Jennifer is Poison Ivy's old friend from kindergarten who attended her bachelorette part at Themyscira in the episode "Bachelorette". 

At the start of the trip, Jennifer was upset that Harley was Ivy's maid of honor as when they were in kindergarten together they always said they would be each other's maid of honor. She also continuously asked Harley to stop calling her 'Jen'. When Harley presented her plan to kill Eris, who had taken over Themyscira from the amazons, Jennifer was initially reluctant after discovering that the mimosas weren't bottomless she was completely on board and helped attack the amazons and even threw Eris off a balcony. By the end of the trip, she was reunited with her husband and told him she was going by 'Jen' now.


Jennifer is a pale white woman with long dark-brown hair and grey eyes. She wears light blue jeans shorts and white shoes and is usually seen wearing a light pink T-shirt with dark-pink cuffs and the text "Rosé all day" written in a thin font and matching the cuffs' color. She later swaps the pink shirt for a black T-shirt with dark-pink cuffs and "I'm that bitch" written in a bold dark-pink font. At Ivy's wedding to Kite Man she wore a sleeveless lavender bridesmaid's dress and a sides pulled up, braided hairdo.


  • Jennifer lives with her husband and four children in Michigan and works in life insurance.
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