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Doctor Trap is super villain who specializes in traps and a minor character in Harley Quinn.


Following the destruction of Gotham City and its reconstruction into New New Gotham, Doctor Trap set up his headquarters in the Gotham Natural History Museum, having pillaged memorabilia of the city's greatest heroes and villains and hid them behind booby-trapped display cases.

Doctor Trap beaten by Harley.png

Harley Quinn, wanting to break into Mister Freeze's ice-encased base, infiltrated the museum in order to get her hands on Firefly's flamethrower. Though she, Poison Ivy, and Kite Man were almost killed in one of Doctor Trap's traps, they ultimately escaped, and Harley broke his metal jaw with her baseball bat.

Despite that unpleasant interaction, Doctor Trap attended Poison Ivy and Kite Man's wedding in "Something Borrowed, Something Green".


Doctor Trap is a bald man with pale skin and pink eyes that are hidden by dark sunglasses. Doctor Trap has a mechanical jaw with razor-sharp metal teeth. He wears an open black jacket.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Cybernetic Enhancement
    • Fangs: Doctor Trap has a mechanical jaw with razor sharp steel teeth.
  • Expert Engineer: He is an expert in building deadly traps.