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Good God! Tax dollars actually paid for this!?
Doctor Psycho.

The Harley Quinn Highway (also referred to as the Harley Quinn Parkway) is a highway in Gotham City named after Harley Quinn when she threatened to destroy Gotham with a warhead.


The highway was first alluded to in "Til Death Do Us Part" after Harley finally realized she needed to part from the Joker and listed what she was gonna do now, claiming she would kidnap the Mayor of Gotham and put him in a missile and shoot it at the moon unless he agreed to name a highway after her.

In "So You Need a Crew?" Harley mentioned the idea again and after stealing Maxie Zeus' gold medals with help from her newly formed crew she traded them for a nuclear warhead which she used to blackmail the city into naming a highway after her which they did.

As part of her conditions Harley was allowed to make any design choices she wanted which explains it's psychedelic appearance. The crew, first drove on the highway during "Harley Quinn Highway" when they were chasing Scarecrow at which point Harley regretted some of her creative choices as the crazy turns, loops and jump made the road hard to drive through. However, the weapons dispenser did come in handy for them.