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Gus is a minor character on the T.V. series Harley Quinn. He is part-time goon for hire and a Kindergarten teacher.



Gus is a Kindergarten teacher with a passion for early childhood education. His mother was unsupportive of that decision as she wanted him to be a lawyer. He started working as a goon for hire on the side to earn extra money for art supplies to his school.

Season 1


You probably got the usual questions.
Poison Ivy
Where am I?
Exactly. "Where am I?" "What are you doing to me?" "Why are you so handsome?" [laughs] That's just me playing. Uh, but actually I don't have the answers to any of these questions. I'm, I'm just a low-level goon
— Poison Ivy wakes up at PlanetWide Pavers

Gus hanging out with Poison Ivy

Gus was the first person Poison Ivy saw after waking up strapped to a table in PlanetWide Pavers. After seeing his friendly demeanor, Ivy asked if he could just let her go, which he admitted he had considered but claimed he needed the job to pay for art supplies for his main job as a kindergarten teacher. Ivy offered to double whatever he was earning in exchange for letting her go but politely refused, fearful of dropping to "three stars on Goon Review" and compromising his future employment prospects. Changing strategy, Ivy threatened him, insisting she would get out one way or another, so if he was not the one to let her out, she would have to kill him, but he was unconcerned because they would be "harvesting you in two days, so..." He then stepped outside to take a call from a parent and ended up inadvertently helping with Ivy's escape when he picked up and blew on a dandelion flower whose pappus managed to fly through the factory ventilation system to land on Ivy.

Later, Gus sat by Ivy's side and went through her phone, seeing the barrage of texts from Harley Quinn. Reading some of them out loud, agreeing with Harley's assessment that she should not buy a pair of kitten heel boots. Ivy agreed that she was not a "not a kitten heel person" and asked to have her phone so she could text Harley good bye. Gus noted she would likely text her to come and save her although Ivy insisted she would never do that to him. Instead, Gus insisted her friendship with Harley was toxic and said the best thing to do in those cases was cut "cut them loose", texting Harley back "WE'RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE. FUCK OFF". He then proceeded to tell Ivy about his life story until Scarecrow showed up and sedated Ivy.

"Harley Quinn Highway"

"Mmm, it's like eating my childhood"

When Harley and her crew showed up at PlanetWide Pavers in a "pretzel-wrapped wieners" truck, Gus immediately got excited and quickly bought their story about it being a "big thank you" from their boss. He happily accepted a pretzel-wrapped wiener from Harley and insisted on letting them in while he was singing the company's jingle. Later, he helps put containers away after the harvesting of Poison Ivy's pheromones. After Ivy has made her escape and she and the crew follow Scarecrow to stop him from using her pheromones, Gus is sitting in the passenger seat of Scarecrow's truck when they enter the Harley Quinn Highway. While, Gus appeared to have passed out after the crashed into the head of the enormous Harley Quinn statue, Scarecrow drove the truck off the side of the road and they crashed into the Gotham Reservoir, contaminating the water supply.

Season 2

"Dye Hard"

Gus seizing Wayne Tower

Gus is leading the group of robbers as the burst into Wayne Tower, taking all the guests hostage. This was all orchestrated by the Riddler as a distraction so that he could sneak in and steal a telepathic amplifier for Doctor Psycho. Harley, who was visiting the bar at the top of Wayne Tower that night, attempts to escape, not wanting to get into a fight and ruin her dress. However, she is distracted by a now sane Joker and walks right into Gus who knocks her out with his gun and hand-cuffs her together with Joker. Gus demands 50 million dollars, a W76-2 nuclear warhead, and Trident D5 missile from the city in exchange for releasing the hostages. However, he is repeatedly interrupted by the various guests who claim they can give him what he wants. While Gus tries to exploit the guests for more stuff, Harley manages to escape through a vent with Joker.