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She ruined my bar mitzvah, I want her dead! Dead! Dead! Dead!
— Joshua Cobblepot

Joshua Cobblepot is a minor character on the animated series Harley Quinn and is the nephew of the Penguin.


Joshua is a typical skinny white teenager, with three of his teeth being extremely misaligned and hanging over his bottom lip with braces connecting them. He has green eyes, three freckles on each cheek, and short brown hair worn in a comb-over-like style. He can sometimes be seen wearing a Kippah as he is Jewish.


"A High Bar"[]

When Joshua turned 13, his family held a bar mitzvah for him at the Gotham Mint and invited the Legion of Doom members to celebrate. Unfortunately, Harley crashed the bar mitzvah and since then he wanted her dead.

"Finding Mr. Right"[]

He was watching the Tawny Young show when Harley and Poison Ivy were fighting Batman with his mother and uncle and rooted for Ivy killing Batman.


He abused Penguin's corporate card and put out a hit on Harley, but ended up unsuccessful as Bane canceled the charge.

Episode Appearances[]

Season 1



  • He claimed to have fingerbanged a girl at camp but he actually never did that.
  • He is known to be quite impulsive.