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"Catwoman" (originally titled "Trapped") is the third episode of the second season of Harley Quinn, and the sixteenth episode of the series overall. It was released on April 17, 2020 on DC Universe.


Harley and Ivy team up with Catwoman to steal a museum artifact that’s been boobytrapped by Dr. Trap. Meanwhile, Dr. Psycho tries to prove himself as a leader.


Harley Quinn and her crew attempt to blast or melt their way into Mister Freeze's frozen fortress, but have absolutely no success, the thick ice barely even sustaining a dent after grenade and rocket blasts. Mister Freeze's goons mock them, but accidentally reveal that Firefly's plasma flamethrower could burn through the ice, and that the plasma flamethrower is held by Doctor Trap at Gotham Natural History Museum. Kite Man then flies Harley and Ivy to the museum where Doctor Trap made his residence, bantering with Harley and showing off his affection for Ivy, which she enthusiastically returns. He then departs, and Harley immediately tries to persuade Ivy to break up with Kite Man, but Ivy resolutely rejects the idea.

Entering the museum, they try to reason with Doctor Trap to simply give them the plasma flamethrower in peace, but he insists on them besting his traps first, which they fail to do. Defeated, Harley leaves with Ivy to get backup from Catwoman. Meanwhile at the Gotham Mall, the Riddler is needling Doctor Psycho and mocking his fall from grace, winding him into a rage over not being invited to join the Injustice League. He ends up throwing a barrage of hygiene products at the Riddler and fails to mind control him, resulting in yet more mockery from the Riddler.

No, no see, you don't get it. Selina's like, she's so confident and cool. And somehow, she just like, draws you in by being aloof. You know, you just see her, and you're like, "Ah, I want to be like that". And then, you see her wearing overalls, and you're like, "Oh, maybe I want overalls". And then suddenly, you have a closet full of overalls that don't look good on you.
Poison Ivy

At Chéz Féline, Ivy realizes that Harley is seeking out Catwoman, and becomes angry because Catwoman burned her on the last mission they did together in the Amazon rainforest. Ivy then has a sort of panic attack about how Catwoman affects her, making her fall all over herself to impress her, and so asks to leave before she arrives - only for Catwoman to arrive at that very moment. Sheepish, Ivy acts polite to Catwoman while quietly complaining to Harley about Catwoman ordering a salad for her (which she then praises). However, Harley tries to respect Ivy's wishes to leave and break things off with Catwoman, but Ivy suddenly turns on a dime and insists on going through with the heist (Catwoman looking for an Egyptian diamond while Ivy seeks the flamethrower).

Harley Quinn
Here, kitty, kitty!
Are you always this impetuous?
Harley Quinn
Give me a dictionary, and I'll tell ya.
— Harley Quinn calls for Catwoman because she is late

Harley becomes bewildered as Ivy continues to fawn all over Catwoman, rambling about potentially getting matching tattoos together and being completely fine with Catwoman stealing her favorite jacket. They then go to the museum with Kite Man that night to prepare their heist, with Catwoman eventually arriving late and mocking Kite Man as a "chauffeur", even though Ivy clearly adores him. Harley tries to suggest an entry plan, but Catwoman tells her not to "catsplain breaking and entering to me" and insists they just follow her lead. Kite Man then lies about leaving, much to Ivy's disappointment, but as soon as she leaves with Catwoman, he stalls Harley and announces his intention to get an engagement ring for Ivy. Although Harley is skeptical, Kite Man asks her to tell Ivy that "it's ok to love again after an appropriate mourning period" if he dies to one of the traps.

Catwoman's jewelry

Meanwhile, Catwoman repeatedly saves Ivy from traps while carrying on a conversation about Ivy's new boyfriend and abandonment of misanthropy. She wonders if Ivy has retired, considering how long it's been since Ivy helped the environment, but Ivy shoots back, wondering when Catwoman last stole some jewelry. Bemused, Catwoman reveals herself to be decked out in jewelry, saying, "I'm never not stealing jewels". While they continue on, Harley ends up freeing Kite Man from a net and insisting they move on as well. However, Kite Man refuses, gushing with praise for Ivy and asserting that she deserves the world and that the least he can do is get her a proper engagement ring. Finally coming to respect Kite Man to some degree, Harley offers to help him get it, although he quickly ends up entrapped.

Back at the Gotham Mall, the Riddler has now used the "body butter" Doctor Psycho threw at him to slip out of his harness and escape. In response, Doctor Psycho dispatches Frank the Plant, Sy Borgman, King Shark, and Clayface to sweep the area for him. At that time, Catwoman and Ivy finally close in on the flamethrower, meeting up with Harley and Kite Man. While Ivy becomes alarmed at Kite Man's many wounds from the traps, Catwoman cuts a hole in the flamethrower's casing as agreed. Just before she leaves, Kite Man once again drops down to one knee to joyfully propose to Ivy, this time finally with an actual ring to give Ivy, but when he opens the container, it is gone - Catwoman has stolen it and flees at that exact moment, prompting Harley to remark "what a cold B" she is.

Kite Man is devastated after suffering serious injuries to get the ring for nothing, and then to top it all off, as soon as Harley grabs the flamethrower, a trap triggers and encases them all in a glass prison. Doctor Psycho isn't doing so well finding the Riddler either, ending up tranquilized by his own teammate, Sy, after mistaking him for the Riddler. Worse, the glass encasing Harley, Ivy, and Kite Man begins to collapse on them, sending Ivy into a panic as enclosed spaces usually do. Although Kite Man tries to recover his bungled proposal before they're crushed to death, assuring Ivy that he'd regain the ring and that he loves her dearly, Ivy is too panicked to take it seriously and begins to agree with Catwoman's suggestions to become independent again, free of attachments.

Kite Man, injured from the traps while trying to get an engagement ring, once again fails to get Ivy to accept his proposal

Harley then uses the flamethrower to burn out of the glass casing, and Ivy also responds to Kite Man, saying that she doesn't know if she'll ever be ready to get married, much to his dismay. Harley then smashes Doctor Trap in the face with her bat, and they all return to the Gotham Mall. There, they find Doctor Psycho on the same human hamster wheel that the Riddler was in, and although Harley begins to berate Doctor Psycho, the Riddler quickly arrives and willingly returns to the wheel. He cites a chaotic outside world, the excellent cardio he gets every day, regular food, his excellent physical shape, and the amusement of watching Harley's crew fail as reasons to stay.

Harley reassures Ivy

Harley then goes after Ivy and finds her on a pier, slowly killing the board of directors of Ace Chemicals. Although Ivy wants more freedom to focus on her old goals, she admits that she's better now that she has people who love her, and both she and Harley agree that Kite Man eventually "grows on you". Ivy is cheered up, bitter only that she has to give up her "past self", but Harley takes her hand and assures her that she'll never have to. Afterward, Ivy visits Kite Man while he's drinking away his sorrows and apologizes for taking her anger and self-conflict out on him, which he once again forgives her for, saying, "I want what you want" and assuring her that she can wait if she needs to.

Even so, Ivy coaxes Kite Man to ask her a third and final time. He drops to his knees, and she accepts his proposal of marriage.

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  • When first released on DC Universe this episode was listed as "Trapped" although the title card revealed "Catwoman" as the actual title which is also the one used on HBO Max and the DVD release.
  • This episode references the book series The Baby-Sitters Club, with King Shark and Frank the Plant revealing their favorite characters as being Claudia Kishi and Mallory Pike respectively. Frank listens to the audiobook version of one of the books later in the episode.
  • In addition to Firefly's flamethrower The Gotham Natural History Museum presented in this episode contains several items formerly belonging to Batman's Rogues Gallery, as well as other DC Comics nods:
    • The center of the main atrium of the museum contains a model Tyrannosaurus Rex, a giant American dollar coin with an X-shaped scratch over the head side, Penguin's umbrella in a glass casing and The Mad Hatter's signature hat, also kept in a casing. The arrangement of these items in the atrium mirrors the Batcave, which Batman also uses as a museum for all the weapons and gadgets confiscated over his many battles with various super-villains.
      • The giant dollar coin with the scratch over the heads side alludes to Two-Face's own penny used to decide on whether to let his targets live or die. In modern Batman stories the giant coin was part of a heist perpetrated by Two-Face, but in its first appearance the coin was a giant replica penny owned by the lesser known villain the Penny Plunderer. The two conflicting backstories have caused some confusion over the years as to its exact history, although most writers lean towards the Two-Face origin more.
    • Another glass casing located in the atrium contains the masks of Batman villains: Black Mask, two separate iterations of the Owl-Man cowl, the cowl of Wrath and Deadshot's iconic gray helmet with the left red colored eye lens. Noticeably, Black Mask's mask is drawn in the same design as the one from The Batman animated series.
    • Other Batman villain gear inside the museum include Scarecrow's burlap mask, Egghead's Fabergé Egg and one of Deathstroke's many swords.
      • Egghead is not a comic book villain, but rather a comedic villain created for the Adam West Batman television series.
      • While an occasional adversary of the Dark Knight, Deathstroke did not start out as one, as he was intended to be an adversary of the Teen Titans. He only came into blows with Batman by association with Robin, Batman's sidekick, something that has been especially played with in other media.
    • Placed next to the right of Egghead's Fabergé Egg is the Helmet of Nabu, the source of the magical powers of the various incarnations of the superhero Doctor Fate.


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