My family was close, not Appalachian hillybilly close, but we leaned on each other, we made each other laugh. That all changed when you showed up!— Jason Praxis

Jason Praxis is the sole survivor of the Praxis family reunion massacre.


Jason Praxis was the last surviving member of the Praxis Family. During a family reunion, they stumbled upon Harley Quinn's Crew committing a heist. In order for there to be no witnesses, Queen of Fables brutally murdered the family. Jason only survived by hiding under bench, with Harley Quinn letting him because she thought he was a young child after only seeing the back of his head. Distraught, he attempted to commit suicide by jumping into an electrical fence. But as the fence was a part of S.T.A.R. Labs, it instead gave him electrical-based powers. He confronted Harley and her crew, intending to kill Queen of Fables, but was ultimately killed by her instead.


Jason Praxis is a vigilante of sorts, dead set on finding and killing Queen of Fables after his family's murder, who he's stated he was very close with. He becomes temporarily suicidal after the slaughter of his family and before getting his powers, not wanting to carry on without them and throwing himself into an electrified fence in the hopes of it killing him, giving him lightning-related powers instead which he decides to use to try and seek revenge for his family. He may have either killed himself or stopped using his newfound powers entirely after he thought he killed Queen of Fables, making statements to Harley that he thought he had done all he needed to with his powers. He appears to be good with a grill as seen at the reunion.


Jason Praxis appears to be in his late twenties or thirties. He is a Caucasian male with long blonde hair he wears in a ponytail and a very defined jaw as well as other bone structures. At the Praxis family reunion, he is seen wearing an apron briefly while at the grill and a grey shirt with "PRAXIS FAMILY REUNION" written on it. He is seen almost entirely the same later on when he confronts Queen of Fables, Harley, and her crew, but with an added brown trench coat and physical electricity enveloping his eyes and hands and radiating off his body.


  • Electrokinesis
  • Flight


  • Contrary to popular belief Jason Praxis is not an original character. He actually debuted in the comics but is a very minor character there. This is his animated debut and his first appearance outside of comics.
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