Change of plans, sauce fucker.Poison Ivy to Condiment King

The Condiment King was a condiment themed villain and the nemesis to Kite Man.


Kite Man claimed that he has known Condiment King for a long time, and that they had been arch-enemies for just as long.

In "Thawing Hearts" when Kite Man and Poison Ivy were trying to reserve the Old Gotham Corn Factory as a venue for their wedding, they found themselves competing with his Condiment King and his fiancée. Condiment King played some rather juvenile tricks to troll his rival, like squirting mustard on his tux to make him look bad, and when Condiment King got the reservation due to Ivy having to leave to help her best friend Harley Quinn, he called Kite Man to gloat, using lame puns as insults.

In "The Runaway Bridesmaid" Ivy had Condiment King killed by getting Frank the Plant to eat him in order to get the venue for Kite Man and to make amends after he found out about her cheating on him with Harley. Although she told Kite Man he had just gone out of town indefinitely and given the venue to her. However, she ends up not marrying him because she has feelings for Harley and as a result Condiment King and Becca were murdered by Frank for absolutely nothing at all.


  • Although being called Mitchell Mayo this version of the character has the costume of the original Condiment King: Buddy Standler.
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