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The Hall of Doom is where the headquarters fo the Legion of Doom and where they conduct their business from It's an enormous building shaped like the Legion’s skull logo located in Gotham City. The interior is decorated with giant gilded statues of all of the heavy hitters of the Legion. It has a water system that goes throughout the entire office, complete with a real diver for eating, improv night, and a Kryptonite-powered submarine that can turn into a car and shoot missiles.

In "L.O.D.R.S.V.P." the L.O.D. held a party in the Hall of Doom to determine who would be their next member, Harley Quinn and KGBeast. After Aquaman crashed the party, Harley ended up destroying the giant aquarium which went through the entire building in order to stop him. 

In "Devil's Snare" the Hall of Doom was destroyed by the Joker when he activated his now-finished tower, exploding the headquarters and launching the tower into the air where Hall of Doom previously stood.


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