My name is Jim. I'm a hardworking detective with a beautiful wife who won't touch me even though I treat her like a queen and do everything for her. EVERYTHING!— James Gordon

Commissioner James Gordon is a major character of the T.V. series, Harley Quinn.



James Gordon is the police commissioner for Gotham City's law enforcement, although he has become somewhat mentally unstable over the years, possibly due to the Joker supposedly paralyzing his partner. He even has family issues when he found out his wife cheating on him.

Season 2

"New Gotham"

After the disappearance of Batman and the destruction of Gotham City, Gordon became dejected and took to waiting around the Bat signal in vain, hoping for Batman's return. One night, Robin arrived dressed as Batman, intending to "take up the mantle" of Batman, but Gordon simply threw his alcohol bottle at him in mockery. Robin did manage to tell Gordon that Batman was missing however, causing him to panic, and noted that Batman was not responding to any texts (Robin refused to share the contact info despite Gordon's insistence).

With no other option, Gordon attempts to rally the GCPD to take back Gotham City, only for Two-Face and his goons to arrive and commandeer the entire organization, forcing Gordon to flee and lay down fire to cover his retreat. He vows revenge before leaving the city with the bat signal, only to end up having his tires blown out by spikes thrown by Bane's goons - his own policemen, now working for the criminals. They rob him and flee, leaving Gordon broken and dejected, throwing his badge into the Gotham harbor.

"It's all hopeless"

Gordon returns to his wife Barbara, finding solace in her comfort. He rallies himself and begins a plan to rebuild, using Barbara's brother's scuba gear to recover his badge from the harbor, using his house as new GCPD headquarters, and deputizing Barbara herself to be a husband and wife policing pair, and "unbreakable bond" as he puts it. However, at that exact moment Barbara finally says she wants a divorce and turns off the lights, ripping Gordon's newfound motivation out from under him and leaving him in a pit of despair.


What would Commissioner Gordon actually be like if he was the Commissioner of the Gotham Police Department, saw what he saw every single day for 27 years, and never went to therapy? What would that look like? He'd be so fucked up and constantly on edge. He’s got a thankless job, He’s doing the day-to-day grunt work, filling out all the paper work, and he’s oftentimes maligned. That ultimately drives a man to madness. His marriage is falling apart, He’s drinking too much and has no real friends.— Justin Halpern.

The show actually shows how being in charge of Gotham City would take a toll on someone. Unlike most media, where Gordon remains tough as hell in the face of overwhelming adversity, this Gordon is a deeply stressed out mess of a man who's always on edge.

Gordon is also less altruistic than most versions, as he admitted he only became a cop to shoot bad people and accidentally innocent people. However despite this he said accidentally which means he clearly obviously tries to avoid shooting and killing innocent people encased on his look of regret when he says this. He is also very resourceful and manipulative as shown when he tricked Ivy into thinking the plastic plants she was surrounded with were real plants. He also equipped those same plants with knockout gas and he was also resourceful because the cops he led into the wedding were armed with laser guns.


Jim Gordon's appearance reflects his constant stress and him being near his mental breaking-point, with deep, dark bags under his eyes which are typically very wide open. He wears thick black glasses and has messy brown hair and mustache with grey stubble all over his face and a notable cleft chin. He has graying areas over both sides of his hair, which were completely brown when he was younger. He wears a grey shirt with a very loose black tie, a small portion of his white undershirt showing out above his tie, the shirt can be seen only tucked on one side at all times instead of fully either way. He also wears black shoes, a dark green jacket, and brown pants.


  • He is apparently a C-Section birth.


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