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Darkseid is a New God and the tyrannical ruler of the New Gods of Apokolips. He appears as the overarching antagonist of the latter half of Season 2 of Harley Quinn after teaming up with Doctor Psycho who wanted revenge on Harley's Crew after quitting the team.


Darkseid has a small cameo in "So You Need a Crew?" when Poison Ivy recounts Queen of Fables' backstory, showing him standing alongside other prominent supervillains of the the time.

He makes his full debut in the episode, "Inner (Para) Demons" when Harley seeks him out per Doctor Psycho's will to get her hands on his army of parademons. However, she sends them back after seeing the destruction she caused to Gotham and realizes that's not really what she wants. 

Upset about that development, Doctor Psycho leaves Harley's crew and starts himself control of the parademons taking as seen in "Dye Hard". He reached out to Darkseid in "A Fight Worth Fighting For" and asks for the same deal Harley had with him, wanting to counqer the Earth. He declines so Psycho instead offers him Harley's head in exchange for the planet which he agrees to. However, as seen in "Lovers' Quarrel", this plan fails and he is defeated by Harley who Darkseid then makes his offer to. Harley turns him down and he goes back to Apokolips.


Darkseid's behavior is befitting of a power-craving despot as he indulges in rhetorical speech, plans universal conquest, and acts of ultra-violence. As a prime example, Darkseid personally grotesquely murders Forager immediately after delivering a harsh speech announcing his victory in a war over Forager's forces. Likewise, he responds to most people bluntly, immediately deducing people's intentions and questioning their commitment towards their goals. He is difficult to please and demands grand gestures of obedience and power in order for people to prove themselves, as was the case of Harley and Doctor Psycho offering to conquer planet Earth for him. Any acts of betrayal or disloyalty towards him are met with anger on his part and an oaf of vengeance. Despite this, he is not without a sense of restraint, as was the case of him returning to Apokolips after Harley refused for a second time to rule over Earth. He described himself as being both baffled and impressed at Harley's choices. He also does not take kindly to being given nicknames such as D-Train and Big D, angrily glancing over those who called him such.

On a strangely lighter note, he refuses to use the "C-word" but nevertheless calls Doctor Psycho a dwarf, thus showing off a double standard regarding slurs.


  • Omega Beam: Darkseid can fire red energy beam from his eyes that can disintegrate its target, banish them to another dimension or just torture them.
  • Superhuman Strength: Darkseid was easily able to crush Forager's head between his fingers.

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