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Gorilla Grodd is a minor character on Harley Quinn who is a supervillain and a member of the Legion of Doom.


In "So You Need a Crew?", Gorilla Grodd was among the line-up of prominent male supervillains in the 80s featured in Queen of Fables backstory. As a member of the legion of Doom, he was standing behind Lex Luthor during his televised statement where he announced Doctor Psycho had been banished from the Legion for his use of "the C-word".

As stated by Harley Quinn in "The Line" Grodd has tried and failed to steal Kord Industries' weather machine.

In "L.O.D.R.S.V.P.", Gorill Grodd was present at the party at Hall of Doom when the Legion was decided between Harley Quinn and KGBeast as the potential new member. He was seen mingling with Captain Cold and later with Reverse Flash and Cheetah. He applauded as Harley was announced as the new member.

In "A Seat at the Table", Gorilla Grodd was present and applauded as Harley and her crew were officially welcomed into the Legion of Doom.

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