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"Devil's Snare" is the twelfth episode of the first season of Harley Quinn. It is the twelfth episode of the series overall. It was released on February 14, 2020 on DC Universe.


Harley thinks the Legion of Doom is behind Ivy’s capture and the tree monsters currently ravaging Gotham.


Following Scarecrow's poisoning of Gotham's water supply with Ivy's pheromones, mutant trees are running amok all over Gotham Central Park, with Scarecrow and the Joker attempting to drive more people towards the park from other parts of the city. Batman peels off to obstruct them, dispatching Jim Gordon to evacuate the park.

As Harley and her crew struggle to fight off the trees, the rest of the Justice League arrives. The heroes presume Harley's group is behind the chaos, but Ivy convinces Wonder Woman to dispel the misunderstanding with the Lasso of Truth before the Leaguers can banish them to the Phantom Zone. Just then, Queen of Fables' book appears at their feet and sucks the Leaguers inside. Harley assumes Queen is a friendly face, but Queen chides them for not killing her earlier and shoots them up to a castle in the sky via a giant beanstalk.

Unable to get down, as none of them can fly and Ivy is unable to control plants from fairy tales, the crew is soon confronted by a giant cyclops. Ivy is able to call Kite Man for help, but is questioned by Harley as to why she has his phone number memorized. While holding off the giant, Ivy admits she and Kite Man are dating, horrifying Harley (though not the rest of the crew, as they were all aware). When the giant grabs them and attempts to eat them, he is blinded by a packet of hot sauce from Kite Man, who helps them return safely to the ground where chaos has spread throughout the city.

Gordon bound

Jim Gordon after Harley takes his tank

As Gordon drives a tank towards the park (despite Batman telling him not to), Harley commandeers it to use against the Legion of Doom's headquarters, but the building is destroyed before she has a chance to strike. In its place rises Joker's tower, sporting many of the features suggested by Harley.

The madman declares his rule over Gotham and contempt for the old Legion of Doom for letting Harley Quinn in. While Harley's group is thrown into disarray by the plant monsters, the Joker realizes that they escaped Queen's giant and so he sends Queen of Fables out again to kill them properly.

In order to storm Joker's tower, Harley's crew will need to draw the hordes of trees away. Ivy posits that some of her pheromones are still in the water and that drinking some might transform her, as she is part plant. Before she sets out, Kite Man "proposes" to Ivy even though he doesn't have a ring; she pushes it off to deal with the apocalypse first. After ingesting the water, Ivy grew to a size of a giant woman and proceeds to (regretfully) attack the plant monsters, successfully drawing them away from Joker's tower.

Wolf disguise

Harley Quinn disguised as Queen of Fables' wolf

Before they get inside, the crew is confronted by Queen of Fables and Grandmother Wolf. The wolf is not fooled by Clayface turning into "grandfather wolf", and is only briefly stymied by Doctor Psycho telekinetically hitting it with a bench. Eventually the wolf pins Harley down and seemingly kills her, but King Shark quickly dispatches it. With the wolf having had its innards eaten by King Shark, Harley wears its skin like a suit so that she can sneak up on Queen of Fables, at which point she knocks Queen of Fables' head clean off her body with a bat.

Well, a lot of people ask me who would win between a wolf and a shark. It's a shark.
— King Shark

As the crew takes a moment to breathe and marvel at Ivy's new size, Harley is attacked by one last tree, which Ivy quickly takes care of and rescues Harley from freefall. Seeing Ivy willing to attack her beloved plants to save her, Harley once again apologizes to Ivy for abandoning her, explaining she isn't used to people in her life treating her so well; Ivy sympathizes, agreeing that "most people are trash". Through a joke from giantess Ivy about eating tiny Harley, the two finally make amends.

Harley screams

Unfortunately, the reconciliation is short-lived — Ivy is immediately pierced in the chest with a flagpole launched by Joker's tower. As Ivy collapses to the ground and shrinks back to her normal size, Harley tearfully begs her to hold on, but to no avail, and Ivy apparently dies in her friend's arms. As Harley and the rest of the crew mourn their fallen friend, Joker keeps laughing maniacally from his tower, causing Harley to scream out in sorrow and anger.

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  • "Devil's Snare" is likely a reference to the magical plant featured in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
  • The Justice League is depicted as fallible, blaming Ivy (and Harley's Crew by association with her) for the tree monsters, despite clear evidence that the villains are running for their lives.
  • The Queen of Fables comments that Superman is "sexy," which is likely a nod to the comics where she was a stalker with a crush on him.
  • This isn't the first time a harmless villain managed to incapacitate someone using hot sauce in Batman media, as it happened in the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Make 'Em Laugh".
  • This isn't Harley Quinn's first experience with tanks either; that would be the BTAS episode "Harley's Holiday".
  • During Ivy's battle against the tree monsters as a giant, she does a pose that pays homage to the poster of the 1958 film, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.


  • Throughout most of the episode when the bottom of Harley Quinn's shoes appear, they come with the footstep pattern on them (which they have been seen previously on You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon plus A High Bar), but a little amount of scenes have the bottom shoe soles plain white, and some scenes also have them with blank red and black soles.