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Damn it, Sy. This is Peru all over again.
— Golda

Golda is a minor character on the DC Universe animated series Harley Quinn. She is Sy Borgman's former colleague and ex-girlfriend.


Golda has a tall, thin head and has jet black hair that hangs to her shoulders with four curly strands draped over her forehead. She is seen wearing black sunglasses and all black/grey clothes consisting of black pants, matching shoes, and a dark grey long-sleeve turtleneck.


Golda is a former coworker and romantic partner of Sy Borgman. She worked for the CIA and later retired to live a normal life. She meets up with her former coworker/lover Sy in "Being Harley Quinn" to dispose of Harley Quinn and her crew after Borgman mistook their bodies for a suicide cult because of their catatonic states and the shirts they were all wearing having "Suicide Squad" written on them. She and Borgman go to an abandoned mall to cremate the bodies in a pizza oven. However, Harley and her crew came back to full consciousness just in time before their cremation could commence. Golda got angry with Sy and left, noting that this was the same thing that happened in a mission in Peru and has not been seen again after her prompt departure from the mall.


Golda seems to be clever and devious, coming up with various ideas of how to dispose of dead bodies on the spot, and exclaims in joy multiple times regarding the idea of cremating the bodies of Harley Quinn and her crew. She is very disappointed when finding out they were alive all along, having been quite excited to get to cremating the bodies.