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"Journey to Love Part 4" (alternatively titled "The Zoobilee Zoo") is the fourth issue of the Harley Quinn spin-off comic series, Harley Quinn: The Animated Series - The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour.


After being called out by a new villain known as Mephitic, a toxic sludge aiming to stink up the joint, Ivy and Harley head to Detroit to take matters into their own hands. But Vixen isn’t having all this chaos in her city, and she’s ready to clean up the place…[4]


Harley and Ivy laze about in their hotel suite. On TV, Tawny Young reports about a new villain terrorizong Detroit. Mephitic, self-proclaimed "worst villain", calls out Ivy on TV. He defeats Zatanna and Cyborg, and leaves before Vixen can get to him. Harley and Ivy head off to Detroit.

Modelling for a fashion show, Vixen is interrupted by a call from Batman who warns her of Ivy and Harley's arrival; he fears they might want to associate with Mephitic.

Harley and Ivy break in Nightfall's place, despite Ivy's reservations. In the morning, Harley is confronted to Livewire, Nightfall's girlfriend. After talks of break ups, arrest following Ivy's wedding and lack of forgiveness, Livewire throws them out.

Ivy has a hard time with it, and takes it out on Harley, who is confused and breaks in apologies. She eventually ends her silent treatment when Harley informs her of the location of several polluting CEOs, whom they end up poisoning with extreme prejudice.

On their way to the last CEO, they are stopped by Vixen, who doesn't have any love lost for these men, but doesn't condone murder either.

After a fight, Ivy tries to manipulate Vixen with her hormones which apparently doesn't work. Moments later, a stampede of wild animals rush in, due to the combination of the pheromones and Vixen's animal powers. Vixen call upon her skunk spirit, flooding the area with stinking spray, with Ivy and Harley escaping after being thoroughly dosed.

Their adventures are related on TV, with Gordon watching and finding out their location.





  • Nightfall (pictured)
  • Black Mass (pictured)
  • Fastball (pictured)
  • Shatterfist
  • Maya


  • Poison Ivy
  • Harley Quinn
  • Vixen


  • There will be a variant cover by Valentine De Landro.[5]
  • The issue was announced in the last as "The Zoobilee Zoo". "Zoobilee Zoo" was an US TV series from the late 80's. It depicted animals - actors dressed as them - playing around and encountering problems common to young children with themes such as sharing, socialisation et creativity.
  • This is the first issue of the series to not primarily have art by Max Sarin who only drew the first page as well as the cover for the issue while the remaining pages were drawn by Erich Owen.
  • Mephitic mentions the Flint water crisis, a public health crisis who ended up poisoning thousands of inhabitants with lead because of undrinkable water. The crisis, still ongoing, involves many high-ranking officials.
  • Several members of villain organization Cadre appear in the issue:
  • In her house, Nightfall has a "leg lamp" like the one featured in the movie A Christmas Story.
  • Livewire's mention of a "girls night out" is a reference to the The New Batman Adventures episode "Girl's Night Out" wherin she, Harley and Ivy team up.[6]
  • Several references to the animated series: