See? See see, I don't just eat people. Hurtful words are another weapon in my arsenal. And you just got a verbal ass whooping.— Frank the Plant

Frank the Plant is one of the supporting characters of the T.V. series, Harley Quinn.



Frank spent 10 years at a dog park, where his face was urinated on by a St. Bernard. He later became Ivy's roommate. Although he is not pleased with the fact that Harley being his new roommate, he quickly becomes friends with her.

Frank was once a friend of a pear tree who survived the 9/11 incident. Their friendship ended because the pear tree didn't call Frank back. According to Ivy, the pear tree is "a dick" before and after 9/11.


Frank is a giant mutated Venus flytrap with a giant mouth. His roots and stems are red. His "hands" are flower-like organs, which have an eye on each one of them. Although being a plant, Frank has visible butt cheeks.


Anybody feel this shit but me? A man can't show emotion!— Frank the Plant

Frank is very talkative and wisecracking, sometimes being sarcastic and foul-mouthed. He loves to talk back to Ivy. He also like to set the mood when it comes to storytelling.

He likes to drink orange juice and watch TV. He likes Howie Mandel and seemed very sad when Howie was blown up by Joker. Although being Ivy's roommate, he doesn't pay rents. He eats people, but unable to digest the bones. When Ivy was incarcerated in Arkham Asylum, he ate the neighborhood kid Ivy hired to water her plants as well as the kid's parents.

Frank knows how to drive. Frank is shown to be a cannabis user.


  • Frank is an original character of the show.
  • He is last heard pollinating wedding flowers inside a Florist truck while Harley and Ivy are chased by the GCPD.
  • Frank is likely a reference to Audrey ll from The Little Shop of Horrors
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