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See? See see, I don't just eat people. Hurtful words are another weapon in my arsenal. And you just got a verbal ass whooping.
— Frank the Plant[2]

Frank the Plant is one of the supporting characters of the T.V. series, Harley Quinn.


Frank is a giant mutated Venus flytrap with a giant mouth and bulbous head. His roots and stems are red. His "hands" are flower-like organs, which have an eye on each one of them. Despite being a plant, Frank has visible butt cheeks.

After ingesting some of the Edin serum, Frank grew small horns on his head, and two of his roots became short legs with which he can walk on his own. Nonetheless, Ivy bought him a flower pot to wear. He briefly had the ability to levitate due to the serum, and he would glow green when doing so.

Frank occasionally puts on human clothes. At Kite Man's bachelor party on a yacht, he put sunglasses atop his head even though that's not where his eyes are. At Clayface's movie premiere, Frank wore a wide-fitting tuxedo.



Frank spent 10 years at a dog park, where his face was urinated on by a St. Bernard.[3] He was brought to consciousness by Poison Ivy about 20 years before the events of the series[4] and became her roommate at her apartment in Gotham City. Ivy states that, before she met Harley, Frank was the only one who "understood me as me." For this reason, she considers him a best friend.

Frank was once a friend of a pear tree who survived the 9/11 incident and was planted front and center at the Freedom Tower. Their friendship ended because the pear tree didn't call Frank back. Frank discerned his position caused him to change, although according to Ivy, the pear tree was "a dick" before and after 9/11.[2]

He continued staying in Ivy's apartment while she was serving time in Arkham Asylum. During that time, many other of her plants withered as Frank ate the neighbor kid that Ivy hired to water them as well as his parents.[3]

Season 1[]

"Til Death Do Us Part"[]

Poison Ivy
Do you remember how you diagnosed me?
Harley Quinn
Sure, a classic misanthrope with abandonment issues who befriends plants to avoid human intimacy.
Nailed it!
— Frank agrees

Frank tells Harley his backstory

When Poison Ivy escapes from Arkham Asylum, Frank is displeased with Harley Quinn staying at the apartment, although Ivy tells him he can make decisions when he pays rent. He reveals that he ate the kid and his parents that were supposed to water Ivy's plants and throws up their remains. After Harley finally realizes that the Joker is no good for her and wonders why she wasted so much time on him, Frank mocks her, saying "buh-fuckin'-hoo", contrasting it to his past in a dog park. Although, Ivy shoves him aside and gives Harley a pep-talk.

"A High Bar"[]

Frank was watching Howie Mandel's TV show with Harley and Ivy when the Joker hijacked the program and strapped a bomb to Howie's chest, upsetting him tremendously. After Harley angrily smashed the TV with her bat and Ivy revealed she had been hiding the good TV for this very reason, Frank asked where she was hiding that which she ignored. Frank was intrigued when Harley started talking about her plans to get back at the Joker and urged Ivy to just "let it play out". He even chanted with Harley when she was trying to convince Ivy to come along to crash the Legion of Doom's party which she eventually agreed to. However, Frank was devastated when they got the news that Howie had exploded.

When Kite Man started undressing while in Ivy's apartment while she had her back turned, believing they would have sex, Frank refrained from saying something because he wanted to see "how all this played out".

"So You Need a Crew?"[]

When Poison Ivy was telling Harley how she got by fine without the need for a crew while using her various plant to bring herself coffee and cookies, Frank mockingly told her that "your independence is quite inspiring". She told him to can it, but he quickly shouted that he loves her, which she ignored. He later told Harley, Ivy had no idea how to get a crew because "because plants to all the shit for her lazy ass".

A man can't show emotion

"Anybody feel this shit but me? A man can't show emotion!"

When Ivy once again turned down Harley's request to work together, because it would muddle her brand, Frank told her to stop lying and tell her the real reason, urging her to tell Harley about the Queen of Fables. He even dimmed the lights to "set the mood". Later, Frank was brought to tears when listening to Ivy reassured Harley about believing in her ability to get herself a crew and telling her she loved her. Although Ivy mocked him when he called himself a man.

"The Line"[]

Frank was watching TV with Poison Ivy at the Gotham Mall when the news reported on Queen of Fables' being released from her Tax Book prison and sentenced to Arkham Asylum. Frank laughed at Ivy's expense when she told Harley why Queen of Fables really did belong in Arkham but left without hearing anything of what she had said.

"A Seat at the Table"[]

Poison Ivy
You're in a pot, Frank. I'd have to carry you.
So what? I carry you emotionally. We all carry shit. You bring me there and I'll show you some damage.
Poison Ivy
How, Frank? What am I gonna, like, throw you at people and you're gonna eat them?
Boom! Look at that. We just figured it out.
— Frank wants in on the action

Frank questioned Ivy's plan to take down the PlanetWide Paver organization as he noted the abstinence of plants around and asked to come with her. Although she questioned how that would even work as he was bound to his pot and she would have to carry him around, besides, Harley was going to help her. When she turned his offer to come down, Frank criticized her outfit, making her doubt herself.

Frank later arrived with the help of Chaz, "my pot guy. Carries my pot around wherever I need to go." Ivy said told him he had misunderstood and he just sells marijuana which Frank confirmed also to be true. Annoyed, Ivy made to leave, at which point Frank discerned that Harley "stood yo ass up". Backpedaling, Ivy assured him that Harley just needed to reschedule, but Frank was certain that Harley had "changed" since she joined the Legion of Doom. Although Ivy disagreed with his analogy to his friend who stopped calling him back after surviving 9/11, she nonetheless began to have doubts.


Frank smoking

Frank smokes pot with Chaz

Frank was getting high with Chaz at the apartment when a sentient dandelion weed showed up and told him that Ivy had been captured at PlanetWide Pavers and needed him to find Harley to come and save her. He told a disorientated Chaz that he needed him to drive him to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, where Harley was visiting her parents.

Frank and Chaz Car Chase

After passing out in the car, Frank wakes up in the middle of Mexico after Chaz just stole hallucinogenic honey from a cartel. After licking it twice, Chaz passes out, so Frank takes the wheel and drives back to Brooklyn to contact Harley. Frank arrives in Bensonhurst just as a badly wounded Harley stumbles out of her parents' house and passes out on the street. Frank got Harley into the car, and when she eventually regained consciousness, he told her about Ivy's capture.

"Harley Quinn Highway"[]

That is a lot of big boys with guns, and you're one petite young woman with a bat. They aren't gonna come at you one at a time. That's not how that shit works!
Harley Quinn
Hmm, that's actually standard goon operating procedure.
— Frank stops Harley from saving Ivy by herself

Harley and Frank are overlooking the heavily guarded building where Ivy is being kept. He stops her from charging in by herself, convincing her that she needs to get her crew back to help her, which becomes especially apparent when they witness an old man being shot down by the guards for simply asking for direction. After she gathers her crew at the mall and they turn her down, Frank exclaims how Ivy has been kidnapped, berating Harley for not putting her "thesis statement at the motherfuckin' top". Later, although he himself was not physically present, he appeared as a sort of tour guide inside Ivy's mind when Harley and her crew entered to find her deepest fear.

"The Final Joke"[]

Frank mourning Ivy

Frank says goodbye to Ivy

After Ivy was killed by the Joker, Frank appeared at her funeral, crying tremendously. He complained about who was going to water his roots now as "I don't trust any of these assholes". As she was buried he complained about her grave not acknowledging her Ph.D. at which point Doctor Psycho used his mind to chisel in a "Dr" before her name. As the city was completely taken over by the Joker, Frank camped out at Ivy's grave with Kite Man although complained because he was an indoor plant and should only have indirect sunlight.

Season 2[]


King Shark
I love The Baby-Sitters Club. Claudia is my girl!
I was more of a Mallory fan myself. I too went through an awkward period.
— Frank and King Shark share an interest

Frank listened to Doctor Psychos ramblings about being able to run a crew by himself after being provoked by the Riddler who they held captive. Although Frank told him he didn't understand why he needed validation from him, also referring to him as a "crazy hair, weak-minded motherfucker" which enraged Doctor Psycho who used his mind-powers to chock Frank. Only dropping him when King Shark revealed the Riddler had escaped. Frank mocked Psycho for his inability to run a crew but helped the rest of the crew search the mall for the Riddler, although instead of helping, he started listening to The Baby-Sitters Club audiobook.


That's a talking lobster. Have you ever seen anything as crazy as a lobster talking?
— Frank doesn't see the irony
Bachelor party

Bachelor Party!

Frank attended Kite Man's bachelor party which consisted of laying puzzles and drinking beer out on a boat. Frank is astonished when a talking lobster climes aboard to plea with King Shark to return to the ocean. While King Shark leaves to settle things with his father, Frank stops Clayface from finishing the puzzle before he returns. King Shark then arrives and reveals he has agreed to an arranged marriage. He tells them they will stay married publicly but will each have secret relationships, exclaiming how he wants a soulmate. Frank and Clayface both look skeptical when Kite Man replies with "just like me and Ivy".

"A Fight Worth Fighting For"[]

Also I tested well as a character, so the producers like to shoe-horn me into the show whenever possible
— Frank the Plant

Frank appeared in this episode's cold opening, smoking weed with Chaz in the same basement from the cold opening to "Batman's Back Man". He recapped the events of "Dye Hard" as well as what happened to the Justice League in "Devil's Snare", constantly praising the show as "compelling as fuck" and "award-winning shit". After letting the episode play as normal, they return, with Frank singing praises of the show's writing quality while promoting EGOTforharley.com. He asks Chaz to bring him some more popcorn although is upset when he brings him popcorn buttered, declaring that he is "watching [his] cholesterol".

"Something Borrowed, Something Green"[]

Frank electrocuted

Frank is neutralized by Commissioner Gordon

In order to make thing up with Kite Man after cheating on him, Ivy had Frank eat Condiment King (Kite Man's nemesis) and his fiancée in order to reclaim his dream wedding venue which Condiment King had booked for the same day. Later, Frank along with Harley's crew dressed up as guards to break her out of Arkham Asylum in time for Ivy's wedding, although she insisted on staying put. Before the ceremony, Frank was flirting with a bouquet in the Florist truck when Jim Gordon and the GCPD infiltrated the place and electrocuted him before locking him in the truck. Later, as all Hell broke loose outside, Frank was pollinating the wedding flowers inside the truck while Harley and Ivy fled from the GCPD.

The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour[]

"Journey to Love Part 5"[]

Oh, I'm not really here here, I'm just here to be your dungeon master and shit-- giving you shitty clues and disappearing when you need me the most.
— Frank to Poison Ivy
Ivy and Frank fight her dad

When Ivy enters her own mind with the help of Doctor Quinzel, Frank appears as a vision to help and guide her. He later help her fight the memory of her abusive father, growing legs and using his extending vines to squash him until he turns into goo which he remarks "tastes like strawberries".

"Journey to Love Part 6"[]

Still inside Ivy's mind, Frank is eating celebratory cake with Doctor Quinzel and a younger version of Ivy whilst observing Ivy struggling on the outside and commenting that she needs to "cut that shit out" and find Harley.

Season 3[]

"There's No Ivy in Team"[]

Frank was hanging out at the Gotham Mall with Clayface and King Shark when Harley and Ivy suddenly crashed a car through the wall, announcing their return to Gotham. Frank complained about not being recognized in their greeting and their "cheap Hudson-News-ass looking post card from Paris" which he knew they got at the airport. Harley reveals that Ivy has a great new plan and tells her to share it with the crew. Frank shrugs as Ivy struggles to present the plan until she says she'll tell them later after unpacking. Later, Ivy gathers the crew in front of an overhead presentation complete with thick binders detailing all of their roles, explaining her plan to terraform all of Gotham by reanimating and supercharge the plant matter underneath the city.

I've known Ivy for 20 years and she didn't even let me be a part of the plant plan, and I'm a goddamn plant. That's my thing
— Frank

After stealing the ingredient she needed, Frank watched as Ivy used the serum on a crack in the concrete floor, making a small flower come to life. However, just as they were beginning to celebrate the success, the flower mutated into a grotesque monster until it took its own life by jumping into a barrel of acid with a last scream. Frank then stated he wouldn't repeat what the plant said but that he "fucking hates you". Later, Harley angrily tells the crew that Ivy wants to work on the plan alone. Frank told the group she was not gonna change her ways and become a great leader as she wouldn't even include him despite knowing her for 20 years and being a plant himself.

I am a God

"I am a God!"

After Harley helped her overcome her issues, Ivy attempted a new version of the serum. Frank helped handing her ingredients but not before smelling the original and commenting it was way too strong. Her second attempt originally seemed to work but then the reanimated flower suddenly melted and exploded, getting some of its goo on Frank. The entire building then started to collapse, covering them all in debris. Frank rose from the ruins, glowing and having grown proper legs and arms and then floated off the ground, exclaiming that he was a God.

"The 83rd Annual Villy Awards"[]

Following the destruction of the mall, the crew moved into Catwoman's apartment. When Catwoman checked her security camera feed, Frank could be seen in the bar.

"A Thief, a Mole, an Orgy"[]

Frank the Plant
Please, I can easily get down with all of Gotham's flora. No dick mist need! You feel me?
Poison Ivy
Hey, Frank, you're asexual, so you'd be fucking yourself.
Frank the Plant
Well, I know I can do that!
Frank massages

Frank was assisting Ivy as she was working on her serum to increase Frank's seed production tenfold in order to use him to terraform Gotham. He showed off his powers of levitation and telekinesis although Ivy insisted that at his current state he would only be able to pollinate a tiny area of Gotham. He later gave her a massage as she was stressed about the interruptions from the rest of the crew.

Frank mocked Ivy for being "a little bitch" by not being honest with Harley when she and the crew created a rock band, interrupting her work and Ivy didn't dare tell her what she thought. Although Ivy insisted that not always telling the exact truth was a big part of any relationship although they were soon interrupted again by the obnoxiously high music. Still not wanting to hurt Harley's feelings, Ivy lied that Catwoman texted her saying they couldn't use the instruments or her fancy, and really loud, Japanese toilet anymore. Having seen it all, Frank commented that her tactic was "some weak ass shit".

Frank kidnapped

Frank captured

Finally free from distractions, Ivy finished the serum and left Frank in a fugue state, producing enough pollen to cover all of Gotham. Waiting for him to be ready, the crew left to have a celebratory dinner but while they were out, someone broke into the apartment and kidnapped Frank. He woke up hours later in a dark room, strapped to a table.

"It's a Swamp Thing"[]

Frank was still tied up in the lab by his kidnapper who revealed himself to be Bruce Wayne, experimenting on Frank and stabbing him with a giant needle in order to find out what Poison Ivy had done to him.

"Batman Begins Forever"[]

After kidnapping Bruce Wayne, Harley's crew entered his mind with the help of Doctor Psycho to figure out where he was keeping Frank. They couldn't access a memory of Frank directly, but Harley gained Bruce's trust and learned that the billionaire had re-engineered Frank's resurrection powers in order to bring his parents back to life. Meanwhile, the Bat Family rescued Bruce and captured the crew. Back at Wayne Manor, he put his plan into motion, bringing a captive Frank to the Waynes' graves, Bruce injected the ground with Frank's serum.

"Climax at Jazzapajizza"[]

Frank smokes as Ivy enter the Green

Frank smokes as Ivy enter the Green

Surrounded by newly resurrected zombies, Frank pretended to be undead so they wouldn't infect him. He made his way safely to Wayne Manor and explained to Harley's crew, Batgirl, and Nightwing that his serum had spread throughout Gotham's root system, so there were many more zombies than Bruce had intended. While the others set out to wrangle the zombies, Ivy remained at the manor to access the Green, hoping to find a way to control the plant-infused undead; Frank stayed at her side, smoking a weed joint.

As zombies started to break threw the barriers, Ivy emerged from the Green, using its power to transform her outfit and control the zombies as her puppets. An empowered Ivy started getting ideas about harnessing their vomit, which could synthesize plant matter, to enact her plan to terraform Gotham. Frank suggested she consult Harley first, but Ivy was certain she'd approve. Vines transported them to the Jazzapajizza, that year's jazz festival. Once on stage, Frank vamped up his ecoterrorist friend to the crowd and she infiltrated the festival with her zombies. However, Harley was no longer happy with the plan, seeing how innocent people were dying and sacrificed herself, forcing Ivy to revert it all in order to save her, which she did. In the process, Frank was reverted back to his old self.

"The Horse and the Sparrow"[]

Ivy, upset that Harley had chosen to save Gotham over her terraforming plan, took Frank with her when she left to blow off steam. Ivy went to Mor-4-Lex, with Frank talking to her from the baby seat of the shopping cart. Frank helped Ivy think glass-half-full even if her plan was cut short. She also bought him a new flower pot, which he had been missing ever since he was in Bruce Wayne's captivity. Frank was shocked to witness Lex Luthor on the store's TVs ask Ivy to lead the new Legion of Doom in Gotham, though the talking plant approved of Ivy making sure to demand Luthor pay her handsomely if she was to take the job. When they returned home, Frank demonstrated he was still able to walk on his own with his new legs.

Frank attended the premiere of Clayface's movie, A Hard Wayne's Gonna Fall at the Monarch Theatre, even wearing a tuxedo despite lacking a humanoid body. Watching Clayface becoming more and more agitated that people were cheering for Billy Bob Thornton when Clayface was actually the one on screen, Frank and King Shark tried to get Clayface to keep his cool and remain in his BBT disguise. However, as the credits rolled Clayface could no longer heed their advice and revealed his true form to the people although it did not end up mattering. Later, when Bruce Wayne was arrested in front of the whole auditorium for tax evasion, Frank added that his ex-captor was a "thief and A BITCH!".

Throughout the day, Frank predicted that three people would compliment Ivy's Green-powered glow-up. He was proven correct: Lex Luthor (when he first greeted her in Mor-4-Lex), King Shark (who hadn't seen Ivy since "Batman Begins Forever"), and Bane (at the theater).

Season 4[]

"Gotham's Hottest Hotties"[]

To be added


To be added

"Getting Ice Dick, Don't Wait Up"[]

To be added


To be added

"The Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise of All Time"[]

He was briefly seen as one of the frozen people kept as trophies by the middle-aged Robin when Harley and Ivy travelled 25 years in the future when the world had turned into an apocalypse.


Anybody feel this shit but me? A man can't show emotion!
— Frank the Plant[5]

Frank is unabashedly talkative and wisecracking, sometimes being sarcastic and foul-mouthed. He loves to talk back to Ivy (and vice versa). However, the two are very close; Ivy says he was the only one who understood who she was before Harley entered the picture. Ivy stills confides in Frank if talking to Harley isn't an option (or if Harley is the problem). Frank knows when and how to cheer Ivy up, whether giving her a shoulder rub or pointing out her successes when she feels like she failed.

Frank has a taste for drama, in more ways than one. He feels the need to "set the mood" when it comes to storytelling. On another occasion, he didn't bother alerting Ivy that Kite Man was preparing to have sex with her, guffawing and saying he wanted to watch what would happen. He can also be pretty emotional, tearing up at Ivy and Harley's display of friendship and bawling from devastation at Ivy's funeral.

He likes to drink orange juice and watch TV. He likes Howie Mandel and seemed very sad when Howie was blown up by Joker. Despite being Ivy's roommate, he doesn't pay rent. He eats people but is unable to digest the bones. Frank knows how to drive and is shown to be a cannabis user.

Media Appearances[]

Season 1

Season 2

The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour

Season 3

The Real Sidekicks of New Gotham

Season 4


  • Frank is an original character of the show.
  • Frank is a reference to Audrey ll from the 1986 film Little Shop of Horrors.
    • Frank's name comes from the movie's director Frank Oz.
  • Frank is a big fan of the The Baby-Sitters Club book series and his favorite character is Mallory.[6]
  • In the season 2 episode "A Fight Worth Fighting For", Frank breaks the fourth wall and does an entire recap and outro for the audience, saying he "tested popular as a character". Showrunner Justin Halpern confirmed in a reddit post that this segment was added to reach the necessary run time.[7]
  • In the first issue of 2022 standalone comic series Poison Ivy, which is unrelated to the show and set in the main DC universe, Harley is shown wearing a t-shirt with Frank on it.



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