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"Inner (Para) Demons" is the eighth episode of the second season of Harley Quinn, and the twenty-first episode of the series overall. It was released on May 22, 2020 on DC Universe.


While Harley and Ivy deal with the ramifications of their caught-up-in-the-moment first kiss, Gordon prepares to take on Harley to end Gotham's darkest hour once and for all. But things suddenly take an even more drastic turn for the Apokoliptic with the appearance of Darkseid...


Finally cleaned up, Gordon calls the President of the United States and reports that the last of the Injustice League has been defeated, with Two-Face behind bars and Bane having fallen into The Pit while it was a burning furnace. Although the President is pleased, he notes that Harley Quinn is still at large and is the face of public disorder in Gotham, and so refuses to allow Gotham to rejoin the United States until Harley has been dealt with.

Harley Quinn herself is in the Gotham Mall, visibly battling with herself over whether to talk to a lounging Poison Ivy or not. Ivy broaches the subject, and gives a slew of excuses and explanations for why they kissed each other. Harley, although obviously disappointed, readily agrees with everything Ivy says about it being a spur of the moment thing brought about by nearly dying. She then tries to reinforce the lie by picking up and kissing Doctor Psycho as he walks past, saying that she's always random and impetuous (Doctor Psycho himself pushes her away is pure contempt and disgust, saying she isn't his type). As Doctor Psycho leaves, Ivy wonders if Harley is alright due to the odd behavior, but Harley loudly insists that she's just fine and is planning "so many moves" while Ivy prepares to marry Kite Man.

Harley wonders if Ivy will tell Kite Man about the kiss, and although she doesn't, Kite Man is fretting over Ivy not setting up a reservation with Kite Man's parents. Ivy becomes despondent, which Kite Man immediately picks up on and changes tact to support her. Ivy brushes it off as nothing and assures him that she'll make his parents love her and that the wedding will have no problems.

Back in the Gotham Mall, Harley is trying to decide on something to fill her time and make herself appear busy. Although King Shark suggests they "chill out and have fun", Harley aspires to become the most feared supervillain yet, which Clayface notes as being out of character for her; "the gravitas just isn't there". Doctor Psycho then speaks up in support of Harley, welcoming her change in direction toward "some truly evil shit" and offering his assistance in any endeavor she wishes to pursue.

Doctor Psycho
Wait, who are you?
Barbara Gordon
Um, Batgirl. Anyway…
Doctor Psycho
All right. You know what? As a community, we should really get together and start coming up with more creative names. This is bullshit.
— Doctor Psycho calls for originality

"Wait, who are you?"

At that moment Batgirl arrives, warning Harley of Gordon's plans to bring her down so that Gotham may finally rejoin the United States. She asserts that Harley is not a villain and so she wants to save her, and although Harley protests that she is a villain, Batgirl cites Harley's destruction of the Legion of Doom, Injustice League, and the Joker as heroic feats. Harley refuses to listen however, and takes Batgirl's warning about Gordon going through an entire compound of goons as justification to raise an army to protect herself. She then goes on a half-hysterical tirade about how she's unpredictable and impetuous, kissing a thoroughly confused Batgirl on the lips to prove her point, and then sends her out with a bewildered expression.

Harley returns full of fire and a desire to raise an army, which arouses and excites Doctor Psycho (much to King Shark's disgust). King Shark and Clayface both protest that Harley has been unlike herself since escaping The Pit, that she never desired to be a warlord, and that with the goons unionizing, it'll be hard to raise an army in any event. Harley writes this off, and Doctor Psycho claims to have a plan to raise an army if she's determined enough. In response, Harley once again asserts that she can do anything and is impetuous, this time kissing King Shark at random. Meanwhile, Ivy and Kite Man arrive for dinner with Kite Man's parents, with Ivy impressing them by tossing a couple out of the booth they want to sit at.

There goes my new year’s resolution to not bite my nails or jump into any inter-dimensional portals.
King Shark

Doctor Psycho's plan to raise an army involves stealing a "Mother Box", which creates a "Boom Tube" (inter-dimensional portal) to Apokolips, where Darkseid resides with a multitude of demonic armies. He has a secondary plan to get the Mother Box, but before he can even explain it all Harley has already procured it and beaten the owner senseless. She tosses it to him, he activates it, and they all jump into the portal to Apokolips.

Ivy meeting Kite Man's parents, Wendy and Darryl

Back at Senor Mexico's [sic], Ivy has Kite Man's parents enrapt. When Kite Man briefly departs to wash his hands, his parents mention to Ivy that they're so happy because Ivy has powers and because of the prospect that their grandchildren will have superpowers like they do (they can control ice and fly, respectively). Their general mistreatment of Kite Man comes from a sense of disappointment toward him for being born powerless. They completely dismiss Ivy's attempt to defend Kite Man's kites and are only happy that Ivy will give them grandchildren with powers, leaving Ivy disconcerted by how little they care for Kite Man himself.

Citizens of Gotham! You’re here today because you answered the call. We have an opportunity to save our beloved Gotham City and get back our rightful place in the United States. That means clean water, fresh food, and overpriced Internet providers!
Commissioner Gordon

Meanwhile, Gordon has strapped a small arsenal to himself as he prepares to take down Harley Quinn. However, Batgirl arrives and cautions him against conflict as well, worried about Harley's new army. Gordon seems to understand but then immediately concludes that he needs an army as well, and although Batgirl tries to clarify, he charges off and closes the door in her face. He then goes to city hall and gives an impassioned speech that inspires the citizens of Gotham to rise up and take back their city, forming an army.

While Gordon gets his army, Harley arrives before Darkseid asking for her army. However, Darkseid is quickly able to surmise that Harley does not truly want an army from him. He senses "an anger, born from a want" in Harley Quinn, and warns her that there are some holes in life that even an army of Parademons cannot fill, to which Harley jokes that "all my holes are filled up to the brim". The joke flies over Darkseid's head, and he relays that Doctor Psycho himself attempted to procure an army from him before, but was too cowardly to complete his assigned task: defeat Granny Goodness in combat in exchange for control of an army.

"Prepare to die"

Harley initially thinks the challenge will be easy, until Granny Goodness arrives with a blast of golden power, arrayed in golden armor and with her footsteps shaking the ground as she walks. Undaunted, Harley sprints toward Granny and attempts to hit her with her bat, but Granny Goodness effortlessly blocks each attack with her scepter, and then parries Harley almost completely off the platform they're standing on to her death. Harley pulls herself back to the platform and then brings her bat down on Granny Goodness' face. Not even trying to block this time, the bat shatters on her skull. Without flinching, Granny Goodness flicks Harley, sending her flying into a rough tumble that leaves her incapacitated on the earth, disarmed and utterly defeated.

Clayface and King Shark cannot help, as only Harley can defeat Granny Goodness if she wants to receive her army. Doctor Psycho is completely composed, however, using his telepathy to control Harley like a marionette. He simultaneously uses his telekinesis to lift a boulder over Harley's hands, who comes up behind Granny Goodness while she's gloating and drops the massive boulder directly on her head, cracking her skull and dropping her to the ground. Pleased with himself, Doctor Psycho releases Harley and wakes her, who finds herself standing over Granny Goodness' defeated form. Darkseid then upholds his end of the bargain and transfers Granny Goodness' mantle and powers to her, and she becomes a mighty, golden-clad warrior in control of Darkseid's Parademon army. Overjoyed, Doctor Psycho recreates the Boom Tube and teleports them all, the army included, back to Gotham.

You know what? Fuck you guys. Yeah, I said, fuck you. Because first of all, I'm the one who messed up the goddamn reservation, okay. Chuck asked me several times not to forget, because for some reason he cares about you two. And then, he took the heat for it because he cares about me, and for some reason, what you two think about me. So, yeah! He's a kind, loving, supportive partner. And the only miracle here is that you two ghouls somehow raised him. And another thing, he's not lucky to have me, I'm lucky to have him! So, fuck off!
Poison Ivy's tirade to Kite Man's parents

"Hell! Yeah!"

As Ivy and Kite Man leave Senor Mexico's [sic], she demands to know why he allows his parents to belittle him so much, to which Kite Man helplessly says they're his parents and that he has little choice. When his parents emerge from the restaurant, they continue to shower Ivy with praises, saying that they should have dinner again next week and that they even took care of the reservation this time so that Kite Man need not "cloud his mind with simple tasks". At this point, Ivy finally snaps and launches into an angry tirade, with Ivy holding Kite Man possessively and supporting him more and more aggressively as it goes on. Kite Man himself, shocked but not displeased, finishes Ivy's monologue with "Hell! Yeah!" and wonders if they'll still come to the wedding. His parents then leave in stiff anger even as Ivy starts kissing Kite Man passionately.

Kite Man is so excited by all these events that he doesn't notice that a titanic rift in reality itself has just opened up to the East behind him, but Ivy notices it and points it out, breaking off the kiss. Kite Man immediately identifies that the portal has opened over the Gotham Mall, so Ivy assumes that something horrible might be happening to Harley. Kite Man then flies Ivy toward the mall at the same time that Commissioner Gordon is closing in on the mall with his own army of tanks, police, and angry militia.

Probably be best if you turn around your merry band of meatbags.
And why the hell would I do that?
[Doctor Psycho laughs maniacally from another dimension]
Gordo, I have a flying army from a hell planet under my control.
Well, I made my decision! And I never back down from my decisions. It’s a terrible quality that has ruined most of my personal relationships, so bring it!
— Harley and Gordon's exchange

Harley, Clayface, and King Shark fall from the Boom Tube in the sky and land in front of Gordon's tanks. She has an exchange with Gordon, but neither side will back off, so Doctor Psycho leads the Parademon army through the "gaping sphincter in the sky", orgasming as he does. Absolute pandemonium ensues as the tanks under Gordon's command unleash hellfire into the sky even as the Parademons literally tear the tanks apart and cut through his army like butter.

Kite Man soars down into the chaos with Ivy in his arms, both of them alarmed by the carnage as Harley's Parademons slaughter their way through the militia who thought to retake their city and regain a better life for themselves. Gordon himself only barely manages to kill a single Parademon with a volley of strategically aimed shots, finding himself cornered and disarmed as Harley arrives to kill him. Just before she does, however, Ivy arrives and demands to know what on earth is happening.

"While you were out gettin' brunch, I was beating up an old lady to get a Parademon army from another galaxy."

Delighted, Harley turns to cheerfully greet Ivy in the middle of a war zone, telling how she beat up a "super jacked" old lady to get an army from another dimension to help take over all of Gotham. However, Ivy wonders why she wants to kill thousands of people "just because", and although Harley claims it's because she's an agent of chaos and impetuous and "this is just my Wednesday", Ivy asks if this was really what she wanted to happen. Harley then looks around her and seems to notice for the first time the absolute destruction and gory death that she has wrought and realizes that it is not, in fact, what she wants.

Ivy finally asks Harley what she really wants, and after starring longingly at Ivy, she realizes that this was all a wild coping mechanism, that Darkseid was correct: "there are some holes not even an army of Parademons can fill". She sheds a few tears, lifts Darkseid's scepter in the air, and snaps it in half over her knee. Doctor Psycho sees this and screams in denial and disbelief as the broken scepter vanishes, taking Harley's golden armor and powers with it even as the Parademons are released to fly in all directions.

Harley turns over the city to Commissioner Gordon, and Doctor Psycho laments her weakness, that they could have taken over the world. However, his Parademon throws him off, and after a rough landing he gets up and angrily resigns from Harley's Crew, livid over Harley's relapse and saying "you got no balls, Quinn". Meanwhile, Gordon began to realize that he actually won the battle, at which point he joyously stands in the air and says "this is why you don't back down people" even as a sea of horribly injured people look up at him from a chaotic wasteland.

This is fine

In the aftermath, Harley explains that it was all because she was avoiding talking to Ivy about something, that if she doesn't say something now, she'll never get the chance. Ivy is ready to listen, but suddenly Kite Man comes up behind her and embraces her, singing her praises over what she said to his parents. Ivy affectionately says she couldn't just say nothing while they were "assholes to the man I want to spend the rest of my life with" before kissing him right in front of Harley's wretched expression. However, when Kite Man leaves, Harley just says she wants to help with the bachelorette party.

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  • The President's file on Harley Quinn is filled with easter eggs.
  • According to showrunner Patrick Schumacker the character being killed by Darkseid was originally going to be Lightray but DC told them they couldn't kill him so they changed it to Forger. Although Schumacker admits he still doesn't really know the rationale behind it.[1]
  • This episode is inspired from the arc in Harley Quinn's comic book run where she battles Granny Goodness and briefly becomes "Hammer Harley" a fury who frees the Olympian gods Granny captured. The Outfit she gets in the show after getting control of the Parademons is lifed from this arc.
  • Harley references Game of Thrones when telling Ivy "Look, I can explain the whole Game of Thrones Khaleesi thing, okay."