that Harley put on her old costume and revealed King Shark and the rest of her crew nearby to dissuade her from activating her bomb. King Shark urged her not to do it, but she relented and put on the costume, and in exchange, the Joker released King Shark and the others.

King Shark and the rest of the crew were flushed down a chute to the bottom of the tower and were thrust out of it. At the bottom of the tower, he mournfully said "goodbye, Harley". However, Harley ended up defeating the Joker with the help of Ivy, who resurrected, and so King Shark rejoined them to celebrate their victory.

Season 2

"New Gotham"

King Shark languished in the Gotham Mall for three weeks with his crew following the Joker's defeat, tending to a llama he found somewhere. When goons from The Penguin arrived to take over the mall, King Shark bit one of their heads off and offered the rest of the corpse to Takashi to make into sushi. He went around tending to his animals until Harley received an invitation to the Injustice League, piquing his interest.

King Shark hidden in a suit with Doctor Psycho on top of him

When Harley is abducted by the very same league, King Shark and the rest of Harley's crew try and fail for months to rescue her, until they finally allow Clayface to execute a plan. King Shark disguises himself as a bartender, hiding behind a large suit while Doctor Psycho's head emerges from the top. When Sy Borgman distracted The Penguin with smoke and song, King Shark followed Doctor Psycho's directions to push Harley's block of ice out, but they end up fleeing too fast when The Penguin notices them and forces them to run, causing the block of ice to smash into a goon and to free Harley's face.

They continue to flee with Sy Borgman's help until they get bogged down by goons, at which point King Shark bites clean through two goons' torsos and allows them to continue escaping. They continue on until Doctor Psycho throws Harley through several goons, allowing her to gain enough lead for The Penguin to seal a door and separate him from Harley. Eventually, they managed to break through the door, only to find Harley covered in blood as she finished off The Penguin (much to King Shark's revulsion). Afterward, they go to Noonan's Bar where King Shark comments on how much they relied on Harley's leadership, resulting in so many failed rescue attempts.

"Riddler U"

"We made a death car!"

King Shark is sent with Doctor Psycho to get a water filter for the Gotham Mall. They run afoul of the Riddler's goons and are forced to retreat with the water filter. King Shark modifies a car to armor it and add a turret on the top for him to use to fire at pursuit as Doctor Psycho drives them away. They make it out of Two-Face's territory into Baneton, where Bane's goons are fewer in number but far more powerful, quickly disabling their death car and preparing to kill them. They manage to defeat the goons and make it back to the Gotham Mall, where the purifier isn't even needed as it cleared out when the power was restored by the Riddler.


After being unsuccessful in breaking through the thick ice into Mister Freeze's lair, King Shark stayed behind at the mall with the rest of the crew while Harley went to steal Firefly's flamethrower. He watched as their new prisoner, the Riddler, ridiculed Doctor Psycho, getting him so worked up that he started throwing body lotions and beauty products at him with his mind. Later, King Shark discovered that the Riddler had used the lotions to slip out of his restraints. King Shark read the note left behind by the Riddler, a riddle mocking them and teasing his whereabouts. King Shark then participated in the search for him, which was unfruitful. In the end, though, the Riddler returned by his own volition, having grown to enjoy the security and entertainment provided for him at the mall.

"Thawing Hearts"

To be added

"Inner (Para) Demons"

Harley kisses King Shark

Harley called a meeting, wanting to discuss what to do next as she wanted to become the most feared supervillain although King Shark insisted that was not who she was. Although Doctor Psycho was more enthusiastic, calling King and Clayface pussies before they were interrupted by Batgirl's arrival. King Shark complimented the stitch work on her costume before she was thrown out by Harley after warning her that Gordon was after her and insisting she was not really a villain. After escorting Batgirl out, Harley returned and asked for ideas on how to get an evil army, which Doctor Psycho knew right off. Harley then randomly kissed King Shark after going on a spiel about how she was impetuous and kissed people for no reason, making him blush.

There goes my New Year's resolution to not bite my nails or jump into any interdimensional portals.
— King Shark

Doctor Psycho the took the crew to Mister Miracle's show at the Iceberg Lounge & Casino, explaining how they needed to steal his Mother Box in order to create a Boom Tube to Apokolips for one of Darkseid's armies. While Harley expressed her excitement, King Shark was reluctant, expressing that he believed the plan has many holes. Meanwhile, Harley had snuck off, beating Mister Miracle up and stolen the Mother Box. The crew take the portal to Apokolips where Harley is forced to prove herself to Darkseid by fighting Granny Goodness. When she turns out to be a much harder foe than they initially thought, King Shark wants to help Harley although Clayface reminds him that would be against Darkseid's rules. However, Psycho then uses his telekinesis to secretly help Harley win the fight although King Shark doesn't realize it was his doing and congratulates Harley.

As Harley is granted her army, King Shark expresses his fear over the whole situation to Clayface before the crew return to Gotham with a hoard of Parademons in toe. King Shark keeps out of it as chaos breaks out in a war between Gordon and Harley. After Harley calls the whole thing off and Doctor Psycho angrily storms off, he screams at King Shark and Clayface that he is out of the crew.


King Shark hiding from his past

King Shark attends Kite Man's bachelor "party" (drinking and solving a puzzle) on the open ocean, although King is uncomfortable being back by the ocean and is hiding in the cabin. Clayface wonders why, given that they're on the open sea that he should theoretically enjoy, but King Shark refuses to elaborate until a lobster named Samson comes aboard. King Shark tries to run from it, but it actually talks to King Shark and calls him "Nanaue". Kite Man wonders if this is an elaborate setup to "Mermaid strippers" when he specifically did not want strippers, but it turns out that Samson is just here to get King Shark to return to marry Tabitha, in order to avoid war in the kingdoms beneath the sea. King Shark then leaves with Samson to "tell [his] father off".

On the seafloor, King Shark insists to Samson that he has forsaken his oceanic home and wants Samson to name one good thing better about living in the water. In response, Samson launches into a parodic, vulgar rendition of "Under the Sea" wherein fish all around defecate wherever they want because they are not constrained to toilets, implying this is somehow freeing, much to King Shark's revulsion. He is totally unconvinced to stay underwater, so Samson cuts to the point that hundreds of thousands will die if King Shark does not restore peace, so he agrees to consider marrying Tabitha.

King Shark, now arrayed in armor, arrives at his father's palace in the sunken Titanic where he meets his betrothed just outside the door. Tabitha is a short, portly, jaded hammerhead shark with a gravelly voice from chain-smoking. King Shark tries to make small talk, but it quickly becomes apparent that Tabitha breathes sarcasm as easily as she does water, and King Shark deduces that neither wants to get married to the other. He then goes inside, meeting his father and Tabitha's father as they shake hands in peace, but he shocks everyone present when he reveals that neither he nor Tabitha want to get married.

King Shark stands up to his father

At the remains of the Titanic, King Shark says that he cannot share a clamshell with someone who doesn't even know him, and Tabitha derisively agrees that she doesn't want to share one with him either. Nonplussed, King Shark emphatically insists that he will marry when he is in love, but his father rejects the very concept of marrying for love and says that if King Shark leaves his kingdom again, he may never return. At this point, King Shark seems to stand up for himself and hold to his principles, bidding his angry father goodbye. Before he leaves, he declares that he actually enjoys going to the bathroom in a toilet, which horrifies everyone present.

Later, King Shark returns to the surface and reports that while he did stand up to his father, a few minutes later he went back inside and got married to Tabitha. He apparently just wanted to make clear to his father that he wasn't happy about it, and even managed to work out a system with Tabitha where both of them could have their own secret relationships while staying married publicly to keep the peace beneath the sea. He claims that he wants a soul mate, which Kite Man heartily agrees with, although he was surprised to learn that King Shark never proposed (nor was he rejected) even once, compared to the multiple times Ivy rejected Kite Man.

"Dye Hard"

How can he call himself Batman if he's not part bat? He's just a dude who dresses up like a bat. That's animal appropriation!
— King Shark to Clayface

Mind-controlled King Shark fights Harley

King Shark hung out with Clayface after his wedding, and although Harley Quinn came by asking to go out drinking, he has to be with Tabitha. He later received a distress signal that he thought was from Harley, so he went to Wayne Tower to help her. Once there he fought for Harley against Doctor Psycho's Parademons, but was soon brought under Doctor Psycho's mental control, lost his free will, and was forced to fight Harley himself - until she escaped.

"Lovers' Quarrel"

In Doctor Psycho's captivity, Doctor Psycho tormented King Shark by summoning forth his most embarrassing memory, a memory of King Shark eating his own younger brother. Later, Doctor Psycho redeployed King Shark to face off against the Justice League with Poison Ivy and Clayface. Batman tried to subdue him with Shark repellent as he did in Finding Mr. Right, but was prevented from doing so by Ivy.

"Get off me, you angry dolphin."

King Shark then went after Superman, holding him bound in his powerful jaws. He was eventually tossed aside, but when he saw Wonder Woman's cheek wound from Harley Quinn, he went into a feeding frenzy and charged Wonder Woman. She was forced back again and again until she was forced to flee, but she did so strategically, goading King Shark into Mister Freeze's domain. There, King Shark began to slip on the ice as he charged Wonder Woman, allowing her to hit him several times as she skated across the ice until she eventually knocked him down.

Oh, this is gonna affect the crew dynamic in a messy and complicated manner.
— King Shark, seeing Poison Ivy's infidelity

King Shark rose again and tried to bite Wonder Woman but ended up biting the golden bracelet on her right arm instead, breaking off his teeth on them. Pained, King Shark drew back, which allowed Wonder Woman to land one final blow on him, knocking him out cold on the ice. When he eventually comes to, free of Doctor Psycho's influence, he gets up only to see Doctor Psycho's projection in the sky of Poison Ivy's infidelity with Harley Quinn.

"Something Borrowed, Something Green"

King Shark undercover at Arkham Asylum

King Shark disguised himself as a security guard in the Arkham Asylum to invite Harley Quinn to Kite Man and Ivy's wedding, and although she refused it, he said he'd save her a seat. To his delight, Harley later showed up at the wedding and he greeted her, but she was quickly off to hunt for Commissioner Gordon. King attended the wedding, was briefly incapacitated by gas, but when he awoke he went on a frenzy with his wife Tabitha, ripping through the GCPD present.

The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour

"Journey to Love Part 6"

King Shark listened in as Clayface, masquerading as collage student "Stephanie" called Barbara Gordon, using their friendship to get intel on her father Commissioner Gordon and how Harley and Ivy were doing. After ending the call, King Shark lectured Clayface on lying to Barbara, telling him he would have to come clean about being Clayface eventually, although Clayface commented on how nice it was to have a friend who didn't view him as a villain. King insisted he understood but told him to not let things go too far before telling the truth. Later, he and Clayface watched Tawny Young's broadcast as she reported on Gordon's failure to capture Harley and Ivy.


Uh, I hate to be a downer, but we are completely and utterly screwed. Oh, I wore that well. Hmm. Maybe I don't hate being a downer. Ooh, maybe I shouldn't feel so much pressure to put a positive spin on things.
— King Shark[5]

King Shark has a bipolar personality; he can switch from nerdy and tender to violent and aggressive very quickly. Typically, however, he is known to be friendly, smart, intelligent, and easy-going. He enjoys using his technological skills more than his shark-like ones, although he has no qualms biting someone's head off in a pinch without flinching. Additionally, he is quite sensitive to racialization, and the word "Fishy" seems to be particularly offensive to him, to the point where he even threatened to kill people with his bare hands for using the term. Conversely, he loves shark jokes.

While he is normally kind and peaceful, he will go berserk if he smells blood, a trait that led him to devour his own brother after catching a whiff of his blood during childhood.

Powers and Abilities


  • Shark Physiology: As a hybrid between a shark and a human, King Shark possesses several superhuman traits. King Shark is able to use his fang-filled jaws to easily tear through enemies and bite people in half.
    • Amphibious Nature: King Shark is able to breathe underwater and on land, as well as swim easily.
    • Superhuman Strength: Due to his large size and body mass, King Shark possesses superhuman strength.
    • Superhuman Durability: King Shark has a high degree of durability, able to withstand explosions and gunfire and survive.


  • Expert Hacker: King Shark is a skilled hacker.


  • Blood Hunger: Even a little drop of blood can turn King Shark into a berserk state. In that state, he will not stop until he eats someone or passes out.
  • Shark Repellent: A tool utilized by the Batman which works with incapacitating King Shark for a period of time.

Media Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour


  • Batman subdues King Shark with the "Shark Repellent" spray[4] from the 1966 Batman movie starring Adam West.
  • His Instagram account is kingshark1.[6]
  • He is a fan of the The Baby-Sitters Club book series and his favorite character is Claudia.[7]
  • Unlike other Batman villains, he was sent to Blackgate Penitentiary after being beaten up by GCPD cops.[8]
  • After King Shark's back-fin got blown off in "A Seat at the Table" it had to be surgically sewn back on. A common misconception perpetuated by the fishing trade regarding sharks is that they can regrow their severed fins. In reality, sharks will die off bleeding once their back fins get sawed off. As such, King Shark's near-fatal injury is accurate with real-world shark biology.


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