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Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, primarily known as Harley Quinn, is the titular main protagonist of the DC Universe's animated Harley Quinn franchise.

Harley is the leader and founder of Harley's Crew and a former member of the Legion of Doom. She is the former girlfriend of The Joker and is currently dating her best friend Poison Ivy.



Harley Quinn is a American woman with bleached white skin and blue eyes. Harley has an athletic body type, coming from her past as an acrobat. She has long blonde hair, usually has up in a pigtails style, which is dyed at the bottom in blue and pink shades. She occasionally wears it down when she dresses up such as during the Legion of Doom party. She is often seen wearing dark red lipstick, pink and blue eyeshadow, black mascara, and a demonic grin when she's ready to fight.

Before her transformation into Harley Quinn, she is portrayed with white, fair skin, her hair often tied up in a bun and she wears less heavy make-up.


Before her breakup with the Joker, Harley wore her original black and red jester outfit that as the character did in the DC Animated Universe where the character made her debut, except her shoes are heeled more rather than flat.

Harley is often seen wearing a short black and red strapped crop top with a star and a diamond on it, a black choker around her neck, black and red fingerless leather gloves, black and red tight latex briefs, and black and red sneakers with pompoms as well as thigh high socks with the same color. She is occasionally seen wearing a black and red jacket over her outfit to keep herself warm.

When she dresses up, she usually wears a black and red dress and heels, one red and one black. Before transforming into Harley Quinn, she still wore her classic color scheme, although in the form of a red blouse, a black skirt, and black heels, as well as a white lab coat. From her college years until her transformation, she also wore glasses.



Early life

I'm not great at having people who are actually good to me in my life.
— Harley Quinn[1]

Young Harley

Harleen Quinzel was raised in a dysfunctional family, her mother Sharon Quinzel is alcoholic and her father Nick Quinzel is a criminal and gambling addict who frequently got in trouble with the mob. She also grew up around her grandma and grandpa who grew apart through the years, eventually coming to hate each other. Harley had a younger brother, Barry, who tragically passed away in his teens.[2] Harleen herself was normal, albeit mentally unstable. Her mental instabilities first manifested as an obsession with actor Frankie Muniz, who she wanted to kidnap and have a child with via lying about being on birth control. Eventually his family placed a restraining order on her, which she ignored, so she was sent to juvie.[3]

In her teens, she went to camp where a girl named Jessica Sarner spread lies to the entire camp that Harley had lost her virginity to a horse. It is unknown what happened to Jessica Sarner after that but it can be assumed Harley had something to do with it as she was questioned about it for hours by police. When she graduated from high school, she was a Valedictorian but used her speech to angrily denounced her entire school administration for not helping her and for ogling her.[3]

Young Harleen Quinzel beating up Nick Quinzel

She then went off to college to become a psychiatrist, and her dream was to win the Olympic championship of gymnastics. She nearly succeeded, but her father insisted that she did "take a dive" so that he would win a long-shot bet to clear his gambling debts. Harleen eventually relented, and failed on purpose, but snapped when her father joked that there would never be a woman president (her dream), so Harleen viciously assaulted her father in front of everyone.[2] The acrobatics skills she gained as a gymnast served her later in a life of crime.

Arkham to the present

After graduating from university, she became a psychiatrist and got hired at Arkham Asylum to tend to the Joker. She thought she was hired because she did her dissertation on the Joker's pathology and even wrote her thesis on him, making her uniquely qualified, it was later revealed by Commissioner Gordon that she was only brought in because the "Joker's chewed up every other shrink in Gotham" and she was "cheap and you've got a pulse, skirt". Her first task was to get the Joker to reveal the location of a bomb. On her way to his cell, she witnessed Poison Ivy's attempted escape and saw her being burnt by the guards and sedated. Horrified she went by her cell and to apologize for what happened but Poison Ivy promptly spit at the glass and told her, "Fuck off, narc".[4]

She went to work on the Joker who revealed he knew who she was, even having read her thesis, however, he compared it to fanfiction. In order to get on his level, Harleen went against protocol, requesting to get into his cell where he went on to charm her while simultaneously threatening her. Although she managed to get out of his grip using her acrobatics, which impressed the Joker, she was scolded by James Gordon and Harvey Dent for putting herself in danger. After Batman was unable to get him to talk, she was given a second attempt. After speaking to Poison Ivy who inadvertently revealed that Joker's childhood was a sour subject, she used this as leverage, goading Joker into talking about his family history. With the Joker finally showing some emotion for once, Harleen is seemingly able to play off it and convince him to reveal the bomb location. Thankful for her help, Harleen visits Poison Ivy once more, gifting her a flower.[4]

Ivy helps Harley

However, Joker's confession turns out to be a ruse, faking lowering his guard to send the heroes to the incorrect location while he was brought to the cafeteria where the real bomb then exploded and allowed him to escape through the blasted hole in the Asylum with Harley on his shoulder as a shield. Despite her being there, Harvey Dent ordered them both shot, but Poison Ivy saved them both by deflecting the bullet, then tying the Joker up in vines when he thought she did it for him. Harleen questioned why she had saved her, and Ivy admitted that no one had ever given her a gift before, let alone a plant, and helped her up. When Harvey Dent and the Arkham guards caught up with them, ready to kill them all, Ivy surrendered so that she and the Joker would be recaptured without the need for excessive force. Poison Ivy asked Harley to be her new therapist, to which she happily agreed. Afterward, Dent tried to smooth things over by promising Harley a promotion; however, she angrily spat in Dent's face and told him, "Fuck off, Two-Face".[4]

As Harleen continued working at Arkham, her friendship with Ivy would bloom as Harley eventually became the only person to successfully get through to her and help with her issues,[5] even as Harley's relationship with the Joker also deepened, until eventually the Joker escaped Arkham and convinced her to jump into a vat of acid and become his sidekick, Harley Quinn.[3]

Season 1

"Til Death Do Us Part"

Robbing the yachters

Harley Quinn attempted to rob a group of wealthy yachters, but they were entirely unconcerned until the Joker arrived to terrify them. Together they fought off the yachters while Harley argued with the Joker to add her to the Legion of Doom and allow her to become his full partner, not his sidekick. The Joker dodges and deflects until Batman himself arrives to occupy their full attention, at which point the Joker flees into a single-man submarine and abandons Harley to distract Batman. The Joker assures her that he will break her out of the Arkham Asylum "before breakfast", then submerges into the harbor while Batman takes Harley into custody.

In custody, Harley refused to reveal anything about the "psychotic clown who treats you like garbage", as Batman referred to him. However, Harley insisted that they had real love, and that the Joker apparently proposed to her with a diamond ring not long ago. In response Commissioner Gordon sentenced her to life in prison, which Harley laughed at, believing that she would not spend even a single night in prison. Six months later she was still in prison, with Poison Ivy insisting that the Joker would not come for her. Three months after that, Harley justified that at least the Joker was exciting and a "challenge", that the vat of chemicals he pushed her in was more like a vat of "freedom sauce", and that the Joker made her who she was.

Harley talking to Doctor Quinzel, a hallucination of her sane self

Three months after that, literally the entire prison insisted that the Joker was not coming for her, but Harley insisted that he would even until Poison Ivy hatched an escape plan and got Harley out of prison against her will. Afterward, Harley tried to return to the Joker immediately, but Ivy insisted that Harley diagnose herself - a hallucination of Doctor Quinzel asked Harley what should be done about a patient who was "fixated on a murderous psychopath and won't end their relationship no matter how terribly he treats her". Harley then immediately diagnosed the patient as a "classic abusive co-dependency" before realizing that she was diagnosing herself, and that she needed to end her relationship with the Joker.

When Harley declared their break out, the Joker justified leaving her in Arkham as an attempt to protect her from increasing police scrutiny, and that he would have broken up with her anyway, "unless our love is so powerful, even the threat of death can't keep us apart". This immediately enticed Harley back to the Joker, disgusting Poison Ivy. Later, the Joker gets fixated on the Riddler, so Harley goes to kill him, only to end up captured alongside Batman. The Riddler then have the Joker an ultimatum: choose one to live, and one to be dropped in a pool of acid to die. To Harley's shock, the Joker chose to free Batman to deny Riddler the pleasure of killing him, allowing Harley to be dropped in acid.

Harley realizing the Joker never loved her

Harley falls in, and Doctor Quinzel helps Harley have an epiphany about the Joker - he did not really propose, but rather the "diamond ring" was a grenade ring that the Joker gave to Harley so that Batman would stop to take the grenade out of her hands and save her. He never really proposed, and only said "til death do us part" because he assumed Harley would end up dead. Harley then realizes that the Joker only loves Batman, not her, and she wakes up as Poison Ivy is pulling Harley out of the pool of "acid". Ivy reveals that the acid was actually just margarita mix and that she had the Riddler set up his scheme to "prove" to Harley that the Joker didn't actually love Harley.

In response, Harley amends to finally break things off with the Joker and even do her own crimes, such as kidnapping the mayor and threatening to kill him unless he named a highway after her. She then redid her outfit and went to the Joker's lair. She once again ended things with him, this time brushing off his attempts to make amend. Realizing things were over, Joker ordered his goons to kill her, starting a huge fight where she defeated all his guards, and destroyed his lair. With the Joker trapped beneath the rubble, Harley decided to spare him, wanting "to see the look on your face when I'm running this town".

"A High Bar"

Harley was watching Howie Mandel's TV show, when the Joker forcefully took over the show, having strapped a bomb to Howie's chest and declared that it was he who dumped Harley and not the other way around, and that he would respect her wishes to "drift into the darkness of total anonymity". Harley then became enraged when the Joker activated a bomb strapped to Howie's chest, so she angrily smashed the flat-screen TV with a bat. Ivy tried to convince her that she should not care what Joker or the Legion of Doom thought of her which she agreed with, declaring that she would "show them in person how little I care" and decided to crash the party at the Gotham Mint to show up Joker and his Legion of Doom compatriots.

Harley Quinn enters the bar mitzvah in the Gotham Mint

At the "party", Harley was shocked to discover that it was actually just a bar mitzvah for Joshua Cobblepot, The Penguin's nephew, but Harley insisted on staying to impress Bane, Scarecrow, and Two-Face, who were all present. She initially got on well with them with some banter, and tried to entice them to join a plan her, until the Joker himself arrived and drove her off. Angry, Harley planned to rob the Gotham Mint itself in order to impress the Legion of Doom, which was a facility so secure and confident that they willingly rented out their own atrium to the Legion of Doom for the bar mitzvah.

Ignoring Poison Ivy's advice, Harley tried to rob it anyway, successfully taking down several guards throughout the atrium where the bar mitzvah was taking place. Unfortunately, it turned out the guards were actually "Gotham Chucklehut's finest improvisers", an improv troupe who Harley just brutally beat into submission. Joshua was meant to "fight" through them to enter a vault full of "Joshua bucks" for his bar mitzvah, only to find Harley there with an open vault. The Joker laughed hysterically at the scene as the Penguin tranquilized Harley and had her tied up.

The Penguin gave his umbrella to his nephew Joshua to shoot Harley, but when Joshua asked for her last words, Harley easily eroded the 13-year-old boy's confidence by questioning whether he could actually hit her rather than miss and embarrass himself. She continued a running commentary about how his hand was trembling, how he probably never drunk a beer before, or even "finger blasted a girl". Overwhelmed by shame, Joshua eventually broke, dropped the umbrella, and went to his mom. The Penguin himself made to shoot Harley, but Poison Ivy arrived with Kite Man and Harley broke out of her chained chair, prepared to fight. The Joker offered to allow her to live if she admitted she was nothing without him, and when she refused, battle commenced.

The Penguin, Scarecrow, and Two-Face surround Harley and Ivy

Poison Ivy held off Two-Face while Harley attacked Scarecrow, and Kite Man reluctantly went up against Bane. Kite Man was quickly dispatched, and although Harley and Poison Ivy briefly held their own, they were eventually cornered by Penguin, Two-Face, and Scarecrow. When the Joker demanded that Bane "stop dicking around" with Kite Man and called Bane a "dumb, freakish monster" for not focusing on Harley, Harley took the opportunity to sow doubt among their ranks, questioning why they took the orders from a powerless villain who simply bullied them into submission. Now bereft of help, the Joker made to kill Harley herself, but Ivy quickly surrounded him in plants. He was nearly defeated until his contractor called, so he took the opportunity to simply leave. Harley then amended to join the Legion of Doom to prove her worth that way.

"So You Need a Crew?"

"I need a fucking crew"

Harley tried to steal a Russian nuke, but struggled all by herself and was thwarted by the Joker and his goons. This prompts her to seek out a crew for herself, again ignoring Ivy's advice to the contrary, using Doctor Psycho as an example of someone doing things on his own as they watched him battle Wonder Woman by himself on TV. Although, they were shock when he called her "the C-world", prompting Harley to say that this is why he should have had a crew as they would have told him to use "the B-word instead". She sought out underlings from Underworld Talent Inc.. However, they rejected her after realizing she was no longer with the Joker, so she sought help from strangers in Noonan's Bar but everyone fled from her, one even jumping into a "hell portal" to avoid working for her. She got frustrated when when Kite Man arrived asking for help and the entire bar eagerly went to help on his heist.

The Justice League vs Queen of Fables

Angry, Harley went with Ivy to see promotional speaker Maxie Zeus' seminar on recruiting goons, and he advised the crowd to simply never quit even if a recruitment agency or Randoms in a seedy bar rejected them. Harley went to see Maxie afterward for more tips, but he was only interested in having sex with her, insisting that no "bad guy" would ever work for a woman, to which Harley asserted that she didn't need a bad guy. Harley then sought out Ivy to join her crew, but Ivy again turned her down, telling her there was a "glass ceiling" for female supervillains, and referred her to the Queen of Fables. She was a sorceress who conjured an entire army and took over Gotham in the 80's, prompting the Justice League to crack down on her directly, and had Zatanna Zatara imprison the her inside a U.S. Tax Code book.

What Queen of Fables made me realize, is if I want a crew, I shouldn't be looking for scumbags who believe in me, I should be looking for scumbags no one else believes in.
Harley Quinn

After visiting Fables who told Harley her entire story, Harley returned to Ivy's apartment, slightly down from the depressing encounter and wondering if Ivy had sent her there because she didn't believe in her. Ivy assured her it was the opposite and she just wanted her to know what she was up against. Although the encounter with Fables gave Harley the inspiration to seek out villains who were downtrodden and disrespected, desperate enough to work for her, starting with Doctor Psycho who had recently been banished from the Legion of Doom for once again using "the C-word" on live TV, this time towards his wife. She also accepts Clayface's request to join her crew.

Harley and her crew makes the news

For their first heist, they set out to get revenge on Maxie Zeus. She dispatched Clayface to distract him while she and Doctor Psycho snuck into his mansion to rob his gold medals. On the way out she and Psycho discovered Maxie handily fighting Clayface who had blown his cover, so Harley demanded that Maxie proclaim to the world that "Harley's crew ain't nothin' to fuck with". She then had Doctor Psycho beat him with several telekinetically lifted statues, before Harley herself beat him up with her bat. The next day when reporters found him beaten and robbed, he wearily said what Harley demanded he say. Harley Quinn also used Maxie's stolen medals to purchase a nuke, which she used to threaten Gotham City into renaming a highway after her.

"Finding Mr. Right"

Successful heist

Harley Quinn arrived at Ivy's Ivy's apartment with bales of cash after a successful bank robbery, but becomes angry when she sees no one on TV covering their heist - angrily destroying a ninth TV in Ivy's apartment. Although Ivy advised her that a lack of notoriety was a good thing, Harley once again ignored her advice and became fixated on getting "nemesis" to increase her viewership. They had no luck finding one on "findanemesis.com", so Clayface enlisted King Shark, a "social media maven", to help. With King Shark improving her profile she manages to get a match with Tommy Tomorrow, but Harley does not want someone inconsequential like Tommy and plans to get Batman.

In order to provoke Batman into fighting her, Harley steals the Batmobile. Unfortunately for Harley, only Robin arrived to stop the theft, but Harley refused to fight him and so abandoned the Batmobile. Not to be outdone, Robin lied to Tawny Young on her show that he and Harley had battled after which she had asked him to become her nemesis. This angered Harley, even more so when Lois Lane picked up the story, saying it set the "Evil Women's Movement Back Decades". Harley then had the idea to force Lois to retract the article, potentially drawing Superman to defend his girlfriend and make Harley his nemesis. However, Lois Lane was entirely unconcerned by being kidnapped by Harley, as was Superman himself, who simply brought Robin to fight Harley off. Still unwilling to fight him, Harley simply retreated.

Harley exposes Robin as a liar on the Tawny show

Desperate to disprove Robin's claims, Harley captured him and set King Shark to swimming below Robin in order to frighten him into retracting his claim about being Harley's nemesis. When Robin insisted that he would never, because he had the media wrapped around his finger, Harley revealed that he was on the Tawny Young Show and being recorded the entire time. Harley was then cleared of being his nemesis, but in his shame, Robin had a nose bleed which fell into the water below, enraging King Shark. As King Shark tried to attack Robin, he called out for Batman, who arrived to subdue King Shark and save Robin. He then rounded on Harley Quinn, saying she would be sent to Arkham Asylum for the way she endangered Robin.

With the cameras still rolling, Harley and Batman started fighting. Harley nearly ended up getting captured until Poison Ivy arrived to help fight off Batman and save Harley. Together they fought Batman until the Joker himself arrived, furious Harley was trying to take his nemesis from him, and everyone engaged in a three way brawl, until the Joker noticed Robin still tied up from earlier. He kidnaps him and flees, forcing Batman to once again chase after the Joker as his full-time nemesis. After the show, Ivy reassures Harley, saying she will get a nemesis eventually but should no try to force it. She also added King Shark to her crew, because of what he could do while raged out, additionally "he does computer good".

"Being Harley Quinn"

Harley freezes

While looking for a new base of operations after Ivy's eviction notice, Harley continually rejected lair after lair. The agent demanded to know who Harley was, in order to zero in on her brand, but the questioning only caused Harley to scream that she didn't know, just before she froze in place - what Doctor Psycho called a "level-four brain freeze". Doctor Psycho telepathically draws Harley's Crew into Harley's mind in order to identify and resolve the problem, and they land her in her museum of memories, learning much of Harley's background.

After meeting Harley herself in her mind, Doctor Psycho admonished everyone not to touch anything lest Harley's mind attempt to expel them. However, when Harley saw a glitched memory of the Joker pushing her into a vat of chemicals, she attempted to interact with it to figure out why, causing a "brain lock-down" and preventing Doctor Psycho from "rebooting" Harley, while simultaneously trapping everyone in Harley's mind. Harley's mind presumed them to be intruders, and then deployed Harley Gremlins to kill them all even as Sy Borgman arrived at Ivy's apartment to find everyone passed out on the ground, who he assumed be "another suicide cult".

Harley's subconscious

From Harley's optic nerve, Harley saw Sy Borgman and Golda planning to cremate their bodies before Golda had Sy close "slutty Casper's eyes", so she had Doctor Psycho take them to another exit - her subconscious. There Harley discovered the place to be a carnival filled with clones of the Joker, and Ivy pointed out that she wasn't over her ex-boyfriend. Harley quickly had to flee with everyone else when more gremlins arrived, and eventually Harley and company came to an dead-end; however, they are saved by a hallucination of Frankie Muniz, who shows them the way out. Frankie Muniz was Harley's unhealthy obsession as a child, who she wanted to kidnap and deceive into impregnating her, which, according to Psycho is the sane portion of her brain sending help.

Harley goes to Repressed Memory Island

Before fleeing, Harley noticed Repressed Memory Island, which she assumed might be at fault for the glitch in her origin story memory. Harley decided to go off toward it, with everyone else eventually following, but when more gremlins arrived, Clayface stayed behind and transformed into Frankie Muniz to distract them. Everyone else then rode on King Shark's back to the island, where finally saw the missing part of her memory and discovered that it was actually her choice to jump into the acid and become Harley Quinn, that the Joker did not push her after all. Emboldened, Harley walks straight into the memory and assumes the guise of the memory of Harleen Quinzel, turning Joker's offer down his offer to jump. When the Joker angrily tells her that she can't change her past, Harley exclaims how this it not her origin story, changing the scenery so they're now in Joker's Fun House the day she broke up with him, telling him that he nor anyone else created her, she created herself.

This restored equilibrium to her mind, she found Clayface safe and sound, and everyone returned to their bodies in time to stop Sy Borgman from incinerating them. While the rest of the crew angrily confronted Sy, Harley looked around her surroundings at the Gotham Mall and suddenly exclaim this to be their new lair, making a deal with Sy that they could have it on the condition of letting him come along on some of their heists.

"You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon"

Harley's anger over being ignored

Harley and the crew entered Gotham Mall after having just stolen King Tut's desiccated corpse, but quickly became enraged when she learned that KGBeast had been nominated to join the Legion of Doom, while she herself has been ignored for two months straight. In her rage, Harley smashed King Shark's computer, and at his recommendation to steal a new one, Harley came up with an idea to burgle an invisible motorcycle from WayneTech to get attention. Clayface distracted the guards, King Shark hacked open several doors, Poison Ivy helped everyone up into WayneTech tower, and Doctor Psycho seized a security guard to bypass the final retinal scan lock.

Harley then jumped through the laser beams surrounding the motorcycle itself using gymnastics, but noticed an even more secure inner area past where the motorcycle was stored. Despite Doctor Psycho's protests, she abandoned the bike and stole a device from the inner area, and called an audible to draw away the police. In the process of escaping however, Clayface had his arm chopped off, which Harley insisted he leave behind so they could escape. Harley was initially pleased with the heist, but her entire crew had concerns, and the Cowled Critic lambasted her for her ineptitude, leaving behind a "member" of her own crew - Clayface's hand - for the police to interrogate.

King Shark in Blackgate Penitentiary

Determined to pull things out of the fire, Harley came up with a plan to break into the Gotham City police department to retrieve Clayface's hand and make her crew look powerful enough to be invited to the Legion of Doom. At the same time, Poison Ivy and Doctor Psycho peeled off to deal with the Cowled Critic's slander. Harley attempted to have King Shark cause a distraction while they infiltrated the building, but he was immediately thrown into Blackgate Penitentiary. She then deployed Clayface to be the distraction, who succeeded. She confronted Commissioner Gordon on the roof just as the arm was about to reveal the location of their lair and demanded it back, threatening to activate the device she stole from WayneTech if he refused, but instead he tried to shoot her. At the last moment, Harley pressed the button, but rather than explode, she was suddenly teleported.

My friend just lost his arm, and instead of helping him get it back I did what would help me get into the Legion of Doom. I let him down. Just like you let Gordon down.
— Harley to Batman

Batman saves Harley from falling

Materializing in the Batcave, Harley tried to make Batman believe that Gordon was suicidal and needing his immediate attention, claiming that Batman abandoned Gordon. In saying so, Harley realized that she had been ignoring her own crew and focusing solely on herself. She admitted her own fault, and convinced Batman to go save his friendship with Gordon. He then flew with her back to the police station and resolved his friendship, prompting Clayface's hand to return to Clayface himself. Despite just having repaired his relationship, Batman now claimed he had to take Harley to Arkham so Harley activated the device again and tossed it to him, teleporting him back to the Batcave, just before Doctor Psycho arrived with ivy and helped everyone escape. Finally, Harley apologized for not caring about her crew as much as getting into the Legion of Doom, and the Cowled Critic even gave her a glowing review, noting only that she once again left behind a crew member - King Shark. Harley and company went and rescued him from Blackgate.

"The Line"

Harley's Crew planning to rob S.T.A.R. Labs

Queen of Fables received a court order to be released from the United States Tax Code, and she advised Harley that she has to steal something the Legion of Doom wants in order to be noticed. Harley decided to steal Kord Industries' famous Weather Machine, using S.T.A.R. Laboratories' personal force field device to deflect the lasers Kord Industries uses to protect their Weather Machine. Harley's plan was stalled by the need for someone who could enter a 4-inch crawlspace, and their focus was occupied when she saw on TV how Queen of Fables was freed from the tax code only to be sentenced to Arkham. Harley then freed Queen of Fables while she was being transported to the prison.

Queen of Fables agreed to help Harley steal the force field from S.T.A.R. Labs, but soon began to unnerve Harley's Crew with her brutality. Harley insisted on continuing however, using Queen of Fable's conjured mouse for the mission while Queen of Fables herself distracted a family who had seen them. After successfully pulling off the mission, Harley was horrified to return to a bloody massacre of the entire family reunion. Although she saw one survivor who appeared to be a little girl, she claimed not to see any survivors so that Queen of Fables would not kill another person. At Ivy's insistence, Harley attempted to gently dismiss Queen of Fables from their group, but Queen of Fables became offended at Harley's insistence on not crossing her "line" of killing innocents, and left in anger.

Harley with the Weather Machine

Harley managed to steal the Weather Machine without issue using the force field, and used it to blackmail the Mayor of Gotham for $1 billion, only for Queen of Fables to arrive and try to steal it from her. Harley protested that they were friends, but Queen of Fables continued to advance until Jason Praxis, the sole survivor of the massacre, arrived to destroy Queen of Fables' storybook and launch an electrical assault on everyone present. Harley agreed to turn over Queen of Fables to him in exchange for mercy, but slipped her force field on Queen of Fables' wrist so that Praxis' electrical blast rebounded and struck him instead. Harley then sent Queen of Fables off, although she stayed around just long enough to brutally murder Jason Praxis before departing. With Queen of Fables gone, Harley tried to use the Weather Machine, but it self destructed after too many failed login attempts.


Deep in the ocean, Harley and her crew have just stolen a cache of Atlantean jewels from the Atlantis Museum of Art, with Clayface pretending to be Aquaman to misdirect the guards. However, Aquaman himself apprehended them on the ocean surface, and it required Poison Ivy's arrival and tying him up in seaweed for Harley and her crew to escape. Their exploits made the news and afterward, the Legion of Doom became interested and invited Harley for consideration into the Legion of Doom, and Harley guilt-tripped Ivy into coming along to see it. Scarecrow took them on a tour of the building and Harley and her crew were instantly smitten with the place, although Ivy disdained it.

While Harley was mingling at the party, Aquaman arrived to retrieve his jewels from Ivy and Harley. He fought off several Legion of Doom members including Black Manta, who landed on Ivy and left her helpless, until Harley distracted him and goaded him into throwing his trident at her. She then dodged, and his trident shattered the large aquarium throughout the Legion of Doom office, spilling hundreds of fish onto the ground and forcing Aquaman to save them. Everyone at the Legion of Doom then praised Harley for fighting Aquaman off, but just before the nomination began, Ivy suddenly proposed making up their own league without the Legion of Doom. Although tempted, Harley insisted on joining the Legion of Doom until Ivy admitted that they had only invited Harley to blackmail Ivy herself into joining, as Lex Luthor said.

The Joker confronting Harley

However, to Ivy's surprise, Lex Luthor announced Harley Quinn as the new member of the Legion of Doom despite Ivy's rejection, leading Harley to assume that Ivy simply did not believe in her. Afterward Harley got into an intense argument with Ivy, claiming that Ivy simply did not want Harley to succeed and move on because Harley was supposedly the only friend she'd ever had. After Ivy stormed out angrily, the ground beneath Harley's feat collapsed and dumped her into the basement of Gotham Mall, where Doctor Psycho and Sy Borgman were restraining a giant tentacle monster. As Doctor Psycho translated for the monster about how it felt abandoned by Sy Borgman, Harley began to realize that she lashed out at Ivy. After freeing the monster and going to the Legion of Doom, Harley debated reaching out to Ivy again, but decided against it. She then came face to face with the Joker himself.

"A Seat at the Table"

Harley is welcomed into the L.O.D.

Harley and her crew were inducted into the Legion of Doom and the Joker praised her entry, saying she was "killing it". Her crew insisted she not fall for his schemes, and although she reassured them, she began to warm to the Joker when he nodded approvingly at her. She then tried to repair her friendship with Poison Ivy, assuring her she would always be there for her and offering to help her destroy Lex Corp's PlanetWide Pavers factory with her, before heading to her first Legion of Doom meeting. There, she criticized the Joker's idea to spend $600-$800 million on a tower, despite everyone else blindly agreeing with him before hearing her notes.

Afterwards, he surprised her by praising her for challenging him to put the time in to flesh out his plan. The Joker also offered to have a "work drink" with Harley to help develop his plan more and to show Harley how to "game the system", but although Harley was opposed to the idea, her crew's requests to be assigned away from Bane convinced her to follow up on the Joker's offer, in order to figure out how to get them off the hook. At the Joker's dinner, he claimed he would simply talk to Lex Luthor and resolve the situation for Harley's crew, saying that Lex considers Harley to be an "asset" that he wants to keep happy. As Harley began to enjoy the dinner, she realized she had to go to meet Ivy but the Joker convinced her to stay so she lied about having to reschedule, and ignored her crew's calls for help when she moved to have a dinner on a commandeered yacht. After tossing the original owners onto a life-raft, the Joker even agreed with one of Harley's suggestions for his tower - to have it emerge out of the ground "like a jack-in-the-box". Batman himself then arrived to apprehend them, but the Joker sent him sprawling with a grenade and then prepared to escape in a helicopter.

Harley Quinn falling from the helicopter

Mirroring "Til Death Do Us Part" when the Joker abandoned Harley to be captured by Batman, the Joker instead turned the situation on its head by offering to take her with him - seemingly accepting her for the first time. Harley squealed in delight and ran into his arms as they were both lifted into the air away from Batman. Now in the helicopter, Harley mentioned that she dreamed of escaping together, and they began kissing passionately until the Batplane pulled alongside the Joker's helicopter, at which point the Joker savagely pushed Harley out of the helicopter to her death, betraying her once again. Heartbroken as the litany of her abusive relationship flashed before her eyes, Harley curled into a fetal position as she plummeted toward the water, only for Batman to break her fall.

Please don't go.
— Harley to Ivy
Please don't go.png

Batman softly admonished Harley that "some things never change, Quinn" before Harley tearfully slid off the Batplane and adroitly dove into the waters below. At shore, she eventually arrived at the hospital after learning that King Shark had his fin blown off during Bane's mission. She tried to keep to her story about being held up by the Legion of Doom, but didn't realize that her crew and Ivy had all seen the footage of her kissing the Joker earlier, and so they saw through her lie. She tried to convince her crew that she was only meeting with the Joker to try and get them of working for Bane, but her original lie kept them from believing her. Ivy herself abandoned Harley with the rest of her crew, and even rejected her help in destroying the PlanetWide Pavers factory, saying "I need people I can count on".


Harley's family: Grandpa Quinzel, Nick Quinzel, Sharon Quinzel, Harleen Quinzel, Barry Quinzel, and Grandma Quinzel

Harley stalked her ex-crew on Instagram, briefly speaking with Bane before heading to the Gotham Mall alone. She tried contacting Ivy, but when she received no response, a hallucination of Doctor Quinzel appeared before Harley and suggested she go to her mother for acceptance and love. At her mother Sharon Quinzel's home in Bensonhurst, Harley was taken in with open arms, and Harley apologized for not keeping in touch. However, Harley did still shrug off Sharon's suggestion that she become a psychiatrist again, and became bothered that Sharon kept her second-place trophy from when she was a gymnast. Apparently Harley nearly won a tournament, but her father, Nick Quinzel, asked her to "take a dive" so that he could win a bet to get out of debt, and although Harley acquiesced, she became enraged and assaulted him.

Surfacing from the memory, Harley expressed how glad she was that Nick was in prison, only to find that he had been released and got back together with Sharon. At dinner Harley constantly complained about Nick, rebuffing Sharon's suggestion that she marry a Jewish doctor, until Nick called for civility for Grandma Quinzel's sake. Grandma Quinzel managed to explain that she had brain cancer just before her head exploded in a shower of gore - an assassin was shooting at them. Harley closed the blinds, painted everyone in blood, and had them lay still while the assassin was forced to physically enter the house. As he inspected Harley's "corpse", she redirected his own knife into his chest and pulled him into a chair, demanding to know who he worked for as she pushed the knife deeper. Before he could give anything away however, Nick shot him in the head, claiming that it was revenge for killing Grandma Quinzel.

Nick sacrificed his last thumb for Harley

In the aftermath, Nick claimed that the assassin was from the mob and trying to kill him over a loan he took from them. He and Harley then went to fight them off, with Nick giving her pointers on which gymnastic moves to do in order to defeat the mobsters, eventually defeating them all. Nick then earnestly apologized for having her lose on purpose and complimented her skills until he was interrupted by the arrival of one last mobster with a minigun. Nick pushed Harley out of the way and lost his last thumb to the gunfire in the process before Harley killed him. Afterward, Harley and Nick finally appeared to make amends, believing her father to have changed.

Grandpa Quinzel arrived at the house to celebrate, claiming to have high blood pressure and wanting to drink with the time he had left, only for his chest to explode in another shatter of gore from a shotgun blast. Harley then killed yet another assassin and angrily declared that she would keep her family safe, only for another, much smaller explosion of gore to erupt from her own stomach - she was shot by her own father. He revealed that he had tipped off an assassin to kill Harley so that he could collect a finder's fee from the $1 million bounty on her head and simply had her wipe out the mob while he waited, but when both assassins failed, he intended to kill her and collect the bounty himself. As Harley reached for a knife, her own mother took it away to prevent it from grabbing it. Sharon said that she only wanted "what every Jewish mother wants, for you to marry a doctor".

Harley, physically and emotionally hurt

Sharon said she tries so hard to change Harley’s life in the most passive-aggressive way she could and angry the only thanks she gets is “yelling and fighting. At Harley’s insistence that she was her daughter and deserved her love, Sharon said that her being their daughter made them into pariahs wherever they went due to her being a criminal. Harley then cauterized her own wound while continuing to argue, dodging bullets from Nick. Nick insisted that he was just like her, betraying her as she betrayed her crew, and although Harley said they left her and not the other way around, Sharon said it was because she was “sucking face with that goyische clown” and had a bad taste in men. Harley fired back that she learned it from her, only for Nick to throw her through a closet door and attempt to strangle her, at which point Harley pulled a knife on him. Backpedaling, Nick and Sharon then begged for mercy and said that “family doesn’t kill each other”, but Harley disavowed them, saying they aren’t worth killing, and stumbled out of the house covered in cuts, bruises, and a gut wound. She then passed out as a car rolled up, and awoke inside it with Frank the Plant at the wheel, who claimed that Ivy had been kidnapped and needed Harley's help.

"Harley Quinn Highway"

Outside the PlanetWide Pavers factory, Frank convinced Harley that it was too dangerous to infiltrate without her crew. She reached out to Clayface, Doctor Psycho, and King Shark with a heartfelt speech about how she regretted her mistreatment of them, but they unanimously reject her offer to rejoin her crew until Frank tells them that Ivy had been kidnapped. Berating Harley to "put your thesis statement at the motherfuckin' top", he convinced everyone to reform the crew - with the caveat that most members wanted nothing to do with Harley after Ivy was safe again. Sy Borgman also offered his assistance, and drove everyone to the factory in a Pretzel Wrapped Wieners truck and gained admittance under the guise of making a delivery.

Entering the PlanetWide Pavers facility

Once inside, everyone donned disguises and went further into the factory, eventually hearing Ivy's screams and zeroing in on them. Doctor Psycho says they must enter her mind to combat the fear toxin destroying her brain, so Harley knocks Ivy out, not realizing that Ivy could have been left awake for the procedure. Everyone then enters Ivy's mind to discover it shrouded in darkness, filled with a myriad of Ivy's greatest fears, such as a wood chipper grinding up young trees and spewing blood everywhere. After defeating the wood chipper, a hallucination of Frank materialized in front of Ivy and told her that she needed to destroy Ivy's biggest fear to correct the damage done to Ivy's mind.

Harley is revealed as Ivy's biggest fear

Frank directed everyone to a mansion, where Harley discovered a memory of Ivy's cruel father mocking her lack of friends. She immediately presumed him to be Ivy's greatest fear, and tried to attack him, only for him to transform into a massive mouth that consumed Ivy and nearly ate Harley too. However, King Shark bit a chunk out of his tongue, causing him to spew them both out of the mansion in a flood of blood and pain. Harley sought to go back to find him, but Frank said he wasn't actually Ivy's biggest fear. At that moment, Kite Man emerged out of the darkness and fearfully tried to escape into the air, only to be caught by a fireball and disintegrated. Death himself then emerged out of the darkness and launched a fiery assault against Harley and her crew. Harley then had Clayface morph into a bat, which she used to club Death to death. However, when she pulled back Death's hood, she discovered it was actually Harley herself who Ivy feared most. With Ivy's biggest fear defeated, her mind abruptly corrected itself and ejected everyone.

Harley catches Ivy

Harley awoke surrounded by a bloody massacre, Sy Borgman having killed a slew of guards who arrived after he accidentally activated the alarm. Although Harley demanded answers about why she was Ivy's biggest fear, Ivy insisted on going after Scarecrow and the rest of the Legion of Doom. Sy then transformed into a car and everyone drove off after Scarecrow onto the Harley Quinn Highway, a Mario Kart-esque track with loops and abrupt turns that Harley designed herself. Ivy quickly went ahead to take over one of Scarecrow's trucks. Harley again asked Ivy about her fear again, and Ivy relented and revealed that her fear was finally placing her trust in someone only to be abandoned, as Harley did for the Joker. Before they could reconcile however, Harley's truck slowed while on a loop and succumbed to gravity, forcing Harley to maneuver through the air to land inside of Clayface without harm. When Ivy flew off her own truck, Harley had Sy jump off the track to intercept her fall, with Harley herself pulling Ivy to safety.

After landing successfully, Harley invited Sy to join the crew even if it was just going to be him and her, and they then raced off to catch the last truck - with Scarecrow in it. As Scarecrow took the Gotham Park exit, spiraling around a giant statue of Harley herself, Harley took aim at the statue with a rocket launcher and proclaimed that it was the "old me. Time to blow her up." Harley then fired, destroying the statue, whose head fell onto the track and blocked Scarecrow's truck. Seemingly successful, Harley asked Ivy if they could make amends, only for Scarecrow to come to and drive his truck off the side of the track, landing in the Gotham Reservoir and infecting the entire water supply with Ivy's pheromones. Harley and her crew watched in horror as trees throughout Gotham transformed into ravenous monsters.

"Devil's Snare"

Captured by the Justice League

Harley and Ivy tried to fight off the plant monsters to no avail, eventually getting surrounded, and only survived due to the intervention of the Justice League. Although they made short work of the nearby monsters, they presumed Harley to be at fault, and nearly banished her and her crew to the Phantom Zone. Poison Ivy managed to save them only by wrapping Wonder Woman's lasso around her neck to force her to tell the truth, proving to the Justice League that they were not at fault. Queen of Fables then arrived and trapped the entire Justice League inside her storybook, just as Zatanna Zatara did to Queen of Fables 30 years ago. She then tossed a beanstalk at their feet, launching them up into the sky where a giant soon tried to eat them.

Kite Man to the rescue

Ivy sent out a distress call to Kite Man, and Harley wondered how Ivy had his number memorized. She continually questioned Ivy while battling the giant, until eventually Ivy said she was dating him. Doctor Psycho and everyone else in the crew knew about it, even Sy, but Ivy claimed that Harley never knew because she was self-centered. The giant finally captured them all then, but was stopped when Kite Man arrived and threw hot sauce in his one eye, causing him to fall over and toss them out of the clouds. As they plummeted, Kite Man caught Ivy in his arms, Harley, Doctor Psycho, and Clayface on the back of his kite, and extended a rope ladder for King Shark and Sy Borgman to grab onto. With all of the extra weight accelerating their descent, Clayface launched himself onto the ground and reformed into a ramp, breaking Doctor Psycho, Harley, Sy Borgman, and King Shark's fall while Kite Man brought himself and Ivy gently to the ground. Their passionate kissing afterward disgusted Harley and her crew.

Harley then commandeered Commissioner Gordon's tank to take on the Legion of Doom, only for it to blow up before she could even fire a missile at it. The Joker's Tower then emerged from the ground where it previously stood, and broadcasted the Joker live. He derided the Legion for allowing in "any second-rate clown with a cheap dye job", so Harley angrily proclaimed that she went to a high-end salon weekly, only for Ivy to point out that she really does just buy bottles of dye from the drug store. Harley sought to use their tank to attack the Joker's tower, only for another tank to literally fall from the sky and crush their own tank, thrown by a plant monster. Ivy then went off to distract the plant monsters surrounding the tower, allowing Harley to approach it and come face to face with Queen of Fables.

Harley screams.png

Queen of Fables told the Big Bad Wolf to get Harley, only for King Shark to kill and eat his innards. Harley then got inside his pelt and walked to the Queen of Fables like normal, only to rip out of her disguise and bat Queen of Fables' head literally off of her shoulders, killing her. Poison Ivy then arrived, now a giantess, but so too did another plant monster, who kidnapped Harley. Ivy ran after and killed the monster and caught Harley as she fell. With Harley in Ivy's hand, they finally reconciled as Harley admitted she was not good at having people that were actually good for her in her life but promised to better from now on. While laughing together, a flagpole shot from the Joker's tower bolted through Ivy's chest, at which point she shrunk down to human size again and died in Harley's arms, surrounded by a bed of flowers. The Joker's laughter rolled over the landscape, saying "oops", and in response, Harley screamed in rage and loss.

"The Final Joke"

Harley tearfully attended Ivy's funeral, and after becoming overwhelmed with rage she tried to run straight to the Joker to kill him. Doctor Psycho stopped her however, insisting she come up with a plan first. She decides to team up with Batman, sending Clayface to Joker posing as Batman while the real Batman could sneak up on the Joker and defeat him. Although the Joker initially buys the ruse, he insists on Harley singing "happy birthday", which Clayface cannot resist singing along to. This reveals the deception, forcing Harley to shoot a rocket at the Joker's tower. After the smoke clears, the Joker and the real Batman are right across from each other, so the Joker runs to the center of the tower and encapsulates himself in a protective dome while the room fills with gas. Batman is then knocked out and captured, and the Joker's traps capture all of Harley's crew except for her who uses her gymnastics to get away.

Once again in her old outfit

After being on the run, Harley got some red and black roses and left them on Ivy's grave. Kite Man and Frank the Plant then showed up, having been living in a camp behind the grave, and informed Harley about her crew's pending execution. Harley bid Ivy goodbye and shed tears which landed on her grave before leaving to save her crew, even as the flowers she left began to move of their own accord. Knowing the Joker wanted her alive, Harley strapped a bomb to herself and threatened suicide if the Joker did not release her crew. He acquiesced, agreeing to free her crew if she put on her old outfit. She did, so the Joker released her crew and then went on a small speech about how Harley was the "missing piece" to his happiness. Just as they got close together for a kiss, they both stabbed each other in the gut at the same time, and then began fighting each other. Although Harley stabbed the Joker multiple times, he easily held the upper hand. After defeating her he claimed that he was being truthful, that he did need her - because she was his only weakness, and must be removed. Harley dared him to kill her, but the Joker had other ideas.

I have friends that love and care about me. I'm moving on with my life with the people that matter. And that ain't you, puddin'!
— Harley Quinn.

Claiming that killing her would allow her to "live on forever, an emotional martyr in my soul", the Joker instead intended to erase her memories completely and totally, rendering her as a normal person again. The Joker held her over a vat of acid and prepared to push her in, but Harley saw vines growing around the edge of the vat, so she asked that the Joker let her jump in of her own accord. Bemused, the Joker agreed, so Harley jumped off the catwalk above the vat and fell into Ivy's waiting vines. Ivy then rose into the air and dispatched the Joker's goons, and at Harley's direction, grabbed and dropped the Joker himself into the vat of acid. Harley was thrilled and thought her tears brought Ivy back to life, although Ivy claimed it was simply the "renewing power of nature".

Gotham City in chaos

With the Joker's last act, he activated a self destruct, destroying his tower an the majority of Gotham City, sinking the rest into the waters surrounding it. This freed Batman in the process, who was able to save Harley and Ivy from a falling pipe, ending up crushed instead. Harley, Ivy, and the rest of her crew then looked out over the burning, utterly destroyed Gotham City and mused on the fact that both the Justice League and the Legion of Doom are either incapacitated or dead, including the Joker. Overwhelmed, Harley commented that it was "so beautiful" before hugging Ivy.

Season 2

"New Gotham"

Harley is thriving during the anarchy of New Gotham

In the wake of Gotham City's utter destruction, the President of the United States declared it "civitas non grata", no longer part of the country, which delighted Harley Quinn. She proceeded to go on a rampage throughout the anarchic city with her hyenas Bud and Lou, kidnapping a famous sushi chef named Takashi to cook for her crew. Ivy pulled her aside and urged her to take command of the city, but Harley refused, delighting in the lack of hierarchy in New Gotham. After Harley discarded Sy Borgman's comment about it being like post-war Vietnam, she was interrupted by the arrival of The Penguin's goons.

Dibs? There's no dibs. The city's in ruins, idiot. It's a post-dibs world. Nobody owns nothing.
— Harley Quinn angry about the re-establishment of hierarchy and property

The two goons claimed that Gotham Mall was The Penguin's "turf", but King Shark ate one of them and frightened the other way. Ivy used this to impress upon Harley that more and more goons would begin taking over if she didn't do so herself. Harley tried to deny it until yet another band of goons arrived, this time from Two-Face, so Harley left to deal with the situation by inciting a good uprising, encouraging them to strike out as independents and undermine their former masters.

Anarchy restored, Harley went out to steal the last ginger in Gotham for Takashi to use in their sushi preparation, but was fought by five new upstart villains on the way and delayed. Ivy then pulled her aside to complain about the numerous small-time villains around, but Harley brushed it off, taking a letter from Lou with her invitation to the Injustice League in it. This disturbed Harley as she wanted no structures or hierarchies at all, prompting Ivy to mock her.

The Injustice League mock Harley within her block of ice

Harley arrived at the Injustice League's headquarters, where The Penguin and Two-Face insisted that there must be a hierarchy. Disturbed, she protested that they had the opportunity to do something new instead of falling into their old ways, prompting Mister Freeze to show the league's new proposed map of Gotham City to Harley, sections of the city divided up into territories. In response Harley simply smashed through the map and the table beneath it, and rejected their idea of territorial division, so Mister Freeze froze her in a block of ice.

Harley wakes up in the middle of an escape attempt, only her face free of the ice, so she screams for release. Eventually Sy Borgman uses a blow torch to let her free her swinging arm, and she begins fighting The Penguin's goons while half encased in ice, laughing maniacally as her ice block smashes goons repeatedly. However, when Doctor Psycho throws Harley's block into a trio of goons, she gets a bit too far ahead of her crew and The Penguin seals the door behind her, leaving her alone with him and entrapped in ice.

The Penguin taunts Harley

The Penguin taunted Harley, easily disarming her while encased in ice, and was prepared to kill her. However, he got a bit too close and enabled Harley to bite his nose clean off, forcing him to flinch away. The recoil also knocked Harley's block of ice down, shattering it and finally freeing her, but she accidentally shattered her bat when she attempted to finish The Penguin. Laughing, The Penguin taunted her as nothing more than a "defrosted gymnast" without her bat and began launching grenades at her from his umbrella, knocking Harley aside with the blasts.

Not to be outdone however, Harley hid in the smoke that the grenades created, throwing her voice around the room to disorient The Penguin. Then, she snuck up on him and shoved the shattered end of her bat into his throat before ripping it out, killing him. She then turned to her crew and asked to get coffee, so they went to Noonan's Bar where Harley demanded to know why the goons went back to their bosses so quickly. Ivy tries to let Harley down gently, but Clayface immediately tells her that she was in ice for two months, shocking Harley. Ivy then takes Harley to see what she's missed, and is horrified to discover that the Injustice League has carved up the city. Lamentably, Harley finally admits that Ivy was right, and vows to take over the city for herself.

"Riddler U"

Harley has no power or lighting to see her next move, so she sets her sights on Riddler University, the only place in New New Gotham with power. She plans to sneak in with Poison Ivy, posing as coeds in order to kill the Riddler. They fly with Kite Man to university while caked in makeup to hide her pale skin, to sneak in and joins a tour by Barbara Gordon using the alias "Heather Witherbee". Barbara starts questioning if they really were there but "Stephanie" helps them blend. However, when Harley Quinn notices someone in crowd who appears to be the Riddler she runs after and attacks him. After shoving the man into a fountain, beating him, and nearly drowning him, she realizes that he's "Jiminey Riddles", the Riddle U mascot.

Harley's identity is revealed

In the process, Harley gets wet, and her cake makeup begins to slough off, revealing her identity to Barbara Gordon, who is watching nearby. She gives chase, but Barbara agilely escapes. At night, Harley and Ivy break into Barbara's dorm, and although Barbara quickly overpowers Harley, Ivy uses a plant to captures her. Barbara quickly explains she's on their side and has been collecting evidence that the Riddler is kidnapping students for a long time and wants to take him down. She gives them wrist bands to access a suspicious frat house, which they then take and leave.

At the party, Harley gets distracted by an ice luge but is refocused by Ivy, knocking out the guard to the VIP area and breaking in. Inside they discover the Riddler's power generator, using human hamster wheels as a power source, and they also find the Riddler himself. Harley laughs at his "riddle stick", until he blasts her unconscious with a bolt of electricity from it. She's put on a hamster wheel, and although she tries to get Clayface to transform and escape to help them, he thinks she's calling him fat and becomes distraught, forcing Harley to admit that it's quite good character work. Barbara then arrives and frees them, allowing them to overpower and capture the Riddler. They take him back to Gotham Mall where they force him to run on his own hamster wheel, providing them with power.


Harley and Ivy meet with Catwoman

Harley Quinn is unable to make any progress getting through the thick ice to Mister Freeze's lair but the guards makes accidentally reveals that the only thing hot enough to get through is Firefly's flamethrower which is kept by Doctor Trap at Gotham Natural History Museum. On their way, she hedges that Ivy should probably get a better partner than Kite Man, but Ivy brushes it off as hypocrisy given her relationship with the Joker. Ivy complains vociferously about Harley's plan to have Catwoman help them with the museum, until the moment Catwoman actually arrives, at which point she turns on a dime and brushes off Harley's suggestion that Catwoman leave and sings her praises. Confused, Harley just goes ahead with the original plan.

Harley Quinn
Here, kitty, kitty!
Are you always this impetuous?
Harley Quinn
Give me a dictionary, and I'll tell ya.
— Harley Quinn calls for Catwoman because she is late

Harley prepares to enter the museum with Ivy and Catwoman but is stopped by Kite Man, who wants her help to get a ring from the museum for him to propose with. She goes in reluctantly, initially advising him against but eventually, Kite Man impresses Harley with how far he is willing to go for Ivy, so she decides to help him get the ring in earnest. She succeeds in getting him the ring, although he ends up swarmed by hornets in the process. They catch up with Catwoman and Ivy just as they reach the flamethrower, but Catwoman steals Kite Man's ring from him just as he proposes, with Harley responding, "what a cold B". Harley gets ready to leave with the flamethrower, but that activates a trap, which gets small and smaller, threatening to crush them. Harley directs her anger at Catwoman but soon realizes she can use her new flamethrower to burn her way out of the trap, smashing Doctor Trap's face with a bat in revenge.


She returns to the Gotham Mall to find Doctor Psycho on the hamster wheel and the Riddler escaped. She's angry until she sees the Riddler reveal himself and willingly go back to the wheel, preferring it for the guaranteed food, cardio, safety, and entertainment, vowing to escape when he's "good and ready". She then goes to find Ivy who is sitting on a pier, killing a group of executives who dumped toxins in the harbor. Harley encourages Ivy who is frustrated about losing her past self, and admits she now approves on Kite Man before they embrace, sharing a moment at the pier.

"Thawing Hearts"

Harley Quinn burned a vagina-shaped hole in the ice to Mister Freeze's lair. On the way, she found out that Kite Man and Ivy were engaged and was ecstatic until Doctor Psycho suggested that she must bring a date to the wedding. She argued while simultaneously combating Mister Freeze's goons until Mister Freeze himself arrived, blasting them all with his freeze ray. She awakened in a cell as Mister Freeze explained his plan to use Harley in human trials to find a cure for his wife Nora, taking her to his operating table. Before he began, Harley convinced him to release her in exchange for Poison Ivy's help to find a cure, which he readily agreed to, making her and her crew guests in his home.

Harley stares angrily at her host

In truth, Harley had no intention of honoring her word or acting as a good guest and instead planned to stall for time to kidnap Nora as a hostage in exchange for his freeze ray, which she would use to freeze him in revenge. However, Mister Freeze took precautions when he brought his guests out for dinner, leaving them encased from the waist down in ice to limit their mobility. Doctor Psycho mocked her plan until Mister Freeze entered with his wife, encased in ice for her protection, but Harley immediately presumed that Mister Freeze was a misogynist who froze his wife after she tried to leave him. She declared that she is a champion of "ice-blocked women around the world" and intended to "rescue" his wife, killing him after.

At the banquet Mister Freeze prepared, Harley argued with Mister Freeze about apparently abusing his wife and the meaning of love itself until he left to get them spinach puffs. When he did leave, she ordered Clayface to get the freeze ray, which was used to free them all. When Mister Freeze returns, Harley angrily declares that he probably froze her to prevent her from leaving him, unable to see men in any other way than she saw the Joker. She ignores his pleas and unfreezes Nora, to Mister Freeze's absolute horror. His wife quickly succumbed to her blood disease, shocking Harley, at which point Mister Freeze threatened to kill them all in an explosion if Poison Ivy did not cure Nora. With no other options, Harley was forced to keep her word and call Ivy.

Well, I hope you’re proud of yourself. You've falsely accused the most woke ice-themed villain in all of New New Gotham.
King Shark to Harley Quinn

Harley is stunned by Mister Freeze's sacrifice

Ivy arrived irritated, although Harley assured her that she did her best to avoid dragging her into the situation. She defended herself by saying that Mister Freeze was insane and orchestrated the Injustice League hit on her, until Mister Freeze revealed that, in fact, they wanted to kill her until he singlehandedly convinced them to encase her in ice instead - and Harley repaid him by endangering his wife. Harley is further surprised by Mister Freeze when he is willing to sacrifice himself to save his wife, a selfless act of love that redefines how she thinks of love as a concept. King Shark comforts her, and she tries to console Nora, but Nora demands they all leave.

"All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues"

Harley and Ivy were both at Noonan's Bar when they noticed the Joker, now normal, still alive and working as a bartender. Ivy wanted to kill him immediately, although Harley wanted to spare him if he truly had changed, sparking a debate about whether anyone truly could change. To support her argument that people could, Harley recounted their backstories as proof that Ivy changed back then which means people can change, but Ivy was still unconvinced, telling Harley that although she helped her back then, she did not change has. Still faced with what to do with the Joker, Harley brings in Doctor Psycho as a "tie-breaker" to discern if he truly had changed or not. Doctor Psycho confirmed that he had, vindicating Harley, so they left the bar arm in arm - only to be immediately captured by Two-Face.

"There's No Place to Go But Down"

Harley and Ivy are taken to The Pit

Harley and Ivy are taken to a kangaroo court, faced with charges for the murder of Oswald Cobblepot. Harley begs Ivy to put all the blame on her so that Ivy can go free, which Ivy seems to consider. However, when Ivy is put on the stand, she admits to everything and they both sentenced to life in prison. Sure they will end up in Arkham, Ivy assure her they can escape but they are thrown when Bane takes them to his new underground prison, The Pit. It seems inescapable until Bane reveals George Lopez will guest appear during the Pit's talent show and Harley comes up with a plan to steal his helicopter. However, it becomes ruined when Harley's idea to start a riot by preforming offensive stand-up as a distraction is derailed when she is detained by Bane for refusing to make her bed. Desperate, she pressured Ivy to take over that part of the plan.

In detention, Harley was guarded by Cheryl until Harley fought through her (albeit with difficulty). However, just as she broke free the chopper ascended out of The Pit, beyond reach. Ivy did eventually manage to create a riot, which Harley capitalized on because said riot created a ramp leading to the surface - although it wouldn't get them the chopper, it might allow escape in that way. They quickly started climbing it, but was soon followed by Bane who became enraged after Harley threw a chair on him. He pumped himself full of venom, angrily pursuing them at a faster pace but at that moment, Ivy managed to get high enough to call down a plant, using it to lift her and Harley towards the surface.

You cannot run from your problems, Harley. Hate weighs you down. Only love sets us free.
It's ok.
Don't, don't do this.
Have a good life, get married, make babies. Name them Harley. The girls and boys.
See? It totally works… You know I love you. Bye, Ive.
— Harley sacrifices herself for Ivy

Bane launched himself upward and grabbed ahold of Harley's ankle, the weight of which started to pull them down. Harley has an epiphany and realizes that she has to release Ivy, and after a few last words, she does so, sacrificing herself to allow Ivy to escape. The recoil from the vanished weight sends Ivy flying up and out of The Pit even as Bane grabs Harley's face, and they fall to their death. Harley manages to pull Bane's tubes out in the grapple, reverting him to normal size and sending him blabbering down ahead of her as they both plummet toward the fires below.

Harley and Ivy kiss

Seeing that Ivy escaped, Harley serenely falls toward the fiery Hell below, only for Ivy to launch back down into The Pit and grab her ankle. The recoil from jumping into The Pit then launches them both back out of it to safety. Stunned to be alive, Harley is held joyously in Ivy's arms as they both pant in relief at being free. At that moment, they both kissed each other briefly, if passionately, until they both withdraw in shock.

"Inner (Para) Demons"

Harley was jittery after this and wanted to express her feelings for Ivy, but Ivy wrote the kiss off as an "impetuous, spur of the moment thing", visibly disappointing Harley, although she claimed to agree with Ivy. To prove her random impetuousness, Harley walks around and kisses the first person she sees (who happens to be Doctor Psycho, who is disgusted). Harley bumbles around pretending to be busy and unaffected by the kiss, before nonchalantly asking Ivy if she planned on telling Kite Man.

"What is happening?"

After Ivy left, Harley began to plan her next evil scheme. Although King Shark and Clayface are hesitant, Doctor Psycho encourages her eagerly. However, they are all interrupted by the arrival of Batgirl, warning them that Commissioner Gordon is coming to eliminate her. This emboldens Harley further and convinces her that she needs an evil army to defend herself, so she puts Batgirl out. She comes back asking for ideas on how to raise an army, and although King Shark and Clayface say that she seems unlike herself, Doctor Psycho knows exactly where to go.

I sense a great pain in you.
Nope, no pain. I'm good.
An anger, born from a want. A want that was not met.
If we could just move on to the--
Are you trying to fill an empty hole in your life, Harley Quinn?
What is this guy, my therapist?
There are some holes that not even an army of Parademons can fill.
Definitely not. All my holes are filled up to the brim.
Nothing? Really?
— The joke flies over Darkseid's head

Doctor Psycho directed Harley to steal a Mother Box to create an inter-dimensional portal ("Boom Tube") to Darkseid's realm of Apokolips, which she did easily, sending them on their way. On Apokolips, Darkseid immediately saw Harley's true motivations, and although he warned her that his armies would not satisfy her, he was willing to grant them to her - provided that she could defeat Granny Goodness in battle. Granny Goodness contemptuously defeated Harley, so Doctor Psycho used his telekinesis to move Harley like a marionette, making her drop a massive boulder onto Granny Goodness' head, cracking her skull and defeating her. She then claimed Granny Goodness' scepter, assumed command of the Parademon army, and boom tubed back to New New Gotham.

Feels like you're overcompensating for something.
Why is everybody up my ass about that? Nothing happened! This is just my Wednesday, bitch.
Not buying it.
— Even Gordon knows something's up

After an exchange with Gordon, Harley sicced her army on his assembled forces, resulting in absolute pandemonium as the tanks and policemen, and militia of Gotham did battle with a demonic army of Parademons. The landscape was left bloody and destroyed, Hellish, but Harley only had eyes for Gordon and his downfall. She came forward to defeat him, only for Poison Ivy to arrive and stop her. She questioned Harley, asking if this much death and destruction is what she really wanted, at which point Harley realized that Darkseid was right: this was not what she wanted, and the army utterly failed to fill the void within her.

Harley supresses her feelings

Gazing at Ivy, Harley broke Granny Goodness' scepter over her knee, destroying her mantle of power and releasing the Parademons from her control to run wild. She turned over the city to Gordon and quit the field, coming before Ivy, desperate to express her feelings to her. Just before she could, however, Kite Man popped up behind Ivy and sang her praises. Ivy returns the favor and gushed about how she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, and then kissed him right in front of Harley, wrenching her heartstrings. After this, Harley could only lie that she wanted to help Ivy plan her bachelorette party.


Harley has turned into a busybody, planning Ivy's bachelorette party at Themyscira with exacting detail, although she struggles to get Nora Fries, Jennifer, and Catwoman to show any form of enthusiasm about the event. She awkwardly complimented Ivy on her impending marriage and then hugged her, hugging too long and even sniffing her hair, disconcerting Ivy. After sending Ivy off to her room, Catwoman immediately deduced that Harley and Ivy "hooked up" at some point. Harley initially denied it but after admitting to their kiss, she wanted to unload on Catwoman, but Catwoman didn't care to support her emotionally, and quickly left Harley with her insecurities.

Harley and Ivy wake up together

Later, the bridesmaids began their complaining in earnest, at which point Harley snapped and threatened them all into at least pretending to enjoy themselves, for Ivy's sake. That night they complied with her coercion, pretending to enjoy themselves until Eris arrived at their table. At Jennifer's questioning, Eris mentioned Hedonikka, a nearby island where men were present, which Harley immediately decided to take everyone to. There, the bridesmaids began to enjoy themselves in earnest, and Ivy herself was in fine spirits after consuming too many spirits. She complimented Harley on her efforts getting everyone to get along and told her that they were best friends, and the next thing they knew they were both waking up out of a drunken stupor in the same bed together, the next morning.

You're here, you're queer, get used to it.
— Harley Quinn to Poison Ivy

Ivy panicked and fled the room, calling it a mistake, completely ignoring Harley's attempts to brush it over and fix the situation. Harley ran after Ivy and tried to patch things up, but Ivy was horribly conflicted and, when she couldn't get off the island, barricaded herself in her room. Harley sought counsel from Catwoman, but she was once again of no help, so Harley herself convinced Ivy to come out for the sole purpose of salvaging the weekend. She then gathered everyone and laid out her plan to kill Eris and free Themyscira, thus saving the Island and its natural, the perfectly planned bachelorette surprise for Ivy. After Ivy happily agreed, Harley helped fight through the Amazons to get to Eris, freeing Queen Hippolyta and stopping Eris from selling the island to Lex Luthor.

Harley is left heartbroken

Hippolyta threw a massive party in their honor as thanks, where Harley and Ivy once again got drunk and ended up having sex. Ivy sputtered incoherently once again and tried to avoid doing that ever again, but Harley became bold and asked Ivy to think of what their life together could be like as partners, traveling the world and saving all-female armies. After doing her best to persuade Ivy and telling her she loves her, Harley asked her to think about it and left. Later, when they landed back in New New Gotham, Ivy had made her decision, admitting that Harley's impulsive nature left her fearing she would one day turn her back on her, concluding that despite trusting her with her life, she didn't trust her with her heart and would still be marrying Kite Man. Harley watches, stricken, as Ivy flies away with Kite Man into the sky, leaving her alone and sobbing in a fetal position on the ground.

"Dye Hard"

Depressed after the bachelorette party, Harley tried to go drinking with King Shark and Clayface, but they both had plans. Sy Borgman tried to comfort her, but she ignored his advice and decided to have sex with a stranger. She finds herself at a bar in Wayne Tower, the only safe one left, but is disgusted by the boring clientele there, and worse, finds out that the Joker is her bartender. She tries to leave, but he bogs her down in conversation until a heist crew randomly arrives and forcefully takes everyone hostage. She once again tries to escape, but ends up captured and handcuffed to the Joker. He's fixated with her, as he had a dream after meeting her in "All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues", a dream that they were both on a yacht with bankers. This alarmed Harley, so she assured him that it was just a dream as she tries yet again to escape.

Harley is stuck with Sane Joker

After using him as a human flail to knock aside a guard (who she then kicked to death), and as they fled through a went, the Joker asked her to talk about what was bothering her. Although she initially refused, she eventually revealed that she was emotionally distraught after Ivy rejected her. They eventually stumbled upon the Riddler, who had escaped and was there to steal a helmet from Wayne Tower - although, Harley was just interested in how he ended up becoming so buff. He nearly recognized the Joker, so Harley frantically closed his mouth and denied it, fleeing the area. Shortly after, they're confronted by two goons, so Harley destroyed their handcuffs and then blasted a goon with a cancer ray by accident. That goon ran away, so the other goon hit her with a stun grenade while she emphatically apologized.

Seeing the Joker begin to resurface after killing the last goon, Harley slapped him momentarily back to sanity, suffered through his monologue in the elevator, and then arrived on the rooftop - where Jim Gordon promptly tackled the Joker and arrested him. She denied his accusations that they were back together until her crew suddenly arrived, claiming to have received a text from her - that she never sent. Doctor Psycho then arrived and revealed his betrayal, assuming command of her old Parademon army to use against her. The Joker asked her to call Ivy for help, but Harley refused to drag Ivy into her mess.

Doctor Psycho
The point is, I'm gonna do what you never could, because you are a pussy.
Harley Quinn
Pussies are powerful. They birthed all of humanity!
Jim Gordon
I was a C-Section.

Harley thanks Sy

After initially fighting off the Parademons fairly effectively with her crew, Doctor Psycho upped the ante by surrounding the tower in a mental shield and assuming control of Harley's crew, leaving her surrounded with only Gordon and Sy Borgman to help. She was quickly defeated but saved by a net from the Batplane and a blast from Sy. While Doctor Psycho was temporarily incapacitated, Sy Borgman realized he needed to sacrifice himself to allow Harley and company to escape, bringing Harley to tears. He left her his eye, and she fled for the Batplane.

As she lamented that she would need the entire Justice League to stop Doctor Psycho, the Joker chimed in that he remembered having a book with the entire Justice League trapped inside - although he couldn't remember where. She brought them to the Ace Chemicals factory to jog his memory, and although she desperately tried to get him to remember, he could not, so she pushed him into the vat of acid to restore him to his former self.

"A Fight Worth Fighting For"

Harley threatens to blow Joker up if he doesn't help her

Harley planted a bomb in the Joker's head to ensure his cooperation, and when he emerged from the acid laughing hysterically, she began slapping him repeatedly and demanding to know where the Queen of Fables' book was. When he refused, blaming her for wasting months of his life as a suburban dad, she used the bomb to force him to bring her to the book which was at his girlfriend Bethany's house. Well there, she had to threaten him not to kill her. Bethany did eventually bring out the book after his harsh rebuke (which Harley commented on), but she threw it over their heads to a Parademon, forcing them to go after it.

In the Parademon nest, Harley needles the Joker as he ponders his relationship with Bethany, saying he had forgotten what a "piece of shit" he was at the time and wondering where the sudden sentimentality was in their old relationship. In response, he says it's because Bethany loved him even when he was a nobody and not famous and that perhaps he doesn't want to screw things up like she did with Poison Ivy. This angers her, and she angrily claims to be over it, which the Joker doesn't believe, given "the screaming about it at the mere mention of her name".

Harley thinking back on her memories of Ivy

When they finally find the book, the Joker ruminates on the true love he had with Bethany, prompting Harley to remember her own times with Ivy, how their relationship fit all of the Joker's descriptions of "true love". In response, Harley admonishes him to not give up, to try and make his love for Bethany work. They then left, but were seen by Parademons before they could completely escape. They were forced to fight them off together, and although the old duo together again was able to defeat dozens of the Parademons, they tired out and would have lost, but at at that moment Batman arrived and captured them.

Batman assumed they were back together and were behind the chaos in the city but Harley explained what was actually going on and told him their plan to free the Justice League, convincing him to summon Zatanna Zatara and to drop them off at Bethany's house to retrieve the real book (they went after the wrong one). After the Joker made up with Bethany, they all went inside to have Zatanna free the Justice League. After they left, Harley asked if the Joker will stay as a suburban dad. He said he wouldn't change who he was and would go back to crime as well as taking care of Bethany. He then urged her to find her own love with Ivy, but Harley insisted she'd already tried and Ivy had said no. Ivy then arrives, much to Harley's delight, but Ivy then revealed her intent to kill her.

"Lovers' Quarrel"

Kite Man saves Harley

Harley was unnerved by Ivy's mindless assault and was forced to flee and dodge. She repeatedly tried to convince Ivy to stop, but was nearly killed if not for Kite Man intervention, saving her from Ivy. In the air, Harley had him watch his hands as he explained that Doctor Psycho had taken mind-controlled Ivy. Harley then assured him that the wedding would still happen and that they'd defeat Doctor Psycho. At his apartment, Harley wanted to somehow destroy Psycho's helmet, but Kite Man cautioned her that getting close would allow him to control them as well.

Harley Quinn
Zombie eye, zombie eye!
Kite Man
Wait, wait! My kite senses are fluttering.
— After Sy Borgman's mechanical eye blinks

Harley examined Sy Borgman's eye, wondering how he was immune from Doctor Psycho's telepathy, until it suddenly blinked. Harley nearly destroyed it, but Kite Man stopped her, realizing it was Morse Code. He translates the code as "plug me in", at which point several RCA connectors sprout from the eye. After connecting them, Sy Borgman came onscreen and explained that he resisted Doctor Psycho's mind-control with an anti-mind-control device the CIA planted in his skull. While it can be recreated, the components aren't at hand, so Harley noticed the Justice League flying by to kill Ivy. When Kite Man wondered who would ever release the Justice League from their book-prison, Harley smiled woodenly.

"And she's she's soaring majestically"

Becoming impatient with Kite Man, Harley demanded that he hurry or else "the person I love is gonna die". Kite Man became suspicious of this, so Harley brushed it off and not being able to wait around any longer, took one of his kites to fly and save Ivy. Kite Man warned that she'd need training to do so, but it didn't matter - she was able to fly perfectly on the first try. She then arrived at the battle between her old crew and the Justice League, imploring Wonder Woman to be lenient because she saved Themyscira. When Wonder Woman wouldn't listen, Harley launched herself forward and landed on her sword, driving it into her own face to cut her.

Are you shittin' me, Clayface? You could change into this at any time and chose ditzy co-eds and divorcees?
— Harley Quinn

Batman then called to Harley for help, as he was trapped in Clayface's grip. Harley was disgusted with Clayface, frustrated that he could have turned into to this all this time but did oblige Batman by distracting Clayface long enough for Batman to escape. She then distracted Superman so that she could try to reason with Ivy, but Ivy simply slapped her away with a vine. She recovered and gave chase, but had to go up a fire escape first in order to get enough altitude to use the kite.

"I can't let you kill her. I love her more than anything in this world:"

Harley eventually caught up to Ivy and again tried to reason with her, but Ivy only kidnapped her and fled towards Wayne Tower. Once there, the Justice League finally caught up to Ivy, whereupon Harley began imploring them to avoid violence. Agreeing, Batman surgically removed Harley from Ivy's grasp while Superman destroyed her plants and Wonder Woman captured her in her Lasso of Truth. Harley implored that they not kill Ivy, or at the very least send her with Ivy into the Phantom Zone, but this bickering gave Ivy the chance to poison the entire Justice League with her pheromones, beating them.

Harley watched in disgust as the Justice League all fell upon each other in lust, and was further unnerved when Superman propositioned her. She backed away as things began to devolve, but Ivy once again captured her, this time heading toward the Gotham Mall. Kite Man flew overhead and whistled to Harley, signaling he was there to support her. On arrival, he put one device in her ear and gave her the other for Ivy, in case his plan to use "true love" to free Ivy failed. It did fail, with Kite Man being punched unconscious, at which point Doctor Psycho revealed that he knew of Harley and Ivy's affair.

Harley kisses Ivy

Although she protested that they were not lovers, Harley was faced with no choice but to fight Ivy. She nearly managed to get the device in Ivy's ear, but she drops it out of reach while Ivy managed to get Harley in a chokehold, crying to crush her windpipe. Unable to get the device, Harley had no other option other than to kiss Ivy, which successfully broke Doctor Psycho's hold long enough for Harley to put the device in Ivy's ear. Ivy then captured Doctor Psycho and Harley smashed his helmet, so Darkseid offered to give her the planet; however, Harley didn't want it, so Darkseid left and vowed to raze the planet later.

Ivy, you call me out on all my bullshit but you don't judge me for it. We have fun wether we're sitting on the couch or murdering a group of investment bankers. You showed me what the best version of myself could be and- and you held me to it. I'm in love with you. I wanna to be with you and- and yes, it might be messy, it might not work. It might even destroy our friendship forever, but love is a risk. I'd rather risk our friendship than pretend these feelings aren't real.
— Harley to Poison Ivy

Afterward, Harley begged Ivy to consider being with her, to "take a leap of faith", but before Ivy had a chance to reply, Kite Man woke up and asked what was going on. Doctor Psycho then took the opportunity to exact his revenge, revealing Ivy's infidelity with Harley not only to Kite Man but to all of Gotham by projecting Ivy's memories of them from Themyscira onto the sky.

"Something Borrowed, Something Green"

Harley wants to stay in Arkham

Harley Quinn checked herself in to the Arkham Asylum to go through a "personal crisis", intending to break out when she's done. The last remnants of her crew (plus Frank the Plant) came by to invite her to Ivy and Kite Man's wedding, but she refused it. Later, Two-Face came to her, claiming to have bad news about Ivy that he'd reveal to her in exchange for freedom from Arkham. She initially rejected this too, but he guilt tripped her into accepting. While escaping together, he revealed that Commissioner Gordon planned to raid Ivy's wedding; this time, he actually spoke the truth, and fulfilled his end of the bargain honorably, but his history of lies left a seed of doubt.

She came to the wedding in search of Gordon, but was swept up into a photo shoot with the rest of the bridesmaids. She begged their forgiveness and acceptance, taking Catwoman's unused dress to wear, but quickly left to continue hunting for Gordon until she accidentally ran into Kite Man, which agitated him greatly until the photographer rounded her up and escorted her away. Outside, she once again thought she saw Gordon, and hit him in a sprinting punch that knocked him out cold; however, she hit the wrong person, missing the real Gordon right beside the person she did hit.

"I'm saying I don't want you to be here"

Enraged, Ivy dragged Harley away and harangued her. Although Harley eventually managed to explain that Two-Face told her of Gordon's plan to ruin the wedding, Ivy pointed out that Two-Face is a liar and made Harley believe that she was deluding herself to ruin the wedding, at which point Ivy asked Harley to leave. As she left, she spoke briefly with Clayface before grabbing a flower and exiting. Just outside, however, she smelled the flower and realized that it was plastic - that something was wrong.

I fucking love science.
— Harley Quinn

Harley tried to return during the ceremony but was blocked by Jennifer who punched her to the floor, giving her a view of a caterer - a caterer not supposed to be present at the ceremony. She attacked him and discovered a police uniform, confirming her suspicions. When police and gas began flooding the room, Harley held her breath long enough to steal a gas mask, knocked Gordon aside with a flying kick, and used his rocket launcher to blast a hole in the roof to allow the gas to flood out of the venue, restoring everyone to consciousness. The angered villains then started to attack the police officers and the venue was thrown into chaos.

Well, people change.
Yeah, yeah, people do change. I mean, look at you. What you did for me today. You, you showed me the Harls I always wanted to see, you know?
You-you don't think I'm chaotic and crazy and make a bunch of messes?
No, you definitely do that but you're trying to grow, and actually doing it. And that, I mean, for me that's what matters.
I love you, Ive.
I love you too, Harls.
— Harley and Ivy confess their love.
Ending kiss.png

Harley dragged Ivy and Kite Man out of the venue, uncuffed them, and even offered to marry them right there in the middle of a warzone. To their surprise, Kite Man rejected the idea, realizing Ivy didn't truly love him, and flew away, leaving Ivy and Harley behind. However, they didn't have much time to process as the GCDP closed in on their location and forced them to jump into a car and flee. While Harley drove, Ivy admitted that she had been denying a lot about herself for a long time and praised Harley for her growth. In response, Harley once again professed her love for Ivy, a love that Ivy finally returned. Overjoyed, Harley nearly crashed and instead rammed through the venue, through Clayface, and out the other side. As they soared through the air, Harley and Ivy kissed once more before driving off into the sunset.

The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour

"Journey to Love"

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"Journey to Love Part 2"

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"Journey to Love Part 3"

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"Journey to Love Part 4"

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"Journey to Love Part 5"

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"Journey to Love Part 6"

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You're a bad guy, but you're a good person.
Poison Ivy to Harley Quinn[6]

Harley's psychotic personality was ingrained from her childhood and deepened when she met the Joker, forming an unhealthy attachment to him. However, she gradually realizes his abusive behavior towards her, and with coaching and time, begins to understand that she has to be independent to be healthy, manifesting as a desire to join the Legion of Doom to become the Joker's "equal". This eventually causes her to distance herself from her allies until they all abandon her, prompting her to finally sever all emotional ties with the Joker and to rekindle her friendships. All throughout this progression, however, she remains insane, only limiting herself from killing random innocents.

During "Being Harley Quinn" it's revealed that Joker's influence over Harley is so powerful that he is rooted in her subconscious. Because of this, her attempts to prove herself independent are subconsciously motivated by a desire to prove herself to him and she relapses after joining the Legion of Doom. Her obsession with Joker is finally broken for good after he murders Ivy right in front of her. Despite this, Harley instantly recognizes Joker when they meet up again in "All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues", although after she pushes him in acid to restore his memory, they act more like squabbling siblings as Harley is no longer interested in him romantically, having fallen in love with Ivy instead.

All I've been doing is reacting, getting into the Legion of Doom to show up Joker, stopping the Injustice League to get revenge. It's 'cause deep inside, I didn't know what I really wanted, until now.
— Harley to Darkseid[7]

Throughout the first season, Harley struggles with figuring out who she really is and coming into her own outside of the Joker while in the second season the focus is on figuring out what she really want. Harley is impulsive and reactive and most of her decisions are based on other people, wether she wanted Joker's approval or to prove herself as a villain in her own right. As time goes by she starts realizing this, culminating with her turning down Darkseid's offer to rule the Earth, realizing that's not what she actually wanted and pursuing a romantic relationship with Ivy. To begin with Harley is very chaotic, creating messes that are often left for others, mainly Ivy, to clean up. After Ivy turns her down, she starts to realize that she needs to clean up her own messes which she demonstrates by not wanting to involve Ivy during "Dye Hard" and freeing the Justice League in "A Fight Worth Fighting For".


  • Master Acrobat: As an Olympic-level gymnast, Harley is an extraordinarily skilled acrobat, often utilizing her gymnastics and acrobatics into her fighting to maintain the upper hand against her opponents. Even while still working as a psychiatrist, Harley was able to use her gymnastics to maintain the upper hand against Joker.
  • Expert Combatant: Harley is an exceptional fighter, being able to hold her own against opponents such as Aquaman.
    • Bat Mastery: Harley often utilizes her signature baseball bat in her fights, using it as a blunt force weapon to severely injure her opponents.
  • Expert Psychiatrist: As a former Arkham doctor, and described by Ivy as a genius, Harley is an expert at understanding the human mind. She, however, tends to be slow with self-diagnosis.
    • Deception
  • Multilingualism: Quinn knew some Russian but only "Dasvidaniya suka" and "Eto bez glyutena."
  • Leadership
  • Driving/Aviation
  • Thievery


  • Mental Illness: Harley suffers from hallucinations, false memories, anger issues, and a myriad of other mental instabilities.


  • Mallet: Harley's initial weapon of choice, she used it to attack and kill several people on the yacht in "Til Death Do Us Part". It was destroyed in her fight with the Joker's gang after she decided to break up with him.
  • Baseball Bat: Harley's replacement weapon after she lost her mallet. In "New Gotham", Harley's bat is destroyed after her fight with The Penguin, although it can be assumed that Harley replaced it with a new one.

Media Appearances

Season 1 & 2
Harley Quinn appears in a speaking role in every episode of the series except for:

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red

The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour


  • Harley Quinn is of Jewish descent.
  • Her favorite book is Clive Cussler's Sahara.[6]
  • The Joker claimed that she has HPV.[8]
  • Harley's original outfit pays homage to her appearance in Batman: The Animated Series while her new outfit she gets in the pilot is based on her appearance in the DC Rebirth era of comics. Show-runner Patrick Schumacker has stated that the idea was to both modernize her look while also paying homage to the past.[9]
  • Kaley Cuoco's Big Bang Theory castmate, Melissa Rauch, voiced the same character in Batman & Harley Quinn.



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