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Catwoman is a recurring character on the T.V. series, Harley Quinn. She is an old friend of Poison Ivy, the ex girlfriend of Bruce Wayne and a member of the Gotham City Sirens.


She has brown skin, green eyes, and a dark brown pixie cut. She wears silver cat-eyed goggles, a black aviator helmet with cat ears, a skin tight black latex/leather costume with a silver zipper, belt, and grey gloves and boots.



'Fun Amazon thingie'? You know she screwed me over on that!
— Poison Ivy[src]

Selina Kyle is of African-American descent. During a previous mission with Poison Ivy in the Amazon Rain forest to take down loggers, Catwoman abandoned Ivy to steal a blood diamond and left Ivy to pay for all of her hotel bills, including multiple spa treatments.[1] At some point Catwoman and Ivy used to hook up although Catwoman did not want anything more out of the relationship and it eventually ended.[2]

It is unknown how or when the two met but Catwoman's relationship with Ivy pre-dates Ivy's friendship with Harley Quinn.[3]

Season 2[]


The plan is, I handle the traps, you follow me.
— Catwoman

Selina met with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy at Chéz Féline to discuss stealing Firefly's flamethrower from Doctor Trap who set up shop in the Gotham Natural History Museum, and while there ordered the trio Cobb salads, much to Poison Ivy's contempt. Selina agreed to the heist on the terms that she would steal an Egyptian ruby for herself.

Stealing jewels

Selina stealing jewels

During the night of the heist, Selina intentionally showed up late as a "power move". After arriving, Catwoman told Harley and Ivy to follow her and that she would handle the traps. She used her claws to cut into the museum's atrium. Selina and Ivy ended up on their own, and during the heist, Selina had to save Ivy from multiple traps, all the while discussing Ivy's relationship with Kite Man and expressing her disdain for it. After they arrived at the flamethrower's exhibit, the pair met up with Harley Quinn and Kite Man, who also arrived at the same time. Selina kept her end of the bargain and cut a hole in the exhibit so that Harley could take the flamethrower, but stole the diamond Kite Man wanted to use to propose to Ivy, and fled.


Catwoman agreed to attend Harley's bachelorette party but took an Ambien just as the plane took off so that she could "cat nap" through most of the weekend. Later on, Catwoman easily deduced that Harley and Ivy "hooked up" but offered Harley no real support, only mocked her insecurities as she continued to lie to herself that her feelings didn't mean anything. The next day, Catwoman became bored with small talk and made to leave, only for Harley to snap and toss her (she hissed as she went) back among the bridesmaids, browbeating them all into at least pretending to have a good time for Ivy's sake, which Catwoman begrudgingly (and sarcastically) complied with.

The Cobb Squad 2

The Cobb Squad

At dinner that night, Catwoman sarcastically claimed to like her vegan apple pate and that she most definitely did not miss the meat. They then went to Hedonikka, where Catwoman amused herself by picking Maxie Zeus' pocket until a drunken Ivy wrapped her arms around her. Catwoman extricated herself and left at her earliest opportunity. The next day, Catwoman knew that Harley and Ivy had had sex, but again refused to be of any help to Harley, telling her to seek help from a hungover Jennifer. Eventually Harley laid out her plan to kill Eris and free Themyscira, finally giving Catwoman something to do. She lent her considerable combat prowess to fighting off the Amazons protecting Eris, using her whip to knock Lex Luthor's documents aside before Queen Hippolyta could sign them. Later, when the Amazons through a party in their honor for freeing them, Catwoman got thoroughly wasted with Jennifer, and went home after the weekend ended.

"Something Borrowed, Something Green"[]

Catwoman attended Ivy and Kite Man's wedding as a bridesmaid, with Tim Burton as her date to the wedding. At the photo shoot with the rest of the bridesmaids, Catwoman casually accused Harley of bailing on Ivy. Although Harley fired back that Catwoman wasn't even a bridesmaid, Catwoman assured her that she was and fulfilled all the responsibilities - just not wearing the bridesmaid dress portion of them. When Harley asked to wear her discarded dress, she laughed and asked "which 10 pounds do you plan on leaving behind?"

Catwoman succumbs to the gas

Catwoman at the ceremony

Despite her teasing, Catwoman did relent and allow Harley to wear her discarded dress, and sat licking herself while Harley struggled to fit inside. She later attended the wedding ceremony as a proper bridesmaid, but when the ceremony came under gaseous assault by the GCPD, Catwoman rushed to her Tim Burton's side to escort him from the area. She briefly succumbed to the gas until Harley let it out through a hole in the roof, so she once again finished escorting Burton to safety, saying that Clayface is "creeping me out".

The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour[]

"Journey to Love Part 2"[]

EBKT Catwoman

Catwoman is not amused by Harley's arrival

Being on the run from Commissioner Gordon after the wedding fiasco, Harley and Ivy turn up at Catwoman's place to seek refuge and ask her to look after Harley's hyenas, Bud and Lou. However, Selina is not happy to see them and especially worries of the safety of her cats from the hyenas although Harley insists that they are vegetarians. She lets them in but gets annoyed at Harley for disrespecting her place.

Selina takes Ivy aside to ask her what is going on with her and agrees to watch Bud and Lou for them but their conversations is soon interrupted by Gordon and his police force surrounding the place and soon throws a grenade. While Catwoman gathers her things before escaping, Harley and Ivy warns her that Batman has arrived as well. Selina sends her cats away with Harley and Ivy on the escaping vine that Ivy has created. She then turns to find Batman in her apartment. They share some flirty banter before she uses her whip to swing out of the window and escape.

Season 3[]

"The 83rd Annual Villy Awards"[]

Bat-Cat foot massage

Catwoman and Batman

Following the destruction of their old base, Catwoman allowed Harley's Crew to stay in her apartment, explaining on a video-call with Poison Ivy that she spent all her time at the place of the guy she was dating where she practically had her own wing. She only asked that they fed her cats and stayed away from the green room where Princess was kept for a time-out as punishment for being a "naughty, naughty kitten". She ended the call, revealing that she was in the Batcave with Batman rubbing her feet. He suggestively asked if he should continue but she said it was not worth it.

Later, Catwoman attended the 83rd Annual Villy Awards dressed in a black dress-suit, sharing a table with Livewire and Calendar Man. She went on stage after she was revealed as the winner of the "Joe Chill Honorary Award", using her acceptance speech to call out the Villys for only awarding it to her because she was black after realizing they had not had a black villain win ever. She criticized them for not recognizing black villains like Black Manta and trying to cover their white guilt by giving her an award named after a white guy. At that moment, though, she got an alert on her phone, showing Princess had been let out of her room and swiftly left the stage while Black Manta started applauding enthusiastically.

"A Thief, a Mole, an Orgy"[]

Fine. Get our coats. I want to luxuriate in their emotional discord for a second.
— Catwoman to Batman
Catwoman and Batman at Court of Owls

Catwoman enjoying the show

Catwoman attended the Court of Owls meeting with Batman and was confronted by Harley who was mad at her for texting Ivy, disallowing her from using various things in her apartment, including her fancy Japanese toilet. However, Catwoman gleefully explained she had done no such thing and that Ivy had lied to her. She later watched as Harley and Ivy fought over both their lies as well as Ivy accidentally revealing she and Catwoman used to hook up in the past. After being satisfied with the entertainment, Catwoman and Batman left together.

"It's a Swamp Thing"[]

Don't cry. I never know what to do with wealthy male tears.
— Catwoman

At Wayne Manor, Batman was asking Catwoman if she wanted to stay in his wing tonight, presenting her with a gift of a toothbrush. However, Catwoman was unimpressed with his clinginess, stating she needed some space and would go back to her own place for a few nights. Back at her apartment, Catwoman threw out King Shark before making herself a bubblebath, watching funny videos while drinking red wine and eating snacks. However, her peace was soon disturbed by someone ringing the doorbell. She was disappointed upon discovering Batman at her doorstep. Concerned she was feeling lonely (which he made clear he did not feel himself), he attempted to gift her two newly purchased cats, although Catwoman was unimpressed by the shallow gift as well as him naming them Thomas and Martha after his dead parents, and declined the gift before throwing the door in his face.

Bat-Cat duet

Couples therapy

Later, Catwoman was kidnapped and woke up next to Batman in Wayne Manor, unable to move. Music Meister soon made himself known, turning the lights on and explaining he was a therapist there to help them talk about their relationship. When both refused to talk about their feelings, Music Meister used his powers to force them to sing. Despite trying to fight it, they broke out into a duet where Catwoman expressed her distaste for being tied down and desire to be alone while Batman conversely revealed his fear of being alone, trying to convince her to change her mind. Clear they wanted different things, the song ended and while Batman was left heartbroken, Catwoman asked if Music Meister took insurance.

"Another Sharkley Adventure"[]

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"The Horse and the Sparrow"[]

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"Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special"[]

On Valentine's Day, Catwoman delivers a box of bat-shaped pieces of chocolate to Batman who is serving his prison sentence at Blackgate Penitentiary. She is then seen jumping off the roof as he finds his her gift.

Season 4[]

"Killer's Block"[]

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See, she always does this, she orders for everyone. So controlling.
Poison Ivy[src]

Selina is a confident and self-assured woman who often uses her charm to win people over. Poison Ivy has described her as manipulative and controlling, as she had bailed on Ivy once before and made her pay for her bills, as well as ordering for the table when meeting with Harley and Ivy. During their meeting, Selina interrupted Harley and proposed stealing an Egyptian ruby that she wanted, demonstrating a more selfish and self-absorbed side to her.

Selina is someone who never wants to get emotionally involved with anyone to not lose her freedom, causing her relationship to break down after a short period of time. She prefers to cut all ties after a break up and can appear rather unaffected after it ends as seen with her relationship with Batman. However, Selina has shown to be kind with her friends despite her rather cold exterior. After the Gotham Mall was destroyed, she generously allowed Poison Ivy, Harley and the crew to move to her department.

She enjoys stealing fancy things and loves living with luxuries. Her apartment is the example as she has in it stuffs like Rembrand'ts "The Storm on the Sea of Galilee", Degas's "Program for the Artistic Soirée 1 and 2", premium sushi rolls at her kitchen, security cameras all over the place, a specialized laboratory and even a high-tech Japanese toilet.

Selina also is someone that likes drama, specially seeing people having fights between them. During a meeting of the Court of Owls, she told Harley that Ivy lied about her sending text messages demanding to not use anything of her place and patiently waited to see them having an argument while she was having fun witnessing everything from distance.


  • Master Acrobat: Selina is an exceptional and highly skilled acrobat, whose gymnastic abilities rival those of Harley Quinn herself. She is highly agile and lithe, being able to stealthily move and gracefully avoid traps.
  • Master Combatant: Selina is also a highly accomplished fighter.
    • Whip Mastery: Selina is also skilled at using her bullwhip in combat.
  • Master Thief: Selina is considered to be one of the best thieves in the world, being able to infiltrate heavily trapped buildings and escape withe her bounty, or easily steal objects from others without them realizing.
  • Intuition: Selina has a great intuition, which allows her to read people. During Poison Ivy's bachelorette, Selina correctly deduced something had happened between Harley and Ivy based on Harley's behavior. She also correctly deduced Ivy never told Harley about their casual relationship in the past due to feeling ashamed.


  • Whip: Selina uses a bullwhip to aid her during combat and heists. It allows her to grapple opponents or quickly swing from place to place.
  • Claws: The gloves of Selina's suit contains retractable claws that she can use to cut holes in windows and museum displays.
  • Goggles: Her goggles can scan her environment and, with a HUD, can uncover booby traps or how to get past them.

Media Appearances[]

Season 2

Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour

Season 3


Season 4


  • Her appearance resembles that of the third Catwoman from the 1960's TV series Batman, played by Eartha Kitt.
  • Her costume is based on the one designed by Darwyn Cooke, first seen in Trail of the Catwoman and the 2002 run of her solo series.
  • This is the fourth incarnation of Catwoman that is portrayed as a Black woman, the first being Eartha Kitt from the 1966 Batman series, the second being Halle Berry from the 2004 Catwoman movie, and the third being from the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. Meanwhile, the fifth portrayal is Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman from Matt Reeves's The Batman.
  • This version of Catwoman is not heterosexual, just like her comic book counterpart.[4]



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