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Clayface is one of the main characters of Harley Quinn. He is a shapeshifting humanoid figure made of clay and a member of Harley Quinn's crew.


When he is not transformed into something or someone else, Clayface is a tall, hairless man made out of clay with yellow eyes and crooked, yellow teeth. His limbs can detach from his body and become their own separate living entity, such as the case of the Arm.



Clayface was an actor who was transformed into a clay man after a "pottery accident." He used to fill in for the dog playing the titular character in the Air Bud movie and tried to land a permanent acting job by running over the dog the second-to-last day of shooting.[1] He later worked as a bartender at Noonan's Bar before joining Harley's crew[2] and was a friend of King Shark.[3]

Season 1

"So You Need a Crew?"

Clayface as the "southern bartender character"

Clayface is first introduced playing as a "southern bartender character" in Noonan's bar. When he first reveals himself, he spins into his normal form and sprays clay all over Harley Quinn and Doctor Psycho, the latter of whom wondered if he was actually playing the role of "literal piece of shit". In response, Clayface transformed into Doctor Psycho himself, saying that "now I'm a literal piece of shit", prompting Doctor Psycho to attack him from across the bar and get into a fist fight.

Later, Harley finally managed to convince Doctor Psycho to join her new crew, and seeing this, Clayface offered his services as well. His first mission under Harley Quinn was to help rob Maxie Zeus' gold medals, by transforming into a mail man and distracting him while Harley and Doctor Psycho snuck into his home. Twice he came up with an entire backstory for a mail man on the fly, but Harley insisted he simply deliver the mail. Not to be dissuaded however, he came up with a third character, and presented himself to Maxie Zeus as his long lost son. Maxie Zeus seemed to buy into this, and so Clayface spent time telling him his life story (largely a copy of Forrest Gump). Maxie caught on to this, and then pointed out how Clayface didn't share his mother's blue eyes, at which point Clayface blinked and suddenly had blue eyes.

Clayface as a hunchbacked mailman

Continuing to unravel the lie, Maxie mentioned his mother's family proclivity for hunch back, so Clayface morphed to acquire one, along with a lisp too when Maxie said she had one. With Clayface changing to meet Maxie's every expectation, he was able to puzzle out that Clayface was a fraud, at which point he began to savagely attack him until he lost control and reverted back to his clay form. He repeatedly demanded to know who he was working with until Harley herself spoke up and declared that he worked for her. Bemused, he decided to kill Clayface anyway, but Doctor Psycho saved him at the last moment with his telekinesis. Doctor Psycho and Harley then beat Maxie into submission, and they all left with their take.

"Finding Mr. Right"

Clayface helped Harley and Doctor Psycho to rob a bank without a hitch, pocketing his share of the take by literally shoving dollar bills into his clay flesh. Expecting their heist to be on the news as the last story, Clayface then pulled out a cell phone from his flesh to take a selfie in front of the TV, only to find that a box of baby ferrets ended up being the "last and most compelling story". He completely agreed with Harley about wanting to be on the news, and noted that because the Joker has Batman, a nemesis, every fight and crime becomes a "thrilling narrative between two titans".

Clayface and doctor Psycho stayed in Poison Ivy's apartment while they looked for a nemesis, much to her anger, as Clayface had used her hairbrush (and denied it) despite not even having hair. He also left tracks of clay on all the carpets, but made up for it by inviting his colleague King Shark to help them find a nemesis. However, Harley rejected the low level nemeses that King Shark was able to field, and intended to get Batman himself as her nemesis, which Clayface thought "unlikely". However, Harley did manage to successfully steal the Batmobile, at which point Clayface was strung up by a grappler, making Clayface excited for Batman's arrival - only for Robin to show up, disappointing everyone.

Clayface (left) and King Shark (right)

When the incident resulted in Robin being Harley's nemesis and Lois Lane writing a defamatory article about her, Clayface suggested that the article itself might be more positive than the clickbait headline, prompting Poison Ivy to mock his naïveté. They then set off to force Lois to retract the article, but she was unconcerned by their threats and even Superman himself didn't feel like defending her personally, so Clayface and the others simply left. After that they decided to have King Shark swim in a tank below Robin to scare him into admitting his lie about being Harley's nemesis, and Clayface even offered to transform into a shark to do it for him when he became squeamish. However, King Shark disliked how Clayface mentioned an "unpredictable nature" in sharks and so decided to do it himself.

King Shark went into a frenzy when he smelled Robin's blood, which Clayface found amusing, as he and Doctor Psycho both thought that King Shark only meant that he got "a little fainty" around blood. Batman himself then arrived and subdued King Shark with shark repellent, so Clayface and Doctor Psycho moved him to the seating area to sleep it off and watch the fight between Harley Quinn and Batman in Tawny Young's studio. Eventually Ivy arrived to defend Harley, delighting Clayface, and Clayface had to sit King Shark back down when he woke up clapping for Batman. The fight then resumed, and the Joker himself arrived shortly afterward, until he kidnapped Robin and forced Batman to give chase. After watching all this unfold, Clayface declared that he was "spent". Afterward, Clayface set about cleaning up Ivy's apartment (even as he criticized her acronym "JKH" as being "muddled").

"Being Harley Quinn"

Clayface pestered Doctor Psycho to help him with his acting and became offended when he referred to it as "running lines". Later, when King Shark tried to give Harley CPR, Clayface demanded that he "unmouth her fiend!" He also called Doctor Psycho a "perv" and insisted on entering Harley's mind with him just as Poison Ivy was. On the way in, Doctor Psycho landed inside of Clayface, with Clayface saying, "what an ugly baby I have birthed" when he dragged himself out. Clayface also commented on Harley's "scene work" as a 6-year-old in her memories.

Sy Borgman finds Clayface and company knocked out wearing Suicide Squad t-shirts, apparently a suicide cult

Eventually a Harley Gremlin arrived in response to a brain lockdown, and although Harley attacked it and broke its neck, its bones abruptly corrected themselves and it stood back up again, unharmed, prompting Clayface to say it's "Nightmare on Elm Street rules". They then fled to an elevator and made it to Harley's optic nerve, and so he said "now it appears we're playing by Being John Malcovich rules". King Shark zeroed in on Golda's mention of Jewish lightning, wondering what it was, so Clayface guessed that it was Black Lightning's Israeli cousin.

They finally arrived at Harley's subconscious, where they were once again swarmed by Harley Gremlins, forcing Clayface to collapsing two stands behind them to delay the Gremlins briefly. Inevitably, they ended up surrounded, at which point Clayface broke the fourth wall by asking for a "deus ex machina", which King Shark didn't understand, although an apparition of Frankie Muniz did arrive out of nowhere for no reason to save them at just the right moment. Although Doctor Psycho wanted to leave immediately at that point, Poison Ivy convinced Clayface to stay and go to Repressed Memory Island for Harley, the only person to ever take him in.

Clayface masquerading as Frankie Muniz for the Harley Gremlins

Everyone ended up cornered by Harley Gremlins once again, at which point Clayface decided to lead them away. He declared it was "the utmost pleasure to serve in your company" before walking into the crowd of Gremlins and transforming into Frankie Muniz, immediately reverting them back into adoring little girls who chased after him as he ran away. He ran all the way back to Harley's Museum of Memories, where he eventually transformed into a Harley Gremlin directly to "go native" and avoid detection. Luckily, he met up with Harley's crew in the Museum after she modified a memory of her origin story.

Ecstatic that he survived, everyone began a group hug with him until he said he was "getting hard". Everyone then backed away in disgust, but he protested that "my phallus is not erect, it's my leg", so King Shark realized that Sy Borgman and Golda had put him in the furnace for cremation. They raced to the exit, at which point Clayface returned to his body and pulled his leg out of the furnace. He soon rounded on Sy and threateningly picked him up from his wheel chair, but let him down Harley called him over - the Gotham Mall was now their new lair.

"You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon"

Clayface helped Harley to steal King Tut's desiccated corpse because they "needed a new ottoman", and tried to cheer Harley up about not being noticed by the Legion of Doom by pointing out a positive comment - which was actually just perverted. Nevertheless, Harley zeroed in on a new plan to get noticed by stealing from WayneTech, and sent Clayface to distract the guard at the front so that King Shark could make entry. He bored the guard with a story of an adopted daughter and cuckoldry until Harley called an audible and prepared to escape, so he ran for the exit with her. However, his hat fell off as he left, so he reached back in to get it back, only for a closing security wall to fall on it and chop off his arm. He tried to convince Harley to help him recover it, but she insisted on leaving immediately.

Afterward, Clayface said that he could simply play one-armed characters for the rest of his career, and hoped that there would be a sequel to 127 Hours. Harley then complained about The Cowled Critic claiming that one of Harley's crew members became captured by the Gotham Police, but Clayface pointed out that they did, in fact, capture someone - his hand, which became sentient after being separated from himself. He relayed this to Harley, who was concerned that it might testify against them, but Clayface had no idea, only that The Arm would do anything for approval (prompting Doctor Psycho to mock him). Harley then became fearful that the Legion of Doom would never take her if that happened, although Clayface was more concerned about simply getting his hand back. Relenting, Harley agreed to break into the Gotham City Police Department to recover The Arm.

Clayface as a one-armed police officer

They staked out the Police Department and stealthily kidnapped a police officer, who Clayface promptly transformed into, minus an arm. The spectacle bemused Clayface and prompted him to come up with an entire elaborate backstory for how his police character lost his arm. He then escorted King Shark into the building so that he could be arrested and cause a distraction, but the police responded instantly and ruthlessly, tranquilizing King Shark, beating him, and throwing him into the Blackgate Penitentiary within seconds. Backpedaling, Harley then reassigned Clayface as the distraction, prompting him to wonder "what cops love". Finding an idea, he once again entered the Police Department disguised as a police officer, and falsely reported that Bruce Springsteen had been kidnapped by the Joker, prompting everyone to flood out of the building to save him.

Harley and Clayface then reached the roof to confront Commissioner Gordon and get The Arm back, with Clayface screaming about his "child". However, Gordon refused to give up The Arm, and started shooting at them, forcing them both to take cover. Harley tried to reason with him, but Gordon wanted to defend The Arm as his "only friend", with The Arm agreeing. Harley immediately became concerned that he would "snitch" and cause the Legion to never take her, but Clayface was still more concerned about getting his arm back. Harley then decided to try out the device she stole from WayneTech to threaten Gordon into giving up The Arm, but Clayface was confused about what the plan was as they had no idea what the device did, and Harley didn't clarify.

Clayface gets his arm back

Rather than be goaded however, Gordon simply shot at Harley, forcing her to press the button in a panic and vanish into thin air. With her gone, Gordon was able to hold Clayface at gunpoint, who assured The Arm that he understood if The Arm wanted to stay with Gordon. He tearfully claimed that he only wanted The Arm to be "safe and happy", at which point Batman arrived with Harley Quinn in tow. Batman then apologized to Gordon, who encouraged The Arm to return to Clayface after he got his "real friend back now". Crying, The Arm then ran toward Clayface, who flung clay onto it and reabsorbed it back into his body.

Clayface then fled with Harley and the rest of her crew back to the Gotham Mall.

"The Line"

Clayface was sent to Kord Industries to scope out the place, transforming into "Brenda", a secretary divorcee who got adult braces, and managed to use this form to convince Jerome Stansfield to tell him about the protections around their famous Weather Machine. He learned that it was protected by a "thousandish" lasers. Harley had a plan for that, but needed Queen of Fables' summoned creatures to acquire a personal force field to get around the lasers, so she broke her out of prison and introduced her to Clayface and everyone else. Queen of Fables then savagely murdered Humpty Dumpty, horrifying Clayface.

"I won't be needing these anymore"

Despite the incident, they moved ahead with their plan to steal S.T.A.R. Laboratories' personal force field, which went off without a hitch due to Queen of Fables' summoned mouse. However, after leaving, they discovered that Queen of Fables had massacred an entire family in a sea of bloody gore, prompting Clayface to literally throw his eyes away so that he wouldn't be able to see it. After returning to the Gotham Mall, Harley tried to break off her association with the Queen of Fables, resulting in a tense confrontation that prompted Clayface to say he "clayed" himself.

After Queen of Fables left, Clayface continued with Harley to finally steal the Weather Machine, bringing along Queen of Fables' mouse from earlier as "an adorable little soldier of fortune". Although the mouse was killed by lasers, Harley managed to get the Weather Machine with the personal force field, giving it to Clayface to carry, and used it to threaten the mayor of Gotham. She demanded $1 billion, and also that he produce Clayface's Fuller House reboot, Fullest House, which Clayface thought could be produced inexpensively by simply having a smaller house.

Terse. Lucid. Organically wove the theme of his target into the barb! A triumph!
— Clayface to Doctor Psycho about Jason Praxis' insult

Queen of Fables then returned to take the Weather Machine from Clayface, but Jason Praxis arrived and interrupted everyone with a blast of electricity. Clayface then fled as Jason Praxis continued to assault them with bolts of electricity, and he even agreed with Queen of Fables' practice of "ending the bloodline" given their current predicament. Harley then arranged a deal with Jason Praxis to hand over Queen of Fables in exchange for mercy, with Praxis declaring that he would "send your ass to the happily never after, Fables," which Clayface found this very amusing.

Clayface watched as Jason Praxis' own bolt rebounded, Queen of Fables murdering him, and then her departure, leaving him and Harley's crew with the Weather Machine. However, the next day they realized they couldn't use the Weather Machine as they didn't have the proper password, so Clayface suggested using "NeilPatrickHarris1" which didn't work. Doctor Psycho then wondered if that was Clayface's personal password, who waited a beat too long to deny it. Clayface then watched as they continued attempting to crack the password until an automatic self destruct was triggered, wasting all their efforts.


Clayface masquerading as Aquaman

Harley Quinn and the rest of her crew staged a heist of the Atlantis Museum of Art, and while Harley and King Shark fled, Clayface transformed into Aquaman so that he could deceive the guards into disengaging. He then grabbed onto King Shark as he pulled them both to the surface. Harley then gave the stolen jewels to Clayface on their escape boat, only for him to be blasted aside by a bolt from the real Aquaman's trident. Despite the blast, Clayface soon fell in love with Aquaman's diction, and happily handed over the stolen jewels to him, praising him as the "Shakespeare of the sea". Poison Ivy then arrived and bound Aquaman, allowing them all to escape with the jewels.

Harley then received an invitation to the Legion of Doom, and when Ivy initially refused to come along, Clayface and the rest of Harley's crew mocked her for constantly saying that she's "not in the crew". He then went with Harley to the Legion headquarters, and was overjoyed to learn that they did improv every Wednesday. That night he also attended the Legion's dinner to induct their newest member, where he attempted to check in his acting book as a "weapon". The security guard wouldn't take it, so Clayface warned that "when I act someone to death, you'll be blamed".

Clayface masquerading as Superman

Eventually Aquaman arrived, seeking the return of his stolen jewels, so Clayface transformed into Superman in an attempt to persuade him to leave. Aquaman saw right through the disguise however, and knocked Clayface's head off with his trident, transforming him back into clay. Clayface picked up his head and muttered that it was "not my worst review" before backing off to let Harley Quinn drive Aquaman away. He applauded her after her victory, and later congratulated her when she was inducted into the Legion of Doom.

Oh, I can't even imagine what it must be like to go through life a giant, deformed thing.
Doctor Psycho
You can't, you can't imagine that?
— Clayface lacks self awareness

After returning to the Gotham Mall, Clayface watched the "delicious drama" between Ivy and Harley, commenting "oh, snap" on the insults Harley threw at Ivy. Ivy then left, at which point the ground beneath Clayface's feet collapsed and dumped himself, King Shark, and Harley into the basement with a giant tentacle monster. Doctor Psycho explained that the monster was actually Sy Borgman's sister after a CIA experiment went horribly wrong, so Clayface claimed that he couldn't even imagine going through life as a monster - despite his own monstrous appearance. He then watched as Sy freed the monster, and its proceeding rampage throughout Gotham City, before heading with Harley to the Legion of Doom with his new access card.

"A Seat at the Table"

Before being formally admitted to the Legion of Doom as Harley's henchman, Clayface and the rest of Harley's crew watched an introductory video about the organization. In the background of the video, Clayface noticed Black Manta tossing Doctor Psycho into a wall, making him curious about what Doctor Psycho said "to elicit such rage", to which Doctor Psycho claimed it was "nothing racist". He and the rest of Harley's crew were then welcomed in with applause, after which point the Joker himself took the stage and praised Harley, concerning Clayface.

Promise us you will not make us the Jen Aniston to your Bradley Pitt's feverish pursuit of co-star Ann-halina Yo-lee.
Doctor Psycho
Wow, that's a lot to unpack.
— Clayface's concern about the Joker

Harley assured Clayface that she wouldn't fall for the Joker's schemes, and he accompanied her to visit her new office. Lex Luthor had a surprise for Harley, but Clayface mistook the gift as the tarp covering it, asking about the "thread count" before realizing that it was a case of bats for Harley hidden underneath the tarp. Luthor then called in "Esteban" to take Clayface and company to their new offices, and Clayface immediately asked "Esteban" which "exotic pueblito on the Iberian peninsula" he came from, but his name was actually just "Steve" and he was from Tulsa. He took them downstairs to some drag offices for goons, prompting Doctor Psycho to object that they had powers. Clayface agreed, saying that he was an "actor", but Doctor Psycho overrode him and said that his power was being a "huge pile of clay that can turn into anything you want".

Bane then arrived and signed out Clayface, Doctor Psycho, and King Shark for an assassination mission to kill Todd, a smoothie shop worker. Clayface then complained to Harley about getting put in "the goon pool" and being forced to work for Bane, wondering how Harley would get them out of their predicament, but she assured him that she would ask a colleague to get them off the hook. They then hung around in the break room, with Clayface being the only one excited to try the "cheddar and octopus ranch" potato chips in the dilapidated vending machine. Bane then arrived, having received clearance from HR, and took everyone on his assassination mission despite Harley's promise. There, Clayface sat in the car with Doctor Psycho and Bane as King Shark was blown up, the assassination mission botched since Todd didn't work on Wednesdays.

Why, Lord? Why take him when you could have me instead? I am a perfectly delicious substitute.
Doctor Psycho
What the hell are you talking about? He's still alive.
Huh? Oh, I was rehearsing. I have an audition for a margarine commercial.
— Rehearsing at King Shark's bedside

Clayface stayed with King Shark at the hospital, taking the time to rehearse for his audition in a few hours. Ivy then arrived, asking about Harley, at which point Clayface pointed at the TV where Tawny Young was reporting on Harley Quinn and the Joker "tonguing each other down". Harley herself then arrived, initially lying about where she was and then apologizing for abandoning them for the Joker, but Clayface was angry that she broke her promise to "extricate us from having to join Bane". He angrily said that "some of us got our fins blown off", a sentiment shared by Doctor Psycho and King Shark. He referred to Harley's excuse of using the Joker to get them off the hook as "drivel", and left her crew in protest shortly after Doctor Psycho did.


Clayface went with King Shark and Doctor Psycho to the Blüdhaven Thrill Park to celebrate his unemployment, with the wing blowing flecks of clay off of him as he road several roller coasters.

"Harley Quinn Highway"

Clayface working for Riddler

Clayface got a job working for the Riddler, but quickly got on his nerves as he proceeded to give the Riddler line readings on live television. Harley Quinn then reached out to him there, asking him to rejoin her crew, but he flatly rejected her along with Doctor Psycho and King Shark. He only agreed to help her because Poison Ivy had been kidnapped, so Sy Borgman drove them all to the PlanetWide Pavers factory where she was held captive. On the way, Sy's driving nearly made King Shark throw up, and his verbalizations did make Clayface throw up, spewing clay all over himself, which was promptly reabsorbed - much to King Shark's disgust.

I fear they've poisoned Ivy.
Nothing? Should've saved that for a lower-stakes situation.
— Clayface

At the factory, Clayface stole a uniform and entered with his companions. They soon found Ivy screaming in terror, and Clayface pointed out with a pun that she had been poisoned, causing everyone to stare at him blankly. Sy Borgman offered to protect their bodies while everyone entered Ivy's mind to combat Scarecrow's fear toxin, but Clayface strongly rejected this, since Sy put him inside a furnace the last time. However, Harley overruled him and they all went inside Ivy's mind. There, they encountered a murderous wood chipper, so Doctor Psycho tossed Clayface into its gears. He immediately was ground down into clay, but clogged its gears in the process. He soon reformed back into his normal self, and then praised Doctor Psycho for realizing that he would survive - even though Doctor Psycho didn't actually know that.

Afterward they went to a memory of Ivy's father, which transformed into a giant face that tried to eat them all until King Shark bit a chunk out of its tongue, prompting it to spew Clayface and everyone else back out into Ivy's broader mind. A hallucination of Frank the Plant then returned and said that Ivy's biggest fear was on the way, at which point Kite Man emerged from the darkness. Clayface assumed her biggest fear was Kite Man himself, prompting Frank to slap him and tell him to "can it with the commentary and just let this shit play out". Death himself then emerged from the darkness and began lobbing fireballs at them, and when Harley's hair got singed, she complained that she "can't pull off a Felicity season two". Clayface commented that "no one can. Not even Felicity itself," until he had to dodge another fireball.

"Batter up"

Out of options, Harley had Clayface transform into a bat, which she used to bludgeon Death to death. Harley then pulled back Death's hood, revealing Harley herself, prompting Clayface to say "we're Empire Strikes Back-ing it". Clayface then woke up in his normal body, surrounded by mounds of corpses, so he asked why they would "commit suicide". Sy Borgman then piped up that he killed the guards while protecting their bodies, but Clayface was already off saying hello to the newly awakened Ivy. They then left the factory to chase after Scarecrow, pilling into Sy Borgman, who had transformed into a car.

Clayface used the car's turret to shoot at Scarecrow's fleeing trucks, but they were bulletproof, and so it had no effect. He rode along as Harley and Ivy slowly picked off Scarecrow's trucks one by one until Harley's truck surrendered to gravity at the apex of a loop, causing her to fall. She maneuvered through the air and managed to land right inside of Clayface, breaking her fall. Clayface then reformed so that she would be outside of him, and when Ivy herself ended up flying through the air, Clayface held Harley up so that she could catch her. He then watched as Harley blew up her own statue to stop Scarecrow, his eventual victory when he drove his truck into a reservoir, and the transformation of several trees into plant monsters. Then, when Sy struggled to transform back into a human, Clayface vomited all over the ground.

"Devil's Snare"

Clayface "dies"

Clayface cheered with King Shark when Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy came running out of a copse of trees followed by plant monsters, having presumed them to be under Ivy's control. He eventually figured this out and began to run, but was soon shot full of thorns thrown by one of the monsters. Dramatically, he fell to the ground and claimed to have been "slain", beginning to quote Romeo and Juliet before "dying". He then rose up and shouted "and scene," removing the thorns from himself, but his companions had actually believed his performance and stopped, so they were now surrounded by the plant monsters who caught up with them.

King Shark pulled Doctor Psycho out of reach of a plant monster while Clayface reformed his hand into an axe to chop off the tree's limb, but it took the arrival of the Justice League to fully wipe out the surrounding plant monsters. However, they nearly sent everyone to the Phantom Zone, forcing Clayface to hang on to King Shark's fin to prevent himself from being sucked into the portal. Luckily, Ivy wrapped herself in Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth to force them to believe her innocence, so Superman closed the portal.

I know just what we need. An idea. Yes, who's got one?
— Clayface

Queen of Fables then arrived, trapped the Justice League in her storybook, and then asked if any of them could fly. Clayface said he was "basically a rock", so she tossed a bean at their feet that exploded into a massive beanstalk, sending everyone into the giant's kingdom from Jack and the Beanstalk. Clayface initially thought that Fables had "done us a solid" considering the chaos in Gotham City below, until the giant arrived. He tried to sling something at the giant, but it simply stepped on him and scrapped him off its boot. Clayface then ran, and even raised his hand when Doctor Psycho asked for a show of hands for everyone who knew about Ivy and Kite Man's relationship.

Clayface lands on Harley and Psycho

The giant finally captured them at this point, but Kite Man arrived shortly afterward to toss a sriracha hot sauce packet in its one eye, much to Clayface's glee. The giant then fell over and tossed everyone out into open space, but Clayface managed to land on top of Kite Man's kite, soaking Harley and Doctor Psycho in clay. The kite was eventually weighed down, so Clayface preemptively launched himself to the ground where he reformed into a ramp, allowing everyone to have a rough but survivable landing. Everyone then piled into a tank to blow up the Legion of Doom's headquarters, but it suddenly blew up of its own accord, and so Clayface guessed that the tank shot invisible missiles.

"I took a swing"

After having it explained that someone else blew it up, Clayface exited the tank to witness the Joker's new tower rise up from the ground. They needed a way to get past the plant monsters to reach the tower, so Clayface suggested becoming an arborist character to "slowly trim them back to death". Not taking him seriously, Ivy went off to distract them herself, but at the tower they were once again confronted with Queen of Fables, who summoned the Big Bad Wolf to kill them. Clayface commented on "what big eyes she has" before realizing "that's no grandmother!" and running away. He tried transforming into "Grandfather Wolf" to dissuade the Big Bad Wolf, but just ended up creating a Jewish wolf which the Big Bad Wolf promptly attacked.

Doctor Psycho saved Clayface by knocking the Big Bad Wolf aside, and although the wolf managed to pin Harley, King Shark killed and ate it. Harley then used the wolf's pelt to sneak up to the Queen of Fables and assassinate her, causing Clayface to wonder how they managed to hollow out its innards, at which point King Shark belched up a bone. One last plant monster then came and snatched Harley, and although Ivy saved her, the Joker killed Ivy with a harpoon shot from his tower. Clayface watched sorrowfully as she died.

"The Final Joke"

We have gathered today to pay respects to our beloved friend. Her death was not an empty sacrifice. And, of my friend, I will say just this. Of all the souls I have met on my journeys, hers was the most…human.
— Clayface at Poison Ivy's funeral

Clayface gave a eulogy at Poison Ivy's funeral, having stolen it from Star Trek. Harley then ran off to attack the Joker, but Doctor Psycho stopped her, with Clayface commenting that Doctor Psycho doesn't want her to "follow Ivy to the grave" by going off on a harebrained mission. Harley then formed an actual plan, wherein she would give Clayface to the Joker while he was disguised as Batman, distracting him long enough for the real Batman to ambush the Joker. Harley proceeded to execute the plan, with Clayface being happy that the Joker was "buying it", but then the Joker demanded that she sing "Happy Birthday" to him. Clayface couldn't stop himself from mumbling along to the song, and although Doctor Psycho tried to stop him, Clayface's self control began to slip.

Clayface, disguised as Batman, sings along

At the end of Harley's song, he broke out and sang "and many more!" to end it, revealing to the Joker that he wasn't the real Batman. Harley then panicked and shot a rocket at the Joker's tower, which proved fatal, as it distracted the real Batman long enough for the Joker to become aware of him and react, escaping Batman and activating his tower's defenses. Arms then shot forth from the tower and grabbed Harley's crew, including Clayface, although Harley herself managed to dodge and escape. Clayface was then pulled into the tower and made the Joker's prisoner.

Clayface torturously reshaped by the Joker

The Joker tortured Clayface by spinning him into various shapes, and when he was done he reduced Clayface to mud and pooled him into a chamber. The Joker planned to execute Clayface and the rest of Harley's crew just before an 80s party, but Harley Quinn herself arrived with a bomb strapped to her chest and demanded her crew's release. Since the Joker wanted her alive, he agreed to release them on the condition that Harley wear her old costume, or else he would kill them. Clayface urged her not to give in, but Harley agreed anyway, and so the Joker dropped them all down a chute out of the tower.

At its base, Clayface reformed into his usual self and honored her sacrifice. When Harley (and a resurrected Poison Ivy) managed to defeat the Joker however, Clayface returned to Harley's side and looked out over the chaotic ruins of Gotham City.

Season 2

"New Gotham"

Following the destruction of Gotham, Clayface returned to the Gotham Mall with his crew for three weeks, becoming amused when Harley kidnapped a sushi chef named Takashi to cook for them. He cheered when Harley brought ginger to make the sushi better, and joked that the Injustice League would have a lawsuit for stealing the Justice League's name.

Clayface disguised as The Penguin's waiter

After Harley was encased in ice by Mister Freeze and held captive by the Injustice League, Harley's crew repeatedly tried to rescue her over the course of two months, until finally they allowed Clayface to come up with a plan to disguise themselves and infiltrate one of The Penguin's parties. This succeeds, with Clayface pretending to be a waiter while Sy Borgman created smoke to distract The Penguin, allowing them all to flee with Harley's block of ice. They get bogged down by goons while escaping, so Clayface reforms into his usual self and punches several goons way, allowing them to resume their escape.

After continuing through several more goons, Doctor Psycho throws Harley's block of ice through several goons, but this allows The Penguin to seal the door behind her, separating her from Clayface. Eventually they managed to break through the door, only to find Harley covered in blood as she finished off The Penguin. They then head to Noonan's Bar, where Clayface bluntly tells Harley about being encased in ice for two months, enraging her. He also took pride in the fact that it was ultimately his plan that finally freed Harley, but she doesn't care and simply leaves.

"Riddler U"

"Stephanie" helps Harley and Ivy to blend

As the crew struggles with no power, Harley decides to set her sight on Riddler University, the only place in Gotham with intact power. Clayface excitedly, offered to help them go undercover, creating his new character Stephanie, "a fun, yet bookish transfer student from Chico State". Harley and Ivy told him he couldn't go but in spite of that, "Stephanie" came their independently where she quickly gained the trust of the other students and joined the theater department. When Harley and Ivy arrived in their disguises, rising suspicion from Barbara Gordon, Clayface assured her they were with him, quickly diverting any suspicion. Despite Harley's anger that Clayface disobeyed her orders not to join the mission, they have little choice but to accept his help.

While Harley and Ivy search for the Riddler, Clayface gets more into his role, striking up a romance with a student named Chad. Chad asked "Stephanie" to be his girlfriend, giving him to the weekend to decide, although he found it to be too much pressure to decide while simultaneously trying out for the acapella group. Harley and Ivy joined him at a frat party, explaining that the Riddler was inside although he surprised them when he revealed he had gotten an VIP wrist band from Chad. Seeing the Riddler walking into the VIP area, Harley and Ivy sent Clayface inside as he was the only on with access. Well there he got captured and forced to run on a hamster wheel, helping to power the Riddler's power source.

Clayface fights off Riddler's goons

Harley and Ivy eventually come in after him but gets captured as well. Clayface, still deeply in character, bemoans the fact that Chad set him up to be captured by the Riddler by giving him the VIP wrist band, saying that he broke his charity ring for Chad. Harley attempts to get him to snap out of it and orders him to transform into something "skinny" to escape his bonds, but he then cries at being called "fat", prompting Harley to begrudgingly admit that it's his best character work she's seen. Barbara Gordon then arrives to save them, managing to knock out the Riddler and turn of the machine. Clayface, Harley, Ivy, and Barbara then proceed to fight through the rest of the Riddler's goons. Afterward, Harley, Ivy, and Clayface take the Riddler back to Gotham Mall where they force him to run on a hamster wheel of his own, giving them power.


Oh, you've returned, without the customary "heading back"-text. Rude.
— Clayface to Harley Quinn

After being unsuccessful in breaking through the thick ice into Mister Freeze's lair, Clayface stayed behind at the mall with the rest of the crew while Harley went to steal Firefly's flamethrower. Later, King Shark discovered that their new prisoner, the Riddler, had escaped after Doctor Psycho threw bottles of body lotions at him, allowing him to slip out of his restraints and Clayface commented that Harley would be displeased with Psycho for letting him escape. Doctor Psycho then ordered the crew to split up and find him, however, in the end the Riddler returned by his own volition, having grown to enjoy the security and entertainment provided for him at the mall.

"Thawing Hearts"

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"Inner (Para) Demons"

Harley called a meeting, wanting to discuss what to do next as she wanted to become the most feared supervillain although King Shark and Clayface insisted that was not who she was. Although Doctor Psycho was more enthusiastic, calling King and Clayface pussies before they were interrupted by Batgirl's arrival. She warned Harley that Gordon was coming for her and insisted that she was not really a villain which Clayface agreed with although Harley angrily threw her out. After escorting Batgirl out, Harley returned and asked for ideas on how to get an evil army, although Clayface questioned what had gotten into her as she seemed unlike herself since escaping The Pit. Harley denied that anything had happened and jumped on Doctor Psycho's plan to get an evil army.

Doctor Psycho the took the crew to Mister Miracle's show at the Iceberg Lounge & Casino, explaining how they needed to steal his Mother Box in order to create a Boom Tube to Apokolips for one of Darkseid's armies. Although both Clayface and King Shark worried about the logistics of the plan, Clayface was excited when Psycho explained he would need to play the part of a drunk to distract security. However, while they were talking Harley had already retrieved the Mother Box and beaten Mister Miracle up.

Clayface and King Shark watches Harley fight Granny Goodness

The crew take the portal to Apokolips where Harley is forced to prove herself to Darkseid by fighting Granny Goodness. When she turns out to be a much harder foe than they initially thought, King Shark wants to help Harley although Clayface reminds him that would be against Darkseid's rules. However, Psycho then uses his telekinesis to secretly help Harley win the fight although Clayface doesn't realize it was his doing and congratulates Harley. As Harley is granted her army, Clayface agrees with King Shark's sentiment of fear, claiming he has "clayed" himself, before the crew returns to Gotham with a hoard of Parademons in toe. Clayface keeps out of it as chaos breaks out in a war between Gordon and Harley. After Harley calls the whole thing off and Doctor Psycho angrily storms off, Clayface nervously says "see you back at home" to which Psycho furiously exclaims that they won't as he's leaving the crew.


Clayface and Samson.png

Clayface attended Kite Man's bachelor party where they hung out at a boat out on the ocean while drinking bear and solving a puzzle. Clayface questions why King Shark is hiding in the cabin, given that they're on the open sea that he should theoretically enjoy, but King Shark refuses to elaborate until a lobster named Samson who summons him to the ocean to marry a hammerhead named Tabitha. Seeing King doesn't want to go, Clayface steps in and tells Samson to leave but he jumps up and chops his head in half. King Shark agrees to go with him and Clayface promises they won't finish the puzzle until he returns.

A while later, King Shark returns and reveals that although he did stand up to his dad, in the end he agreed to the marriage which is a shock to everyone on board. He tells them they will stay married publicly but will each have secret relationships, exclaiming how he wants soulmate. Clayface and Frank the Plant both looks skeptical when Kite Man replies with "just like me and Ivy".

"Dye Hard"

You're dating Riddler? Quel scandale!
Doctor Psycho
Ok, we're not fucking! We're together!
I see. Not using labels yet, are we? Too new, is it? Lot of changes, Psycho. Dating, hooking up, "baring ass." Call it what you will, I'm proud of you for finally being who you are.
— Clayface confuses Riddler and Doctor Psycho for a couple

Clayface fight the Parademons

Clayface hung out with King Shark after Kite Man's bachelor party, and although Harley Quinn asked him to go out drinking, he had plans to watch the Tony Awards. He later received a distress signal that he thought was from Harley, so he went to Wayne Tower to help her, skipping the Tony's for her. When he arrived, he was confronted by Doctor Psycho and Riddler, who he mistakenly thought were in a homosexual relationship. He then fought to protect Harley from Doctor Psycho's Parademons until he was brought under Doctor Psycho's mind control, and forced to fight against Harley instead. However, she managed to escape.

"Lovers' Quarrel"

Clayface was held in Doctor Psycho's captivity, where he sang in mocking triumph when he saw that the Justice League was destroying Doctor Psycho's Parademons. Later, Doctor Psycho redeployed Clayface to face off against the Justice League with Poison Ivy and King Shark. There, he grew to a titanic size and began fighting with Wonder Woman, subsuming her into his clay flesh. He couldn't hold her for long, as she soon blasted her way out of him.

Clayface chasing Batman

He reformed and managed to grab Batman, but Harley distracted him long enough for Batman to escape. He gave chase, following Batman across several skyscrapers as he fled. Batman managed to throw several explosives at Clayface, but he simply caught them on the side of his arm, where they exploded without noticeable harm. Clayface continued the chase until they reached Gotham City Park, with no more skyscrapers for Batman to grapple on. Cornered, Batman had no choice but to turn and face Clayface - where he saw two cooling systems.

Batman promptly blew them up as Clayface rose to kill him, causing Clayface to be encased in ice. As he waits for the ice to thaw, he sees Doctor Psycho's projection in the sky of Poison Ivy's infidelity with Harley Quinn, shocking him.

"Something Borrowed, Something Green"

Kite Man is a basic bitch through and through.
— Clayface on Kite Man's wedding tastes

Clayface transformed into a prison guard to invite Harley to come to Kite Man and Ivy's wedding, saying that he'd be singing there, but she rejected the invite. She did end up coming however, but Clayface was too absorbed in preparing for his song before Tim Burton to say much to her. He continued practicing even as Harley left the wedding, although he did assure her that no one would pay attention to her if she stayed.

Clayface singing for Tim Burton

At the actual ceremony, when Clayface saw Tim Burton being escorted out by Catwoman, he tried to catch his attention so that he could sing for him. He eventually collapsed due to the gas flooding the room, but when it lifted, he sang beautifully all throughout the absolute pandemonium that befell the wedding, continuing to sing even when Harley drove a car through him.

The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour

"Journey to Love Part 6"

Clayface, as "Stephanie", called Barbara Gordon, asking what was happening with Commissioner Gordon in order to get intel on Harley and Ivy. They soon started gushing about Harley and Ivy before Barbara abruptly ended the call after almost outing herself as Batgirl. After, King Shark lectured him on lying to Barbara, telling him he would have to come clean about being Clayface eventually, although Clayface commented on how nice it was to have a friend who didn't view him as a villain. Later, he and King watched Tawny Young's broadcast as she reported on Gordon's failure to capture Harley and Ivy.


Clayface is stated to be a classically trained yet terrible actor who turned into a shapeshifting mass of clay after "a terrible pottery accident." While he has a well developed vocabulary and if familiar with some literature, his appreciation of such works are fairly juvenile, as he has played dead in the middle of a crisis in "Devil's Snare" just to play out a scene from Romeo and Juliet, and often overdevelops his personas far more than the situation actually demands. He does genuinely care for his compatriots as well, showing concern for King Shark's fin injury and Poison Ivy's kidnapping.

Powers and Abilities


  • Clay Physiology: As an animated clay creature, Clayface is able to reabsorb lost limbs or mass, be ground down to mud and reform, extend the length of his limbs by shifting his mass, etc. Additionally, if a piece of him is separated, it will form a discrete identity until reabsorbed, such as The Arm.
    • Shapeshifting: Clayface's signature ability is transforming into anything he likes, such as other people, completely made up people, animals, wolves, etc. He is as believable as his acting skills allow.
    • Superhuman Strength: Due to his large mass and size, Clayface possesses superhuman strength
    • Malleability: Due to his physiology, Clayface is essentially invulnerable to all conventional weapons such as knives and gunfire, due to his body repairing itself afterwards. He can also extend his limbs to attack from a distance, and even expand his entire body to become gigantic in size.


  • Expert Actor: As a former actor he can usually make his disguises believable, although his eccentricities often ruin them, such as in "The Final Joke".

Media Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour


  • Unlike some versions of Clayface, this Clayface does not have a vulnerability to water, as he can submerge deep into the ocean and was able to breathe underwater in "L.O.D.R.S.V.P.".


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