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"Finding Mr. Right" is the fourth episode of the first season of Harley Quinn. It is the fourth episode of the series overall. It was released on December 20, 2019 on DC Universe.


In search of a nemesis, Harley goes after Batman, but ends up with an adolescent Robin, making her the laughing stock of the criminal underworld.


Harley and her crew have been successfully robbing for some time, but never show up on the news because everyone is focusing on the Joker and Batman. Poison Ivy claims this is a good thing, but Ivy wants news attention, and feels she can only get it with a nemesis. Ivy then complained about Harley's crew messing up her apartment, at which point Sy Borgman arrived and declared it was his apartment as land lord, only for Ivy to close the door on him when he started listing all the rules, claiming it seemed like he was "gonna get racist".

The crew put up a page online to get a nemesis, but had no luck. Clayface then brought in King Shark to help. He only drummed up a minor nemesis however, so Harley stole the Batmobile in an attempt to draw Batman's attention. However, Batman himself didn't even bother to show up, instead sending Robin, who Harley quickly defeated. However, Robin lied and claimed to now be Harley's nemesis, which the media loved. Lois Lane herself mocked Harley, saying she put the women's supervillain movement back decades.

In response, Harley kidnapped Lois in an attempt to get Superman as a nemesis, and also to coerce Lois into retracting the article. Lois was completely unconcerned however, and Superman himself just let Robin go after Harley, so she walked away in anger. After recieving a taunting card from Joker and the Legion of Doom, a fed up Harley decides to kill Robin, but Ivy talks her out of it, saying that if Harley does kill him, she would end up validating what everyone is saying about Robin being Harley's nemesis, with King Shark adding that she would also be committing child murder, which is just as worse. Harley then came up with a plan to capture Robin and have King Shark swim below him to frighten him, even with the media in the background to hear him gloating about his lies. This caused Robin's nose to bleed in shame, which fell into the water and crazed King Shark, forcing Batman to arrive to subdue King Shark.

Batman then fought Harley for endangering his "ward", angering Joker. Ivy arrived to save Harley, who Batman also fought until the Joker arrived. A four-way battle then ensued until the Joker snatched Robin, forcing Batman to throw Harley into Ivy so that he could pursue the Joker. Afterward, King Shark joined the crew, only for Sy Borgman to evict Ivy as King Shark was a "pet".

At the Batcave, Batman consoled Robin over not having a nemesis but swiftly departed when Robin asked about sex.

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  • Clayface, as King Shark, saying he is straight from the beaches of Amity is a reference to Jaws.
  • The Tawny Show is a parody of The Wendy Williams Show.
  • Batman uses Shark-Repellent Bat Spray to knock out King Shark which is a reference to the Batman T.V. series from 1966.[1]
  • This episode marks the first overt hint at a romance between Harley and Ivy (albeit in a humorous fashion); during the 2-on-1 fight against Batman on Tawny's talkshow, Ivy accidentally fell on top of Harley and landed in an intimate position (To which the audience and Tawny reacted with delight), while Harley just stared at Ivy and smiled sheepishly until Ivy got up and they resumed fighting Batman.
  • Sy mistaking King Shark accusing him of Xenophobia as referring to "the bikini broad with the sword as big as she is" is a reference to the titular main character of Xena: Warrior Princess.